Major Flooding: What I’ve Learned So Far

I’ve started this here times before and deleted every attempt, this has been incredibly hard for me to write.
 For all our planning and preparation, we got hit by something totally unforseen: Water and a lot of it.

  I’ve always tried to keep my actual location private, mainly out of concern that someone close to me would decide their best method of prepping would be to show up at my door and either be taken in or try and take what we sacrificed to acquire. Prepping by the Lazy Method. Now, it doesn’t matter since everything we sacrificed to build up is under the Missouri River. We live(d) in Pacific Junction, Iowa and on March 17th we had to evacuate ahead of the flood waters. We got some items out on Saturday, but more as a precaution than out of any real concern we were going to be evacuated. Back in 2011 We were told we were going to have 8ft of water…. 6…… 5 for sure……maybe 4 or 3ft absolutely! I had to water my garden that entire summer while people 4 miles from us were flooded out. This time, we were told 1-2 ft max and the fire fighters laughed when I said something about 8ft of water in the house. So, we moved my grandmother’s cedar chest upstairs and left everything else downstairs, including my late mother’s dining room table and china cabinet. I left my coat and some other items, thinking I would be able to get them the next day. We got the 8ft of water by the next day. On Monday our home looked like this: 

That’s our place in the lower left corner, the beige roof is our garage and the house behind is our home. By the next day, the water was even higher, you couldn’t see the roof on the side of the house over the back porch.

First thing we’ve learned is not to trust what the authorities say!! Even though we live in an area that was prone to flooding, we were told they’d taken steps to prevent flooding; pumps in town and a levee around the town. They say this was the “perfect storm” of events: first there had been a lot of snow in Feb, we had 2ft on the ground right before this hit, further north they had even more snow on the ground. Next, the ground was still frozen from the record cold we’d had the previous 2 months. Then, north of us they had a huge thunderstorm that dumped a lot of rain on them and we got some of it, too. Lewis and Clark Lake behind Gavins Point Dam was getting too full so the Army Core of Engineers opened the flood gates and released tens of thousands of cubic feet of water. Rivers and creeks that empty into the Missouri backed up and then the levees that were weakened by the 2011 flooding and never repaired gave way a few miles from my town and the result is this: 

That’s only a quarter of my town, it’s just the only one I have available to me on my tablet. It’s looking west down our “main drag” towards City Hall and the Post Office.

  Other things we’ve learned: do NOT focus on just one or two possible disasters, we knew we lived in an area that could flood, we got complacent and didn’t think it was a real possibility.

  We lost all of the food we had at the house, over two thousand dollar’s worth (not counting the thousand dollars worth of beef sitting in the freezer in the garage). We’d kept it there thinking it gave us more options:Bug In or pack it up and Bug Out. Our Bug Out Location wasn’t practical in this case, too far for me to get to work and we’d let the camper get too neglected anyway. Major, huge mistake, but we thought we’d have the time to replace it.

  We couldn’t work as a team, Bear works 3 hours away north of Pacific Junction, it was flooding up there and he’d had to leave that Sunday so he could be ready for work the next day. I was alone trying to remember everything and do the work of 2 people. I didn’t write anything down nor did I make a cheek list, I could have easily done so, but am so disorganized I didn’t. I was still loading the car at 4:06pm when they came to shut the gas off and still loading up when the firefighters came by to verify everyone was gone 45 minutes later. At that point I was grabbing just purely emotional stuff, like my late mother’s clothing and my late father’s shortwave radio. My dead pet’s ashes. Favorite crystals. Didn’t save a warm coat, but I saved crystals!! I’m such a Pagan!

Last thing I can see that I’ve learned so far is to have a Bug Out plan, then practice it under duress. It’s hard to recreate the fear of the actual event, but I think you create the stress by someone barking out orders to grab things, constantly asking about grabbing other things and so on. All while under a short time limit, less than an hour for example. Practice it often using different time limits and different things until you come up with a list of important items you need/want to take with you, beyond the basics like clothing, medications and important documents.

