Winter Weather Advisory x 6

Since Sunday night 2/18/18 we’ve had a Winter Weather Advisory every stinking night, including tonight through 6 pm tomorrow night 2/24/18. These storms have dumped freezing rain, sleet and snow on us. Monday night, I think it was, we had the rare treat of a thunderstorm with rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. This is making me really believe in the Grand Solar Minimum theory.

  Anyway. To the purpose for this post. I was doing my weekly grocery shopping at dear old Wally World when I was approached by two older women. They were looking for the ice melt and were wondering if I’d seen any in the store. When I suggested the automotive section, since we were in front Always the Out Door section and it was being turned over to Spring and Summer (Yay! There’s hope!), they told me they’d already been there and they didn’t have any. In the course of their excited chattering, in which they showed me a bottle of “Rain X” and were telling me about a video on Facebook where some guy used it and the snow and ice didn’t stick to his windshield (had nothing to do with the conversion), they told me that on the news they reported every store in the area was sold out and so are the warehouses. I was completely mystified at that point because, if they’re reporting that every store is sold out; why are you in Wal-Mart trying to buy it??? Two men from the Lawn and Garden section came walking up and when asked told them they are sold out and so is the warehouse. Imagine that!! I walked off at that point before I said something really rude to my elders. I did offer to sell them my half bag for $100! ๐Ÿ˜€

  This is Classic, Classic Sheeple Think and what I want to help my Readers change. The time to run out and buy an item is NOT when the news is reporting you can’t find it anywhere in the area. Then stand there in absolute shock and desperation when the store doesn’t have any!

   It’s been so long since I’ve thought like that, that I couldn’t understand what they were doing there. I simply couldn’t understand why they were there, knowing the stores were sold out!

  My friends, if you live in an area that gets icy, make sure you have a supply of ice melt! I guess it’s something that goes along with my post on Jan. 30th about Inconsequentials. Sorry, but for some reason this app on my tablet won’t let me link to it.

Be Prepared. Don’t be a Sheeple.


Grand Solar Minimum

The last few weeks I’ve been listening to a couple new YouTube channels-  Suspicious0bservers and The Grand Solar Minimum and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

  The first channel, Suspicison0bservers, belongs to Ben Davidson, the head of an Observatory, and his channel mainly deals with the effects of the Sun on our planet, the Solar Storms and Flares and other phenomena. You should really check his channel out, his group have made stunning predictions of earthquakes based on Solar activities! The second channel is one I’ve only been listening to for about a week and don’t know a lot about. What I want to talk about is the title of this post and the second channel: a Grand Solar Minimum. 

  My understanding of this phenomenon is very simplistic and I’ve spent time these past few weeks trying to educate myself. I’ve always been interested in Astronomy and would dabble in it from time to time, Bear and I even belonged to an Astronomy club for a year. I don’t remember why we gave it up… I tell you that so you’ll understand that I am not an expert and can only grasp some of what they talk about with my intellectual finger tips.

  Here is my understanding of The Grand Solar Minimum: the Sun has cycles of activity, smaller cycles and larger cycles. Every 7 years, there’s the Solar Maximum and we see an increase of Solar Flares and other activity. Then it tapers off to Solar Minimum where we see less activity. This is the smaller cycle within a larger cycle. On the larger scale, we have the same cycle on, about, a 400 year cycle. We have been experiencing the larger cycle of the Solar Minimum. I am not completely sure when this started, but my understanding is that by 2020 we will be at the lowest point in the dip. Most regions of our Planet will experience colder temperatures, with shorter Summers and longer Winters. Consequently, this means shorter growing seasons. Some areas, like Alaska, will actually be warmer based on the reports that others have compiled from the last Minimum in the 17th Century. 

  Suspiciuos0bservers (the O in Observers is actually a zero) and others have also been tracking the Magnetic Field of our Earth which appears to be on its own cycle and is weakening; with the Poles flipping. Magnetic North and South have already been on the move are no longer on the physical Poles.

  None of this has been caused by Human activity or or our “Carbon Footprints”. We have no control over what our Star, what we call the Sun. Nor does our activity affect the Magnetic Field.

