Next Two Project Veritas Videos

Hi. I am sorry it has taken me so long to post some of these, my life has been crazy. The information in these videos is shocking. What these people think of us. Think of the company they work for. 

Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.’
Pfizer Whistleblower LEAKS Execs Emails EXPOSING Suppression of Covid Vax Info From Public  

Three of the Scariest Words I’ve Ever Heard

The past few months I’ve heard Independent Commentators discussing “Gain of Function” genetic work being done by the lab in Wuhan China. Where this variant of COVID just happen to come from.

I am no scientist, I’m just a Natural Healer, but I see no logical reason why scientists would modify a virus to be more contagious and more deadly all so they can find a cure for it? For a disease that does not exist yet, but they are inventing in the lab so they can find a cure for it. Sounds like nothing more than a grift to get grant money.

One of the other reasons I’ve heard put forth is, basically, “because we can. So why not?” That has to be one of the more frightening reasons to do something. There are millions of things you can do, but that does not mean it’s a good idea to do them. We have to remember the famous last words of many a drunk person, “HEY Y’ALL!! WATCH THIS!!!” That usually ends badly, although the videos are usually pretty funny. I get the scientific discovery bit and it’s by exploring the unknown that we’re able to expand our knowledge. “Because I/we can”strikes me more as being arrogant than curious, though. Especially when you’re talking about something like viruses. Viruses and bacteria mutate on their own in nature, but nature has a way of placing safeguards on them. Like, if the virus is more contagious, it’s less deadly. Or the more deadly the virus, the less contagious it is. A virus is a living organism, it does it no good to spread quickly and kill a large percentage of the host population. The chances of long term survival for that virus would be poor.

  I just saw something that concerned me over on RT America. Maybe it’s because I’m writing this and am thinking about the blind arrogance of researchers that leads to my concerns, but tell me what you think. Scientists unearth ‘5,000 year old PLAGUE BACTERIA’ that caused Black Death from skull of long-dead pandemic victim in Latvia 

Tell me, knowing what we now know about researchers and scientists, this doesn’t bother you, too. Tell me you are not also concerned some arrogant scientist isn’t going to get that bacteria into a lab and turn that less lethal bacteria into a more lethal variant using “gain of function”. Because they can. So, why not? 

Hopefully when they’re working on this newest bio-weapon it will be in a lab that has security that’s better than a dentist’s office. That is how the security at the Wuhan Lab was described. 

Something to think about. Make our voices heard. Let our governments know we are not ok with them banning gain of function experiments in our country, but funding it on the sly in another.

Two Years Later- Some Mistakes

So, for me, it’s hard to believe that March 16, 2019 was the last time I lived in the home I had loved. As Preppers, we had thought we were prepared for any disaster that would happen in our area.

Mistake #1: Believing when we were told we were safe from flooding in Pacific Junction, Iowa. We had been assured, repeatedly, when my husband first added flood insurance to our policy, that we didn’t need it. After the town had experienced severe flooding in the past the town had taken steps to make sure out didn’t happen again. They’d built levees and added pumps. We saw the pumps work on one occasion, the town hadn’t had them on and there was a heavy late summer downpour. There was several inches of water standing in our yard and some roads in town had waist deep water standing. Emergency Services turned the pumps on and placed the portable ones in the worst areas and the water was gone in a matter of hours. In 2008, when the Feds said we were going to have 5-6ft of water in our house, the pumps kept the town so dry I’d had to water my gardens every day.

So, we didn’t believe we’d end up with 12ft of water in our home, much less have it there for 27 days and didn’t really have a plan for it. Yes, we had evacuation plans, but not ones where we had a matter of a couple hours to get out. 

We saw our neighbor emptying their house and thought were wasting their time, which leads into our second and perhaps, biggest mistake:

Mistake #2: Not watching the local news. Twenty years ago, one of the books I’d had to read for my Bachelor’s in Natural Healing was by Dr. Andrew Weil, I’d had to read 2 or 3 of them and since they were all in the bookcase in the living room at home, I cannot tell you the titles of them. Anyway, he suggested doing a “news fast” and not watch the news for a week every couple months, I don’t remember, now, the exact timing for it, because I started my news fast and only watched the news once since then. That time, I saw that a young man who had worked for my just a couple months prior and then left for Afghanistan, had been killed. Yeah, I never went back again! The local news, at least in Omaha, Ne, for about the first 10 minutes is only about who has killed who in areas of the city where the gangs are, so I didn’t miss that. It is interesting to note that by turning the news off is when I started to change my leftist views and started to move towards a more conservative view of things.