Something critical to not just think about, but do. What to do with Family Heirlooms, antiques and other large items you have some kind of emotional connection to. If you only have a small window of time to get out of your home and have several large items, like family heirlooms, how will you deal with them? Are you willing to walk away from them, knowing they’ll be a total loss?

  I know this is a little choppy, it’s taken me 4 months to write this, it’s just been too hard to keep going back to it.


This is Too Good to Pass Up

I haven’t commented on “Current Events” before, at least I don’t remember having done so. I guess I’m too lazy to look at my past posts to verify that! This is too dangerous to ignore, though.

  It would very easy to get caught up in the idiocy of his actions and talk about nothing else, but I don’t want to do that now that the full story of his actions has come out. Ok. His “alleged” actions. 😉

  This is the most recent case of Race Baiting and attempting to start a Race War that those on the far Left have done. The mainstream media eat it up with both hands after the initial report was made the end of Jan. Like the story of the boys from Covington Catholic School a few weeks ago.

  After years of demonizing Whites, all since Donald Trump was elected President I might add, and several minor attempts to fake Hate Crimes those on the far Left have escalated those attempts. However badly it was seemingly done.

  I write this as a warning to any women reading this. Think about this, if the Left and the media are successful in starting a Race War; where does that leave us? Do you think they’ll go after those they see as strong and confident? Or will the rabid mobs go after those they see as weak and an easy target? They won’t attack men, they’ll go after us, the women. Before I get hammered with hate filled messages, historically I’m right. Yes, the zombie hoard will go after some men, if there’s enough of them, but if there’s only a couple of them, they will go after women.

  So what can we do to protect ourselves? First and simply, don’t walk alone, there is safety in numbers. Don’t walk in unsafe areas (you know where those are) and stay out of neighborhoods where Whites are a minority (again, you know where those are). When out in public, in general, always walk with confidence, that means your head is up and shoulders back. Look around you, I don’t mean having your head “on a swivel” just be aware of who is around you. Make eye contact with the people around you, that’s huge! Those who are looking for a soft target don’t want to be seen, if you are noticing those around you and making eye contact with them, chances are they’ll leave you alone. I do this in the store when I’m grocery shopping, it’s amazing what kind of fun conversations you can have! I have people tell me all the time that I’ve brightened their day. All I do is make eye contact and that usually starts a conversation. I have a rather “snarky” personality and I’ve been known to say something about what’s in front of us that will make them smile. Criminals and thugs don’t like someone who’s aware of what’s going on around them.

  The biggest confidence booster I know of is being armed and knowing how to use it. I am not talking about just a firearm, either. Escalation of Defense is what I’m talking about. What that means to me is having a weapon to meet whatever threat you are facing. If the person confronting you has no weapon, you are not justified in using a firearm. Period. A friend gave me a bright flashlight that has sharp teeth around the top and it’s also a stun gun. Best Christmas present ever! 😁 

  There is also Martial Arts training and dojos will have classes on self defense for pretty reasonable prices. The dojo where a friend of ours is an instructor, offers self defense classes for women for free once a quarter.

  Following Escalation of Defense, you would carry something like a knife, taser and a firearm. And be proficient in the use of all 3. Knowing how to protect yourself is the biggest confidence booster I know of.

  Something to think about.

Don’t Give Up on MAGA!!!!

I was listening to an interview by Greg Hunter on his USA Watchdog YouTube channel. He was interviewing Dave Janda: Dave Janda – Globalists Win if MAGA Supporters Walk 

  I was surprised to hear both of them say they’d been contacted by supporters of the President, or had read tweets by them that said they are giving up on MAGA and walking away. This is over President Trump signing that ridiculous spending bill our Congress sent him. 

  Please, please don’t do that!! You are giving the “Opposition” , “Deep State”, “Black Hats” however you want to think of those opposing President Trump exactly what they want. We don’t know why he signed that Bill. Remember, too, he declared a National Emergency first on Friday 2/15/19. The House sent that Bill to the Senate on the day the Senate had to pass it, giving the Senators no time to read the thousands of pages of the Bill. Do you think the President was given time to read it? My guess was the same as Dave Janda’s, the President’s advisors are, more likely, the ones who “advised” President Trump to sign it.