  I am starting to really believe in the Grand Solar Minimum since I’ve been living through the coldest Winter I can remember. It was a cool Summer, cloudy and rainy. Here, in southwest Iowa, 2 out of the last 3 years we’ve had snow on May Day. Spring has come later and later every year for the last decade. Yeah, I think they’re on to something.

  I am storing more cool and cold weather clothing and am looking for more seeds that have shorter growing seasons. I’m looking for seeds that are recommended for 1-2 Zone North of mine. These plans aren’t the whole focus of our prepping, I’m doing half and half.

  What do you all think of this??

Inconsequentials, That Won’t Be if SHTF

I was clipping my nails, fingers and toes, and it occurred to me that there are things I haven’t written about and anyone without experience wouldn’t think about. Not putting anyone down, just a fact, if you aren’t used to planning for a time when stores aren’t open and all the little things you use periodically may not be found; you won’t have the habit of stocking those items. I hope you can follow that last sentence! Bear and I have been prepping for a decade now, a couple years after we started someone told us to think about these things. It can be hard to do, I know, tying to think about things you don’t use often and don’t really think about using when you do use them.

Having extras of small, but necessary items, can help not only you, but can be put in a Barter Box to be used to trade for items you do need post disaster. I’ll talk more about Barter Boxes in another post. If I haven’t already…!

Other things would be cotton swabs or balls; nail files or cuticle nippers; lip balm, “Vaseline” or hand lotion; even something as simple as a paper clip could be needed. Today, I’ve had to get one of the ACE bandages I have, some of which I took from Dad’s things when he died. My siblings though I was stupid and I let them. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Little things that you don’t use often, but when you do need them you really need them. This may be an exaggeration, or it may not, but if you have a set of nail clippers, say, and someone comes to your door wanting to barter with you for them. They’re desperate since their nails have been ragged and bothering them for a couple months and they can’t find any clippers. All they have to trade that you want is an ounce of Gold. If they’re desperate enough they may give it to you for your extra clippers. The vast majority of the people, at least in America, don’t think beyond their immediate need (or Want) and are just too habituated to just running to the corner store He getting whatever it is that they aren’t able to think ahead like this. If you’re the one who’s thought ahead and has what they need, that puts you in control. On the other hand, if you’re the one who needs the ACE bandage they are the ones in control if they have one.

Something to think about anyway.

Random Stuff off the Top of My Head

Not sure how this will turn out! Random thoughts off the top of my head could be…..interesting. Or maybe confusing for you all. ๐Ÿ˜†

  I guess, the biggest thing weighing on my mind right now is how there is such a hard divide in America along political lines. Political lines that look like some person/group is/are trying to make appear as Moral or something. There has always been two political parties here for decades, Republicans and Democrats, and the platforms have always been pretty much opposite of each other. One always stood for Big Business and the other was for the People. At least, that’s what they told us! And those are very broad and simplistic definitions, too. I started noticing that for the last couple decades, there really hasn’t been much of a difference between the two parties. They both talk a good line, but once elected into whatever position they’d campaigned for, they ALL did the same things. Some of these stated ideological beliefs have gotten so extreme that those holding those views will never see eye to eye. What is making this worse is the Lamestream media seems intent on fanning these flames and hardening this divide.  Daily, these Talking Heads spend hours telling their audiences only one view point, the Progressives. How any American can justify putting non-American’s well-being ahead of an American Citizen’s is beyond me. And they are getting paid a shitload of money, our money, to do it! Lord and Lady, don’t say THAT out loud! Someone will shriek and point saying, “Nazi” or “Racist”. That’s the dog whistle for every Social Justice Warrior to come shriek and point, that’s their common tactic straight out of the Marxist handbook.

  In this blog, I’d planned to speak my mind, but at the same time I’m worried enough about repercussions that I won’t use my real name. A friend has been nice enough to let me use her Google + account to put these out. I worry that if I ever get a large enough following to attract notice that it could come back and bite her in the ass. Delusions of Grandeur on my part, I know!! However is this growing climate of censorship here in America I think my concerns might be justifiable. Any ideas that are counter to what the Lamestream media is pumping out, which happens to be the same Narrative of the Progressives, it’s either called Hate Speech or the author or speaker is labeled with one of the -ists they like to throw around. Or, just a Nazi.