Ok. That went off into a real tangent! This blog isn’t planned so much as it is stream of thought anyway. Where was I? Yes, I did look back at what I’d written! The mistake of not watching local news. If we had, or if we’d even been more engaged with the people in town, we would have known about the flooding danger. I saw the river every day when I crossed it to and from work, I knew it was up, but our first hint of trouble didn’t come until Friday the 15th when I couldn’t get back across the river because all the bridges south of Omaha were closed. To get home from an appointment that was 10 minutes south and west of Omaha, to our home that is 30 min south and east of Omaha, I’d had to drive all the way up to Omaha. What should have been about a 40 minute drive ended up taking me 2 hours after trying both bridges and having to drive up and use the South Omaha Bridge. There is one other bridge that’s close to PJ I could have tried, but… If the brand new bridge I normally used was closed, the Plattsmouth bridge my great uncle has built in the early 1900’s was definitely closed! I loved my Uncle Roland, he was a fantastic Engineer, and he built it using the best materials and techniques of the times, but over 100 years later of private ownership and that bad boy always struck me as just plain sketchy! Sorry, another mini tangent.

Saturday, the 16th Bear, my husband, did get the guns out, but left the 10,000+ rounds of ammo where it was stored on the main floor of the house so you can imagine what happened to it. He’s still working on getting what’s reloadable cleaned. He’s just started working on it over the last few months and the case cleaner is here where I live and not at his condo up where he works during the week so he only messes with it once or twice a month at most. 

  Here are my final thoughts. First, never say, “never.” If you live in an area where it’s flooded in the past, don’t believe the authorities when they say they’ve corrected the “problem”. Unless that river had been moved 50 miles away, there is always a chance that levee will breech after the idiots upstream start releasing too much water. It doesn’t have to be a flood, that’s what this is about and so I used it as my example. Know what Nature can do in your area and make plans to deal with what ever it could be. Weather patterns are changing, getting more severe and extreme since the Magnetic Fields surrounding the Earth started weakening. Cosmic Rays are getting through and affecting the weather, but that’s a topic for another time. If you’re curious go to: Suspicious Observers.

Ok. Just some of my thoughts on what happened 2 years ago.

Good Bye to the USA We Knew

For the first time in the last few years, I can say I’m soooo glad my father has crossed over. He was a proud World War Two veteran. He loved and respected the country that was formed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He would not recognize the America we’re living in today. I thank the Gods the dementia was so advanced at the end of his life that he didn’t see what had been done to President Trump, Dad crossed over part way through Trump’s second year in Office.

I’m not a Constitutional Lawyer, or even a Lawyer for that matter, but I have read, heard and seen the videos of evidence showing the fraud and treason in the 2020 general election and I believe it. I repeat: the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump and other Republicans. Or those who didn’t follow the Plans as set out by the “Deep State”. I use that term, “Deep State” because I do not have any real idea who is behind destruction of my country.

I’ve been fighting the Kung Flu (COVID-19) since the American holiday Thanksgiving, which is the last Thursday in Nov, and have missed some of what has been happening. On Jan 6th, I was fighting stomach flu and did not watch in realtime what happened in D.C. I did text with friends and said, at the time, people who looked like Trump supporters had gotten into the Capital building. I have since watched the videos of the Capital Police opening the barricades and waving people through, so they hardly “stormed” the building. You can’t storm or break into a place you’re let into. I have never seen a Trump supporter who wears all black, except for a MAGA hat, before that day. Nor one who gives the BLM fist in the air salute, either.Where

Now, a few wealthy Tech company owners have silenced an American citizen, not only that, but the sitting President! Why? I read his Tweets, not one of them called for violence or insurrection of any kind. It reminded me of when a disliked Pharaoh would die and their names would be struck from pillars and things. They are trying to impeach him and use the 25th Amendment against him, too. Declare him unfit for office. If that was not enough, they are talking about charging Donald Trump with insurrection!!

To anyone living in America and reading this: if they can do this to someone who is as wealthy as he is, who is the President, too. What can they do to us? I’m taking a huge chance writing this, in fact I’m afraid for the first time in my life to speak out. In f-ing America! I’m afraid to speak out! If it is found out who I am I could lose my job, piss ant that it may be, but they will lash out at my husband, Bear, and ruin his career, which is not piss ant by any means. However, I fear what I’m seeing more. The censorship is by far the most disturbing. There is no such thing as “hate speech,” at least not until the last 4 years. It is a convenient term invented to use to silence people. I am sure some of what I’ve written here would be termed that if I catch the notice of the censors. Gods!! That I would use that word, “censors,” in relation to this country, I had to force myself to write it.

I dread the next 4 years, and beyond. Even after carrying out blatant election fraud, after inciting violent and destructive riots in 2020; after attempting multiple times to fraudulently remove a sitting president and being allowed to get away with it all, the Democrats are  not going to give up that kind of power again. Ever. 

