“Give me control of a Nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” — M. A. Rothschild

My husband read my last post and had two suggestions (which is a miracle for him!).

First: when I said those things about the Alphabet News Media, those are just MY opinions, beliefs and feelings. That should be painfully obvious, since I wrote it with no back up data, but he said I should have added that disclaimer. So, there it is.

The Second: I threw a lot of information at you in that post. So, I’m going to break it down by statement and go more in depth in each of my next posts. And since I still feel that we are out of time, I’m adding some actual “advice” on how to prepare for what’s to come.

That the economy is crashing as you are reading this, but I have to it leave to people who are professionals with the credentials, training and experience to talk about it. Search on YouTube for Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Willie, Greg Mannarino and Peter Schiff. Watch their videos and interviews to get that information. I know enough to know I don’t know enough to explain it right!! Go to: http://www.roguemoney.net/ for some outstanding articles about what’s going on in our world. Try: http://www.drudgereport.com/ for news stories that haven’t been propagandized by the federal government. There’s also John William’s Shadow Stats with graphs and charts that haven’t been “adjusted”.

The words across the top of American paper money reads “Federal Reserve Note”, means that our money (and the money in ANY country with a Central Bank) is issued by the central bank and the government Treasury only prints it. Central Banks are privately owned, I’ve been searching for who that is in the United States and haven’t found anything newer than a chart from 1976 showing N.M. Rothschild and the Bank of England, but I question the latter one. All the rest, so far, are just background info on the Fed. I will keep looking, though. Also, only a small percent of the money in the US is actually printed on paper. The vast majority only exists in the digital world. Remember my analogy of about getting a loan to buy a car? When your bank approves your loan application, how do you think your bank pays the dealership? Maybe write them a check? Have an armored truck pick up a box of cash? No. The money the bank uses to pay for your car does not exist until your loan is approved! Repeating: the bank creates the money out of thin air at the time a loan, any loan, is approved. If we did that we’d be in a federal prison for the rest of our lives.           I’m leaving it here.

Quick note on how to prepare, now. I said in an earlier post that you need to change your mindset from thinking about just the next week and starting thinking more long term. What this means is, when you buy your groceries for the coming week, pick up non-perishables and put them “back”. Ideally, you’ll start adding these things into your meals and then rotating through them. Just like the grocery stores do, sell (use) the older products and bring in fresher products. I have non-perishables in a pantry cupboard in my kitchen and a spare room, we don’t have a basement :(. You’ll have to keep an eye on expiration dates, but those are really only suggestions. The federal government requires that any items Americans consume have to have expiration/best by/use by dates. On somethings this is a hard and fast rule (dairy, beef, poultry etc..), but some really are pointless, at least in my opinion. I have some boxes of Hamburger Helper that expired almost 2 years ago and some of the taste has faded, but otherwise they are fine! Use your eyes and nose, if it looks bad or smells rotten, don’t use it. TRUST YOURSELF!!!

OK! Bye for now!! Gonna go play with my husband in the great outdoors!!


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