  How did a country that embodied Freedom get to the point that Free Speech is only reserved for those who will say the acceptable ideas? From here, all our other Rights are in jeopardy. Because if you can’t have free and open debates, where ALL ideas can be heard, then it’s only a matter of time before the rest of our Freedoms get taken away. Which, largely, they already have. If two people think exactly alike, then one of them is irrelevant. A debate between those two becomes nothing more than an Echo Chamber.

  There’s a hard divide in America between Left and Right that’s being egged on by some in power and a lot by the media and I have to wonder, WHY??? What don’t They (who ever They are) want us to See??? 

  Every time I’m told to look in only one direction, I look the other way first. More of us need to start doing that, I think.

Are You Kidding Me??!

I was listening to a couple of YouTube channels I like, Mark Dice and Stefan Molyneux. There were several other suggested videos, too. What they were all talking about was Sunday’s Golden Awards in which Oprah Winfrey hinted she’s going to run for the presidency of The United States!! Oprah Winfrey Receives Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes
NBC3.7M views 

  Are you kidding me ??? I haven’t watched the whole speech, my brain and stomach couldn’t take it. What I did see was nothing more than another woman “of color” using the old tired Wedge Issues of Oppressed Blacks, Oppressed Women and Muh Evil White Men. She, of course, had to show her support for the “besieged” news media and hinted that she might be interested in running for president. The mainstream media ate it up with both hands. One commentator even referred to her as “our next president”!! Are you kidding me?!? I guess all it takes to be hailed as the Savior of this country is to be black, female, famous and willing to use every Wedge Issue you can in one acceptance speech. The mainstream press reacted predictably when someone like Oprah is willing to stand there blowing that dog whistle.

  I’m going to guess Oprah, like Hitlary, is going to expect women to vote for her cuz we both have a uterus, it didn’t work for Hitlary and I doubt it will work for Oprah. I mean, I don’t let my uterus vote. It’s dumb as shit and can’t be trusted to do what’s best for America. Or is it that my uterus has White Privilege??

  I’m so intensely glad both of my parents are dead, so they won’t see what a ridiculous laughingstock our country has become. That would shame them no end. And Dad was a WWII veteran, but very humble about the part he’d played in ridding the world of fascism. I’m glad he isn’t here to see that belief alive and well here in America. I’m not talking about Donald Trump, either. I’m talking about the fascists who claim they’re anti-fascist.

I’m not ending this with my usual “Something to think about”, because, do you really have to think about this???

Kind of a Rant

I can’t help wondering and being a bit afraid of how the Progressives are emasculating the men here in the United States. I can’t speak for other countries, mainly because I don’t live there! What I’m hearing and have seen are men who are afraid of being men. A few days ago I guess there was a big stink over one of the founders of The Young Turks and some blog posts he wrote almost 20 years ago. Cenk Uygur wrote some things that sounded, to me, like nothing any young man wouldn’t have said. I never saw them and don’t care to either. In one he supposedly said how “loose” drunk women at Mardi Gras are. Really?? I never knew that alcohol can do that!! He stated he’d deleted them and that he’d disavowed that kind of thinking, but that didn’t stop the progressives from tearing him apart. As a 56 year old female and recovering Liberal, I have to say, “So what”?!?? He didn’t appear to have broken any laws, he didn’t confess to raping them. So what’s the big deal?? Maybe these douche bags who claim to care soooo much about women should go to Mardi Gras and stop the women from getting drunk and being sluts? Instead, they’d rather attack the guy that pointed it out.

  Ladies, face it: Men can be pigs. Your mother knew it, so did you grandmother. This Progressive Agenda to turn the men in America into women, no not women, limp dick pussies, is beyond me.

  Full Disclosure: I used to be a loud and proud Liberal. The Women’s Movement started right as I was “becoming a woman” and left a big impression on me. My maternal grandmother was a Suffragette and one of the first female English Teachers at the college level, she taught me through her actions how to be a Progressive Woman. She sure as hell didn’t achieve what she did by tearing down my grandfather or the other men around her. I became disgusted by the Left when the Narrative kept changing, Diversity and Inclusiveness has morphed into an almost pathological hatred for White Men of western European descent. I went to a Pagan Festival last May that I hadn’t attended for the last 7 years and was dumbfounded by the changes I saw. Men I’d known to be empathetic and caring, but still strong and still Men who chased the women there and generally thought with their penises. They’d morphed into pussies and only worried about Safe Spaces and “Micro-Aggressions”. 

