Most Important Thing You’ll Read. Ever.


To any who may see this: I am not being an alarmist when I say time is running out. All you have to do is look around to see that what the government and the “alphabet media” is saying are lies. Alphabet media: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC. Turn off your TV and go to YouTube, search for Rogue Money, Greg Hunter and Full Spectrum Survival for news that you won’t see on the Alphabet News or if they do report on it, it will have been “spin doctored”. Greg Hunter used to be on CNN and his Weekly News Wrap Up on Fridays are very professionally done. Those are the channels we’ve found that, for the most part, don’t put their own spin on it and don’t go too far into conspiracy theories.  X22 Report and SGT Report we listen to also, but they are more……uumm…. biased. SGT tends to go on about Rothschild and Rockefeller conspiracies. Take them with a large grain of salt. There are other alt news channels, but I’m not a fan. Alex Jones is supposed to be really good, but he gets on my nerves. Some are just “fear porn”, some have gone so far Right, they make Rush look Liberal. Try the ones I’ve suggested, then do a search and watch some others. My suggestion is compare them against Greg Hunter and see how they stack up. I say Greg because he is a professional reporter with experience in the field.

I am NOT an economist, financial anything or an accountant. My husband is a Certified Public Accountant with 2 MBAs in Finance and International Finance and he has taught me more than most money managers know. So, believe me when I say that the American economy is crashing as you are reading this. Since the majority of the world’s economies are now linked they are coming down, too. My American readers, take a piece of paper money out of your wallet and read the top. What do you see? Those words you are reading means that our government in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act went against the Constitution and gave the ability to issue money away to a PRIVATE BANK! The Federal Reserve Bank is no more a part of our federal government than Federal Express. I won’t go into just how f*ed up our current money supply is, but I will tell you this much. The federal government needs, say, $1,000 to pay a bill, they issue a bond, take it to the federal reserve bank, give to them and the fed gives them the $1,000. Just like you going to the bank to borrow money to buy a car. And, just like your bank, the federal reserve charges our government interest on the “loan”. Understand this: if every penny our government owes to the federal reserve bank were to be paid back, there would still be money owed. Read that again. The Federal Government can not ever fully repay the Federal Reserve. If the interest rate was, say, 1% when the bond was sold to the federal reserve for every $100 borrowed a $1 of interest will be owed to a private bank.                                                               I’ll leave it here so this can sink in.


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