  I am adding my voice to Dave’s, don’t walk away! Don’t tune it out! President Trump made a huge mistake, it looks like. But we don’t know that for sure. Janda lays out the actual funding available to build the wall and that’s over $9 billion! The $1.4 billion is all that’s restricted by this ridiculous spending Bill. That leaves the majority of the available funds unrestricted. 

Janda also brought up the infuriating section where the U.S. is sending counties like Israel and Ukraine $5 billion each to build border walls!! WTF??!? That just shows how hypocritical our Congress people are, help other countries do what they refuse to do here. Then you see people the Beto O’Rourke standing behind a chain link fence to give a speech about tearing down the border fencing!

  Do NOT give up and do NOT remain silent, “trust in the plan”. The mainstream media and their Leftist backers want us to give up, they spin the facts to discourage us, there by isolating us and the President. This was one bad choice he made or had to make, don’t walk away just because of it. Raise your voice instead and ask, “Why? Why did you sign this and break your promise to us?” “Why did you let Pelosi and the House out flank you” “What happened to The Art of the Deal? Didn’t  YOU write that book???” Don’t just hammer our President, show support. I can not imagine what it must be like to be Donald Trump right now, under constant investigation for over 2 years, the media slandering him and going so far as to imply his “manhood” is lacking based on the size of his hands! Everything he tries to do is an uphill battle, either in court or Congress. I can not imagine living day in, day out with the level of hostility around me that he has. I’m not talking about in the White House, I’m talking in general in this country. Good grief, who else has had a wack job celebrity stand there holding what looked like your severed head?? Imagine if a Right leaning celebrity (if such really exists) had done that with Obummer’s head?! The mountains would still be echoing with the shrieks.

  I am not saying to blindly follow the President, there are things he’s done that I’m not happy about either, this Spending Bill is one of them. But I’m not going to throw my hands up and walk away either. I believe he meant what he said on the campaign trail, he just hadn’t realized then how many people there were going to be fighting against him and just how much hate the media was going to be working to generate against him and his followers.

Where We Go One, We Go All.


So…. This is Global Warming?

Hi all, this is going to be short since I still feel like crap. I came down with a bad cold on Tuesday and am still pretty sick. My voice is pretty much gone and since my job depends on it I had to call in today, which is kinda tough with little working voice. My dog just looked at me the first day, she didn’t recognize it, but starting yesterday things were getting better.

Last weekend we had a Winter Storm come through the area, for the second weekend in a row. Both times it rained the first day and when the Sun went down it turned to ice, then snow. Needless to say the roads were more ice rink than concrete until you got on the main roads. Last Sunday I wasn’t able to get to work and spent quite a bit of time in below freezing temperatures after I lost traction and ended up here- 

Fortunately, my car pushed up a berm of snow that stopped the slide or the car would have rolled. The picture doesn’t really show it right, there’s actually another 20 or so feet to the bottom with a steep incline.

Soooo, I hear the other day that some dipshit, so called Climate Scientist over in the UK says these early Winter Storms going on all over the world are caused by Global Warming! I heard the meaningless word salad he spewed out instead of hard data and it didn’t make a bit of sense.

I just had an ugly text messaging session with my son who lives on the Left Coast and he told me I’m wrong when I told him that trees and plants need CO² to grow, that’s what they breath in. In an effort to show him the truth of that, I googled it. To my horror, the first hits that came back said trees breath in oxygen! That’s not what I learned in biology. Even the entry in Wikipedia said that. How can people just rewrite basic biology like that and get away with it? How can these people turn a child against their mother and still sleep at night? My son has cut his ties with me because I don’t think like he does.


My life has been more chaotic than usual this past month. My husband, Bear, thought he had his dream job out in LA, but he used the word “Changes” in the face to face interview and the business owners ran screaming. Even though they know they have to make changes in how the accounting is done, they are so afraid of doing it that just the word scares them. Finally, though, with 2 weeks left on Bear’s unemployment he got 2 job offers!! The one he took is 3 hours away from where we live, in a field of accounting he doesn’t know but has wanted to get into for a long time:medical. The hospital knows we have a house that has to be sold and with winter sweeping in, it’ll be hard to do right now. They’ve made an apartment in their Senior Living building available for him to rent until we get things settled here and find a place up there. The problem I found while looking a rental properties there is most of the places say, “no dogs” and the ones that allow them will only allow dogs under 20lbs. Ember, our German Shepherd, is 78. Think they’ll notice?!? The Gods have a strange sense of humor.