  Men are men, they talk about cars and guns, not feelings or the latest movie on Lifetime. Half the time they don’t even know how they hurt a woman’s feelings, they’re men, they’re supposed to be clueless! They’re strength is their feelings aren’t right at the surface to be hurt, so they can go out and protect their family when its threatened and not sit and cry about it. Real Men know every color choice available from their preferred auto maker, but could care less about how many shades of pink there are. Much less know them and can identify them!

  As a Woman, I don’t want to be equal to Men, because we aren’t “equal” and aren’t meant to be. We’re meant to balance each other, cover your spouse’s weaknesses. Men aren’t nurturing, not like women are, it’s just not in their make-up.

  It looks to me like the so called “Third Wave Feminists” have realized they won’t achieve the mythical goal of “Equality” with men and have, instead, decided that they’re just going to turn men into women and get it THAT way. That scares me, if I’m threatened I want a strong man to defend me and not some wussy sissy boy who’ll hide behind me whining about micro aggressions.

  Lastly, if they’re right and the Big Bad Russians are after us, I want armed Men defending this country and not a bunch of sissy boys who’ll run for a diaper pins and Safe Spaces at the sight of the “Scary Black Guns” the Evil Russians are carrying.

Ok. I’m done. Tell me what you think in the Comments below. If you think I’m wrong, tell me, but use your words. You being offended, shocked or confused by what I’ve said isn’t an argument or proof I’m wrong.

The Rule of 3’s

โ€‹”There is a saying called the rule of 3โ€™s and it goes like this. A person can live 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food”. I copied and pasted that a couple weeks ago from someplace and, now, don’t remember where… But, it doesn’t really matter in the long run since it isn’t an exclusive idea to any one site. That said, I’m not sure who ever said it first. A search on the internet returned a mind boggling number of hits and none of them answered my question, “who wrote the rule of 3s?”.

  The first rule is so obvious as to not require any preparation. Unless you disagree and you feel the need to stockpile Air?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Jokes aside, you do need to ensure you’ll have clean Air to breath and to start have a dozen of the N-95 masks to filter out particulates and viruses. From there, if you’re concerned a possible more serious attack, you’ll want to obtain “gas masks” for each member of your family. You’ll also need, at least, one set of replacement filters for them. 

  The next three rules do require some advance planning and preparation, not to mention money.

  Shelter can, easily be, the most expensive on this list and hardest to achieve. Not to mention the hardest to obtain, for a lot of people now and even more so after a disaster or collapse. I wrote about different methods of shelter before and different methods for Bugging Out. For some reason, my Kindle app won’t link to the posts tho. Basically, your choices are: staying in your place of residence, stock piling food, water and medicine. Then fortifying it, arming yourselves and being prepared to defend it. Bugging out, which means leaving your place of residence and either going to a secure location that either you own or that’s owned by a group you belong to. Or, the worst option, Bugging Out to the wilderness and planning on “living off the land”. Even if you have no experience doing it. See what I mean about “hardest to achieve”??

  Water. I shouldn’t have to tell you how important having clean water available for you and you family is. You wouldn’t let your child/ren drink from a mud puddle or stagnant creek normally and post disaster/collapse you won’t want that to be your only option. You’ll have to have some way to purify water in each Bug Out Bag if that’s your plan. Like a Life Straw or similar. You’ll need at least two methods to purify water in your home or Bug Out Location, one method can be a fall back of boiling it. Don’t buy a Pรผr or a Brita pitcher and think that’s what I’m talking about, those are for tap water that’s been through a water treatment plant and NOT water out of a stagnant puddle. Plan on about a gallon a day for each person, for drinking, hygiene and cooking. Plan on more in hot weather and with strenuous activity. I heard something yesterday that highlights one of the most important uses of water; removal of “bodily wastes”. Meaning pee and poop. Cholera is rampant in Yemen right now due to the ongoing bombing by Saudi Arabia has destroyed the power grid there and there’s no electricity to pump the water so the bathrooms work. There’s little or no clean drinking water and hundreds of thousands of people, mostly children, have cholera and are dying from it. Now. Today. In what had been a modern city with running water, children are being forced to drink water that’s contaminated with their neighbor’s poop.