I hope I haven’t just ruined our lives with this. Luckily for me, I do not have a big enough following. Fingers crossed. 

I Got to Thinking Just Now

I was watching, yet, another commercial telling me to vote full of actors and funded by some shadowy group that are no doubt funded by Democrats. American Democrats. And it got me thinking.. I know, that’s dangerous nowadays. Actors and Actresses, are paid liars. I mean, Brad Pitt isn’t paid hundreds of millions of dollars to stand there and be Brad Pitt. He’s paid to lie to us that he’s someone else, doing shit he’d never do in real life. Or that stupid guy riding a fake purple cow selling Experian Boost (just saw the ad).

Anyway. These Hollywood Shills who are trying to convince we in America that they support Crazy Uncle Joe and his Ho are being paid to lie to us, again. Think about it. They are, most of them, in the tax bracket that those two and their Socialist backers want to raise taxes on. Why would they support that? I know, they’ll do what they did before, move their wealth out of the States. Then leave when things get too bad here under the socialism they act like they are for.

So, we turn the tables on those shills. They want to back Socialism and Joe Biden, then we make them sign pledges to keep their wealth in this country. A pledge that when things go to hell in this country after Crazy Uncle Joe is elected, they stay in this country they helped destroy. See how willing they are to stay backing Biden and his Leftie backers. The same goes for those billionaires who back the Dems.

Never before has an election had so much riding on it. I think in other countries, too, but for sure here in the States. 

Ok. Time for bed for me. Vote. Women, vote. I know the Donald is an ass, he always has been!! I didn’t expect him to be any different than he’d always been when I voted for him in 2016. That’s why I voted for him!

Hi! Been a Long While….

Sorry to have been away for so long, but having to always be ready, willing and able to solve people’s First World Problems all day leaves me completely brain drained at the end of the day. And most of my first day off, too.

  However, sitting here, watching what our world has become has me wanting to reach out to anyone reading this to see if you are doing alright. I sincerely hope you were prepared for this lockdown and that you and your loved ones are all healthy. I hope you’re not suffering from Cabin Fever too badly if you’re in an area where you’ve been told to shelter in place (or whatever they call it in your country), but I see that as a good thing! It means you are healthy.

  I can NOT believe it has been a year already since we lost most of our things in the flood. We lost about 90% of our back stocked food in the flood and unfortunately the house I’m living in is too small to be able to replace it. My husband lives and works 3 hours away and does have room, but being the type of male he is, has focused more on the guns and ammo than food. We both have enough that we only have to pick up milk, bread and lunchmeat weekly. We did learn from watching what had happened in Venezuela and have over 90 rolls of toilet paper!! 😁

  I really wasn’t surprised the store shelves were empty when this started a month ago, what did surprise me and really worries me was when the shelves stayed empty for so long. Two weeks later wasn’t all the result of panic buying, I don’t think. I do think it showed more the weakness of the Just Time Delivery system. Stores don’t have more than a day or two’s worth of merchandise in stock and warehouses don’t have much more on hand either. It has really brought home to me the importance and wisdom of being prepared through Prepping.

  Looking back, the last twelve months have been mostly Learning Experiences for me. Yuck! 😝   I’ve learned that you are never as prepared as you think you are. I don’t mean you need to have three of everything, there’s a saying in the prepper community, “two is one and one is none”. However that doesn’t apply to everything! Mostly things you’ll use a lot like screwdrivers or flashlights. What I meant was, we’d prepared for tornadoes or an economic collapse, but we didn’t think too much about or prepare for a flood. I learned we have friends we can count on and no family we can. The house I’m living in has been loaned to us by a friend, he won’t charge any rent, nor will he put the utilities in our name even. Partly so he doesn’t fall under any landlord laws, but mostly because he’s a good friend who wants to help us out. Family on the other hand has done very little. The family living in the city next to me, haven’t lifted a finger to help. A cousin on the east coast who owns a health food store restocked my herbs by sending me a pound of everything I’d lost. My sister in law by Houston has given me all the moral support I need, which is all she can do since my brother had had a major heart attack a year ago this month. 

  There have been other lessons over the last months, the hardest and the one I’ve struggled the most with has been Letting Go. Letting go of the house and letting go of the past. The major struggle has come from the fact that leaving the house wasn’t really by choice, first was the actual flooding and then when my husband made the financial decision to sell it the first of Aug and I could see the logic in it. But my heart didn’t agree. I went along with it, however, because it looked like the area would flood again this Spring and I couldn’t go through that again. It looks like it won’t happen, though….