  Second update. A couple months ago I posted a story about the flooding going on by me, Grand Solar Minimum. I thought I’d let you see what the field looks like now.
The little island is gone now, we had over 2 weeks of rain and the ground is just so saturated there’s no place for the water to go.

The Missouri River is almost out of its banks and has been for over 2 months. The flooding isn’t water from the river, but it’s still responsible for it. The weight of the water against the banks will push ground water up to the surface.

This is a field a couple miles from the Missouri, the first field is on the Nebraska side and only about 1/4 mile from it.

There are fields along Interstate 29 that are 7 miles from the river that are flooded, the crop losses in those fields range from about 25%-100%. If we are heading into a 400 year cycle of a Grand Solar Minimum as is being predicted by the non-mainstream scientists, this is going to be the new norm going forward and it’s going to get worse. The activity on our Star, which we call the Sun, is going to be decreasing over the next 12 years as part of a normal solar cycle. If I’m understanding the cause and effect of this decreasing activity, since the Earth’s magnetosphere doesn’t have to defend against the bombardment from the Sun it’s weakening for the duration. This, in turn, is allowing more Cosmic Rays from the Galaxy in. These, added to the partials and energy hitting our planet from the Sun, are what is responsible for the increases in seismic and volcanic activities. These partials from space are also causing the increase in clouds by, for all intents and purposes, seeding the clouds. This is according to an interview I listened to on the YouTube channel called Adapt 2030.

  This information is freely available on websites like or their other site There’s also the Adapt 2030 YouTube channel. I will admit openly that I barely understand the science, but I understand enough from my past education to know it makes more sense than what the global warming scientists would have made believe. I see with my own eyes the truth of a Grand Solar Minimum more than I see a planet that’s warming. And the mainstream media outlets and tech sites are doing everything they can to suppress the scientists and the facts.

Something to think about.

Still Prepping? Do You Feel You Need To?

I read an article the other day and if I could remember where it was I’d link to it. What it was asking was: Since Donald Trump is now President do you still feel you need to prepare? According to the “Official”government numbers America has record numbers of people employed. The economy has turned around and isn’t heading towards a brick wall at warp speed. Listening to these rosy numbers sounds like the shit was spread in the field and the fan was turned off. SHTF has, once again, been cancelled so to speak.

  But is that really true? If we are at full employment, why are wages still stagnant? If there are more jobs open than there are people available to fill them, wages would be going up. Employers would have to increase wages to entice the best talent to come work for them. Instead, businesses are shedding employees or quietly closing up. Thanks the Obama’s so called Affordable Care Act employers are cutting hours for their hourly employees to part-time, only. They don’t have the increasing expense of benefits, now. A lot of people now have 2 or 3 part-time jobs and get counted by the government as 2 or 3 people with full-time jobs! So, if the job market is so wonderful in America; why do they have to fudge the numbers? Lie, basically. Alternate Data- Unemployment ChartAlternate Data- Unemployment Chart. This link is to John Williams’s website, Shadow Government Statistics. Mr. Williams uses the methodology to determine the unemployment rate that the U.S. Government used up until 1994 when they removed those classed as “long term and discouraged”.

  If the economy has improved so much; why does the government and the Fed have to juggle the numbers so much? Why has the Federal Reserve stopped posting the stats that the Austrian’s use to predict economic downturns? The United States government is over $21 trillion in debt, my mind shies away from just how many zeros are in that number. Every dollar in circulation has interest attached to it, so even if the debt was paid, we’d still owe the Central Bank money. I do mean “We” since it’s the citizens who are on the hook for it. But, I digress….