  Food will, probably, be the second most expensive item on this list, the hardest to transport and will take up the most storage space. I think that it’s standard to advise people who are just starting to “Prep” to stock up on the ubiquitous Beans and Rice. Good advice, if you like them, know how to cook them and eat them regularly. Lousy advice if none of the above applies to you. Even if you DO eat beans and rice, it’ll get real boring real quick! We don’t eat them regularly, but we have laid in a few week’s supply of them and I suggest you do, too. Learn how to cook them how you like them and lay in small supply to eat as a last resort. If kept dry in a cool dark place, they’ll keep for a couple decades. What you do need to stock up are canned and other prepared foods you will eat. Like canned pasta and vegetables. If you have a safe location to go to, my suggestion is learn how to garden and preserve it (either by canning or drying), then lay in a supply of Heirloom Seeds of the vegetables you will eat. I bought a seed collection and gave half of them away because the seeds were for things we don’t eat, like tomatoes and peppers. Go to a local nursery and buy the seeds you will eat. The reason I’ve stressed “Heirloom Seeds” is those will produce plants with viable seeds at the end of the season. Normally the seeds sold widely today have been genetically modified so you can’t save seeds and replant, you have to buy their seeds every year. Fruits are a little harder to grow, think grape vines and apple trees. With time, education and practice it’s possible.

  This has taken me over 2 months to write, my Life has gotten very hectic and full! Bear found a position where he’s using every single one of his talents, but he’s working 13-14 hour days 7 days a week. In the meantime, I’m working part time, have adopted our foster dog and she still needs a lot of attention. That leaves everything else in the house that has to be done and only Me to do it! Something has to give and I’m sorry, it’s this blog.

  Well, I’ve given you more to think about. I hope you do more than think and start acting on it. Time is running out for those of us in America. The double dealing and meddling by our governmental officials is coming home to roost and it’ll be we, the citizens, who’ll pay for it.


Getting Back on Track

My purpose in starting this blog was to introduce women to prepping and show them this is something we can and must do for our families and ourselves. The last few months I’ve gotten away from that and with events seemingly heading for, at least, an economic collapse, I’m now getting back on track. Hopefully. That’s the plan. Wait! Plan?? As the saying goes, “If you want to hear The Gods laugh, tell Them your plans”. Is that laughter I’m hearing…..?…..

  Since I’m writing this for women, I suppose I should focus on “women’s work”. Before you attack, keep in mind that dishes and clothing will still need to be washed. Since there are several men who read this, they’ll be educated and will have no excuse to not help out. ๐Ÿ˜†

  The smartest item you can stockpile, in my opinion, is Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap. You can use it to wash your clothing, body, hair, dishes, pets, vehicles and just about anything else. It’s 30x concentrated, so just a few drops is all you need in a bucket of water for a quick washing up at the end of the day. You can use a stronger mix for washing dishes. Dr. Bronner’s is made with all natural and organic ingredients and I’ve never known it to leave a residue on anything I’ve used it on. It cleans so well, in fact, that I can’t use it regularly to wash my butt length hair. It strips my hair and leaves it so dry that I can’t condition it enough so I can even comb it! I can not find the “right” dilution that’ll work on my extra long and super fine hair.Other people claim they don’t have the same problem, everyone’s hair is different and that’s ok. It’s clear to me that post disaster/collapse I’ll have to figure out a way to tie the length of my hair out of the way and just wash the roots. 

  Using the 30:1 dilution, there’s minimal suds which means less rinsing when used to wash clothes. I’m not sure I’d use the Peppermint one for that purpose since the company uses essential oils for the fragrance. If you don’t know what I mean, think about sucking on a piece of peppermint candy and how it leaves your mouth feeling. I don’t think you’ll want that “cooling sensation” in your undies. Actually, I’m just being facetious about that since you use such a small amount of the soap. On second thought, why take the chance?

  I mix sea salt, baking soda and a little powdered myrrh gum resin in a bowl, add a big squirt or three of Peppermint Dr. Bronner’s and stir. Then I add enough water to make a stiff dough. Dump it out on to a piece of parchment paper and flatten the mixture out to about ยฝ inch thickness, move the paper and the disk on to a wire rack and let it dry for several days. If it isn’t dry after a week I’ll break it up and throw it into my dehydrator for a day. When the mixture is completely dry, I break it up into pieces, put them into a plastic food storage container and liberally sprinkle them with peppermint essential oil. When I brush my teeth, I just break off a piece about the size of a pea and use that instead of commercial tooth paste. Myrrh has been used for centuries to prevent and treat gum disease. My own twist on the old Salt and Soda to brush your teeth. I make enough that the flattened disk is about the size of a standard salad plate and it lasts 6-9 months.