  Anyway, Ember (our dog) and I are safe, we’ve been working from home for the last 4 weeks and probably will for at least another 2. I say “we are working from home” because I am taking customer service calls and she has to stay quiet beside me. Bear, my husband, has been able to drive back every weekend so far, but running a rural hospital means he may not be able to soon. Our Governor says she may not put the state on lockdown since 75% of the population are in occupations that are exempt, like farming. So that’s good. For now, we’ll just keep on keeping on and celebrate the small victories, never thought I’d consider buying a 12 roll pack of toilet paper in a brand I don’t like to be a victory….. Our current “normal”.

Be safe everyone!!

Major Flooding: What I’ve Learned So Far

I’ve started this here times before and deleted every attempt, this has been incredibly hard for me to write.
 For all our planning and preparation, we got hit by something totally unforseen: Water and a lot of it.

  I’ve always tried to keep my actual location private, mainly out of concern that someone close to me would decide their best method of prepping would be to show up at my door and either be taken in or try and take what we sacrificed to acquire. Prepping by the Lazy Method. Now, it doesn’t matter since everything we sacrificed to build up is under the Missouri River. We live(d) in Pacific Junction, Iowa and on March 17th we had to evacuate ahead of the flood waters. We got some items out on Saturday, but more as a precaution than out of any real concern we were going to be evacuated. Back in 2011 We were told we were going to have 8ft of water…. 6…… 5 for sure……maybe 4 or 3ft absolutely! I had to water my garden that entire summer while people 4 miles from us were flooded out. This time, we were told 1-2 ft max and the fire fighters laughed when I said something about 8ft of water in the house. So, we moved my grandmother’s cedar chest upstairs and left everything else downstairs, including my late mother’s dining room table and china cabinet. I left my coat and some other items, thinking I would be able to get them the next day. We got the 8ft of water by the next day. On Monday our home looked like this: 

That’s our place in the lower left corner, the beige roof is our garage and the house behind is our home. By the next day, the water was even higher, you couldn’t see the roof on the side of the house over the back porch.

First thing we’ve learned is not to trust what the authorities say!! Even though we live in an area that was prone to flooding, we were told they’d taken steps to prevent flooding; pumps in town and a levee around the town. They say this was the “perfect storm” of events: first there had been a lot of snow in Feb, we had 2ft on the ground right before this hit, further north they had even more snow on the ground. Next, the ground was still frozen from the record cold we’d had the previous 2 months. Then, north of us they had a huge thunderstorm that dumped a lot of rain on them and we got some of it, too. Lewis and Clark Lake behind Gavins Point Dam was getting too full so the Army Core of Engineers opened the flood gates and released tens of thousands of cubic feet of water. Rivers and creeks that empty into the Missouri backed up and then the levees that were weakened by the 2011 flooding and never repaired gave way a few miles from my town and the result is this: 

That’s only a quarter of my town, it’s just the only one I have available to me on my tablet. It’s looking west down our “main drag” towards City Hall and the Post Office.

  Other things we’ve learned: do NOT focus on just one or two possible disasters, we knew we lived in an area that could flood, we got complacent and didn’t think it was a real possibility.

  We lost all of the food we had at the house, over two thousand dollar’s worth (not counting the thousand dollars worth of beef sitting in the freezer in the garage). We’d kept it there thinking it gave us more options:Bug In or pack it up and Bug Out. Our Bug Out Location wasn’t practical in this case, too far for me to get to work and we’d let the camper get too neglected anyway. Major, huge mistake, but we thought we’d have the time to replace it.

  We couldn’t work as a team, Bear works 3 hours away north of Pacific Junction, it was flooding up there and he’d had to leave that Sunday so he could be ready for work the next day. I was alone trying to remember everything and do the work of 2 people. I didn’t write anything down nor did I make a cheek list, I could have easily done so, but am so disorganized I didn’t. I was still loading the car at 4:06pm when they came to shut the gas off and still loading up when the firefighters came by to verify everyone was gone 45 minutes later. At that point I was grabbing just purely emotional stuff, like my late mother’s clothing and my late father’s shortwave radio. My dead pet’s ashes. Favorite crystals. Didn’t save a warm coat, but I saved crystals!! I’m such a Pagan!

Last thing I can see that I’ve learned so far is to have a Bug Out plan, then practice it under duress. It’s hard to recreate the fear of the actual event, but I think you create the stress by someone barking out orders to grab things, constantly asking about grabbing other things and so on. All while under a short time limit, less than an hour for example. Practice it often using different time limits and different things until you come up with a list of important items you need/want to take with you, beyond the basics like clothing, medications and important documents.

Something critical to not just think about, but do. What to do with Family Heirlooms, antiques and other large items you have some kind of emotional connection to. If you only have a small window of time to get out of your home and have several large items, like family heirlooms, how will you deal with them? Are you willing to walk away from them, knowing they’ll be a total loss?

  I know this is a little choppy, it’s taken me 4 months to write this, it’s just been too hard to keep going back to it.