  Any of you reading this and are outside the US and your country has a Western style Central Bank, ECB, BoE, Deutsche Bank, BoJ, are the first ones to come to mind. You are in the exact same, or worse, situation as we are in The States. Would it surprise any of you to learn that in the last 10 years 85% of the global wealth went to the top 8.5% of the population? I have no citation for that number other than a commercial for an economics show on RT America.

  Finally, here in America, during the 8 years that Obama was in office the far Leftist Progressives’ apparent agenda really seemed to really take off with a sharp rise in Wedge Issues and Identity Politics. Since Hillary lost in 2016, the Far Left has grown more deranged it looks like. People like the former Attorney General, Eric Holder, saying to kick those who don’t agree with them when they’re down. Maxine Waters and others like her calling on their followers to harass those who support the President. Or just Republicans in general. Anyone who wants to see this Country’s manufacturing base returned  so we’re not so dependant on other countries for the goods we use and Americans able to find jobs that don’t include the phrase, “You want fries with that?” are called “racist” or “Nazi”. Those who want to see our country’s borders restored are called “xenophobic.” The Leftists use such names to dehumanize those who oppose their socialist and globalist agendas, but why? So their mindless, enraged mob of followers will feel ok about beating them senseless? Or shouting in their faces with a megaphone? When does that angry mob stop driving Republicans out of public places with words and start dragging them out and killing them?

  We’re still prepping. How about you?

Grand Solar Minimum?

Hey all! I’m sorry about the long silences between posts, but this job, coupled with the long drives in traffic, are really kicking my ass! I’m so tired at night I can’t think and all I do on my days off all I do is sleep. Exciting life, I know! Don’t be jealous, it’s not all the fun and games I make it look like. 😊

  The weather here in the Omaha, Nebraska area, this year, has been one for the record books. If they weren’t manipulating the records to fit their narrative the global temps are warming, that is! Winter hung on for a month longer than normal and the temperatures didn’t warm up for longer. We had snow and ice in to April and freezing temps into May. Starting the last week of May, the combination of heat and humidity resulted in Heat Advisories pretty much every day for the next 6-7 weeks. After that we had a few weeks of “normal” weather with highs in the upper eighties to low nineties, nothing remarkable, until a couple weeks ago it started raining and storming and the bottom fell out on the temps. Since the end of August we’ve been experiencing Fall weather in regards to temperatures, the other morning it was 54° when I left for work! It shouldn’t be that cool here this time of the year. And the rains!! Heavy thunderstorms every night for a week. We’ve had so much rain around here that the Missouri River hasn’t really gone down much at all.

In the above picture, those are ducks in a field that until a month ago had corn in it. I took that last week and this week that patch of high ground is almost gone.

Just beyond the green rise in the background, the levee, is the Missouri River in the picture below.

In the picture below you can see the high ground on the left, this is what the west side of the field looks like without the zoom.

In the final picture, below, is the western edge of the field. The farmer had already let it go back to grasslands already. Now, it’s more marsh.

  There are two fields north of this one that are in as bad of condition. These fields are on the Nebraska side of the river, just south of Bellevue. On the Iowa side of the river it’s pretty much the same story for about 3 miles away from the river.

  It’s already turning cold here, we turned the air conditioning off two weeks ago and are almost needing the furnace at night. All of this is a good two months early. 

  What all the above means is: Summer for my area lasted about 2 months. Normally, it’s warming up through out April and by the Summer Solstice it’s already been warm for around 6 weeks and it’s not uncommon for it to still be warm at Halloween. That has been changing the last couple years, the warmth has been getting shorter.

  Does one colder and rainy year mean all the talk of a Grand Solar Minimum is right? No, but this coupled with cooling I’ve witnessed and the fact that climate scientists have had to, hard core, narrow their criteria to make the numbers fit their narrative, I’m trending to believe the Earth is cooling. That means at some point in the future we’re facing a mini ice age.

  Something to think about. 

Thoughts on Gardening

This time of year, in the Northern Hemisphere, a lot of people are starting to reap the benefits of their backyard gardens. As Preppers, it’s advisable to lay in a supply of heirloom seeds in the event there’s some form of collapse or long term disaster and fresh foods aren’t available. I have my supply and replenish it every year out of my harvest.