  For dishes, fill your wash tub or bucket with hot water and several drops of Dr. Bronner’s, fill a second tub with hot water for rinsing. Wash your dishes in the soapy water and rinse off in the plain water. You can pick up a plastic dying rack from a dollar store for a couple dollars and use it put your clean dishes in to air dry. 

  One bottle and so many uses! In my area a small bottle runs about $4 or $5, but if you think about what it’ll replace it’s a bargain. Throw one into your Bug Out Bag so you’ll be able to keep yourself, your family and your things clean in the event you have to leave your home and get to a safer location. It may sound frivolous to talk about bathing when you’re literally running for your life, but by staying as clean as you can you’re helping to ward off the diseases that come from the poor sanitation that’s common in times like that.

Something to think about, anyway.


What We Did to Be Ready

In my last blog, I said I’d tell you what we’d stocked up on and how and how it had made the last few months somewhat easier to live through. If you haven’t read it follow this link:ย A Time to Celebrate!

Backstory- my husband, Bear, is a CPA with a dual Master’s in Business Administration majoring in Finance and International Finance. His ex-wife was a spendthrift who’d put them thousands of dollars in debt at a time when they couldn’t afford it, as a result having a balance on any credit card gives him a major rash. He also hoarded cash while we had the income before I lost my job almost 8 years ago. We had a membership to Sam’s Club and had stocked up on the canned vegetables we use and hygiene items, like shaving cream and razors. I also spent so much at Dollar Tree that Bear banned me from going for a while! A lot of the hygiene items have gone out to our Bug Out Location, because even though the World may be coming down around our ears, Bear thinks I should still have nicely shaved legs ๐Ÿ˜ฒ.

Six months ago, I discoveredย coupons.comย and have been picking more hygiene items for example, I now have a plastic grocery bag overflowing with disposable razors!

The last few months has been just making sure the canned goods that will expire soonest get used first and those I will replace next trip to the grocery store. The hygiene items I only replace if I use the last one and only if I’ve found a good coupon for it.

We have had to use the credit cards and carry a balance on one, the largest purchase was a ยผ side of beef we’d bought before Bear lost his job. He told me the other day that he’s been making slightly over the minimum required payment every month on that bill. In a depressing side note, we just paid that off and the meat is almost gone. That really sucks!! We have a monthly subscription that shows up on one, but that gets paid right away.

I know to many of you what you’ve just read sounds pretty disappointing, you were probably expecting some great and wonderful information. Well, the truth is that we’ve lived within our means since we met in Feb 2000. At first, we couldn’t afford not to, we lived in a crappy mobile home we’d paid $2,000 cash for. Bear used a tax return he’d just gotten. We were both starting over after bad marriages had ended. We started Prepping, like a lot of people did, after 9/11. Bear was actually into it a little due to the whole Y2K thing that was the current panic being pushed by the mainstream media.

So, to summarize: build a back stock of things you use up regularly, use coupons for what you can and don’t forget the dollar store; buy what you can in bulk; live within your means ALL the time; learn the difference between what you Want and what you really Need, you only Need a new TV if your current one breaks, you don’t Need that monster 4K Ultra HD TV, you Want it; save every stinking damned penny you can while you can and; have as much of your prescription medications on hand that you can and use your state’s resources to help you, I was ashamed to be on Medicaid most of my family doesn’t know, but it filled in that gap.

So, that’s pretty much it! Prepping isn’t just about being prepared for a meteor wiping out half the country or an economic collapse, it’s also being ready to deal with the loss of income or other smaller crisis. Our planning and sacrifices in the past made what could have been devastating, into just a huge hassle. These months took an emotional toll, but we were never in danger of losing our home.

A Time to Celebrate!