  But what does the term “heirloom” mean? I am by no means an expert botanist so I can’t give you all the technical details, so I’ll just tell you my understanding of word term. Heirloom seeds haven’t been genetically modified. The seeds for sale every Spring have been modified so that the seeds from the vegetable or fruit grown from that seed are not viable. Which means you can’t save those seeds and use them the next year, you have to buy more seeds. Guaranteed repeat business for the seed producers. In addition to that, the resulting produce may have also had its genetics messed with.

  With an heirloom seed, though, you can save seeds from the plant you’ve grown and after drying them you can plant them the following year. I keep mine in the freezer and the only reason my plants haven’t germinated and produced anything has been weather related. Like this year, out of 8 bean seeds, only 2 plants made it due to a really late freeze then a month and a half later we had 6 weeks of Heat Advisories with no rain. I’m so wiped out when I get home from work that I don’t have the energy to even water. Who wants to stand out in 90+° heat with humidity that’s 85-95%?? That combination made it feel like it was been 103-105° out there. 

  This is my main thought and what prompted me to write this. What type of Gardener are you? A “Hobby Gardener” with just a small patch and a few plants? Or a more serious one with a huge garden growing a variety of plants? Do you have fruit trees? Do you know how to preserve your harvest, either by canning, dehydration or blanching then freezing? What do you grow, most of the fruits and vegetables you eat or a few squash, cukes and the ubiquitous boat load of tomatoes you can’t eat or give away?  As a someone who’s preparing to take care of your loved ones after a SHTF event you’ll have to plan your garden better, only buy seeds for things you eat normally through out the year. Back in 2010 I found on Amazon prepackaged Heirloom seeds to start a vegetable garden. I can’t remember now how many different kinds of seeds came in it, I think it was around 20 maybe. The trouble with it, though, was we don’t eat most of what veggies that were in it. Eggplant (2 varieties), cabbage, bell peppers and beets (also a couple varieties). If I remember correctly, I’d planned on trading the seeds we didn’t use. I will say this, those seeds had been packed for the 2011 growing season and they are still viable, I planted some of the peas this year and almost all of them germinated! I would have had a lot of peas, but the messed up weather put a stop to that. A super late freeze with snow and ice, followed by only about 5 weeks of temps peas like and then the heat advisories started. Those seeds have been in the freezer this whole time, I have read articles that say not to do that since it will kill the seeds. My answer to that is; if that is indeed true, why is there an international seed vault high in the Alps (I think) where the seeds are kept below freezing?? Just sayin’.

One of my favorite places to find heirloom seeds is Seeds Now.

My “Ah Ha” Moment

Yesterday my husband, Bear, felt it was finally safe to change our lawn tractor back over to a mower and take the snow blower off. It’s only late April. In our area, that should have been done a couple weeks ago. But, I’m off topic… Bear discovered that the battery we’d been nursing along these past few months had finally gone to the Great Battery Warehouse in the Sky. Luckily, the battery he’d bought for my Honda Fit last year, but we didn’t need, would work in the lawn tractor. That tells you that Honda Fits need little batteries and our lawn tractor needs a big one!! 

  Anyway, on to my epiphany. Bear had kept that battery, even though we hadn’t needed it and had sold the car a couple months later. He was kind of laughing about how being a Prepper is why he’d kept it since that mindset is, “you never know when you might need it.” My answer was, “yeah, like a Pack Rat.” That’s when it hit me, Peppers are Pack Rats! We have the same battle cry, “Don’t throw that out! You never know when you might need it again!!!”

  So, that’s my big realisation, to be a Prepper you have to have some Pack Rat in you. Now I’m not talking about saving every bit of plastic wrap or paper plate you’ve used. What I am talking about is picking up extra canned food and other things you use (and use up) regularly. To develop the habit of thinking before you throw a damaged item out with the thought you’ll just buy a new one. 

  It is looking like there’s not much hope of saving the economy here in the United States, we’re going to have to let go of the mindset that we can run over to Wal-Mart and buy new. We’re going to have to learn to make it, fix it or do without it. At this point, when we buy anything that’s not good, we check in with our self to see if it’s a Need or a Want. If its a Want, we don’t buy it. If it is a real Need, we look for good quality at a good price, maybe not a cheap price, but a real good price. We’re buying with an eye on the future and whether or not it will stand the test of time. 

  Then there’s the consideration that when we have to leave and head to the Bug Out Location, is the thing something we could walk away from and leave behind.

Something to think about.

Little David, Media Hogg

First of all, I’d like to share some of my background. From the time I was in high school and volunteered for the Jimmy Carter campaign, I was a Liberal Democrat. I became disillusioned with it when, it seemed, every week you had to go farther and farther left in order to still BE a Liberal. I’d given up on it about a year before I first heard the word, “Progressive”. 

Back to the reason for this post:

  It seems I can’t even watch a YouTube video without hearing that little punk, David Hogg’s, name. I’m REALLY glad I don’t watch the legacy media news, like CNN or MSLSD since it looks like he’s they’re new Hero. What I’ve been seeing is an angry kid who’s ranting about guns and lashing out at gun owners. It’s been over 6 weeks of this shit and David Hogg is, frankly, starting to sound more like a spoiled child who isn’t getting his demands met. About a week after this happened he and his sister tweeted pics of themselves wearing these armbands she’d allegedly made and wanted everyone to start wearing. The tweet and pics went away really fast when it was pointed out they looked like Hitler Youth. Where were their parents? Why didn’t they say something and instead leave it up to someone on Twitter to do it?

Which brings me to my Big Question:

  What I want to know is:where are this punk’s parents? When he’s being asked to give all these interviews; why aren’t his parents stepping in? Saying, “David has school, he won’t be able to appear on your show. Again” or “My son has a family commitment on that day and won’t be able to appear on your show” or , maybe, just maybe they might say, “We don’t like the way you and your employer seem to be using our son’s traumatic experience to attack your rivals. You will be having no further contact with our son.”

  Where were this kid’s parents when he was growing up to teach him you don’t talk to adults the way he has? Oh. That’s right. He’s in that age group where the parents were more concerned with being their kid’s friend and not having to feel uncomfortable by telling their child, . “No. You can’t do/say that.” Their parents were the Baby Boomers who didn’t want to deprive their children and didn’t want to stifle their character. Now, after just 2 generations of everyone gets a ribbon so there’s no losers and kids being given into instead of corrected or punished; we have this. A high school aged punk who thinks he has a right to tell adults how they should behave and what they should do. Because the leftists running the educational systems have refused to teach children the importance of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, we now have a generation of kids who have NO respect for the documents that ensure their Right to flap their gums ad nauseam. I saw an anchor from some cable news channel saying he was made to feel uncomfortable when he’d tried to correct some of David Hogg’s facts in an interview he’d done with the kid. The kid had made him feel that way by the way he’d reacted or something. These sketchy legacy media channels and maybe the progressives, seem to be grooming this kid and his friends to be their shills in their Guns Are Bad campaign. The legacy media, also, seem to be using David Hogg to silence their competition. 

  David Hogg is a child. Period. He doesn’t have the maturity or the life experience to tell anyone what to do. He allegedly went through a horrible experience and, like a child, is lashing out at everything. And the skanky reporters on those cable “news” networks are egging him on by continuing to bring him on for interviews. Like any kid, he knows he can say just about anything now and get away with it, so he’s going to take advantage of it. What’s making it worse is he knows that no one will be allowed to correct him or even mock him, if they do they’ll be silenced. Look at what he just did to Laura Ingram for saying he was whining about not being accepted into a few colleges. Hitler David immediately went after her advertisers. Funny how he just so happened to have that complete list of them within a few minutes of her tweeting it…

  Yes, those kids went through something so terrible I can’t even imagine what it was like. But. Think about the kids in Gaza. How many of them have had their schools blown up by an Israeli rocket? Their friends gunned down by IDF soldiers? What about the kids in Iraq? Or Syria? I don’t see those high schoolers having weeks long rants, making demands of the adults. And they have more of a Right to than this kid.

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