I don’t think I’ve said much of anything about what’s been going on with Bear and I these last 4ยฝ months. Bear lost his Manger of Disbursements position when a new Director of Finance was hired by the city where he was working. When they’d hired him it was with the condition he apply for the Director’s job and he was ready to step into it that coming Monday when her resume was sent over at the last minute. They hired her on Friday and within 2 weeks she told him that he “wouldn’t be successful in her vision of the department going forward”. Meaning she was remaking into the only system she knew. That was the first week of June. 

  In this wonderful booming  economy, Bear has made a full-time job of looking for work. A good friend and former boss has even let Bear use his old office to do this. Every job Bear has applied for has had hundreds of other resumes submitted also. A major employer in the area shit out 500+ Accounting Professionals over the last few years, so the competition has been fierce and since those people were taking any job, employers were dropping the wages and snapping up highly qualified people for bargain rates. The jobs that were paying realistic wages were few and far between, companies were wanting Controllers and offering salaries of only $40 or 50k. In our area the starting pay for that position should be double that!  

  Bear got close several times, made it right to the final cut, and every time the employer went with either someone from inside the company or a “different route” ( whatever that means). Bear is an Old School Man, you take care of your wife and family. You’re the provider, you’re the one who goes out every day to kill something and drag it home. Every time that happened his ego and self confidence took a major hit and he’d withdraw further into his shell. There were days when he’d hardly interact with me or the foster dogs. Our newest foster dog bonded to him the first minute she saw him and he’d barely look at her most of the time. He’d just lay on the bed reading, she’d jump up, walk in front of his face and drop her ball on his Kindle and he’d just push her away. It broke my heart, then really piss me off!

  Two weeks ago tomorrow, Bear sent his resume in on another Controller job that popped up on one of the job boards. The guy emailed Bear and sent up a phone interview for the following Monday morning. At the end of the call, the business owner asked Bear to come in for a face to face interview at 2:30 that afternoon. Bear had another interview with the company’s CPA last Friday, during the interview Bear asked the lady what she thought was that company’s biggest problem expecting to hear that the aging Controller was messing up the accounting or something. He did not hear what he was expecting! Instead, the woman told him the biggest problem is too many women working in that office and no strong man to lead them. The current Controller is a micro manager and control freak who won’t delegate and does all the work herself. She’s allowed the women in the office to have nothing more to do than back bite each other and form petty factions! Bear wisely closed his mouth after his jaw dropped hearing that and said Nothing! 

  Two days ago the business owner called Bear and offered him the job!!! ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰  Bear started this morning at 8:00am. The business owner, Terry, said he’d have to tell the current Controller to make sure and come in early for it. Yeah, this lady needs to retire. Terry actually owns and runs 3 businesses and Bear is overseeing the accounting for all 3, along with running the office and doing HR, too, I think. Nothing he hasn’t done in the past. Terry wants to spend more time out of the office doing sales for the primary business, which manufactures something I’ll keep private since I’m trying to do this as anonymously as possible. If Bear proves to Terry that he really can do what he’s claimed he can do, after the first of the year he’ll revamp the business around Bear, Bear’s job title and salary will change dramatically then.

  I’ve also gotten a part-time seasonal job on the phones taking internet sales and will start training at the end of this month. Not what I wanted to do, I have a degree in Counseling, but thanks to the rule changes in Obamacare, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. I’m old enough now that to go back to college to get the additional degrees I’d need, I’ll be paying off Student Loans with my Social Security check. Not a fiscally responsible plan. This job should end about the time Bear’s job and salary will change and I can go back to being at home working full-time with our foster dogs. 

  During these last 4ยฝ months, we’ve also had some other lesser financial and major emotional hits that have drained our limited resources further. I won’t subject to the list! I think it would take this straight into whining crybaby land and I respect you too much to do that to you.

  If you’ve made it this far, thank you for caring enough to read my story. This has been an extremely difficult Summer for us, but due to our Prepping Attitude and the money we spent in the past to stockpile items that get used up regularly, it hasn’t been as devastating as it could have been. This has gotten pretty long already and I’m sure you have better things to do than read a Story of My Summer: Prepper Novel! Next post will be on what I did in the past to stock up and what I stocked up on.

Thank you for caring enough to read this. ๐Ÿ’œ The Featured Image I chose was one I’d taken of the yard after the 80+mph straight line winds hit here a couple weeks after Bear lost his job. One of those additional hits we took!