Further Clarification

I’ve been looking back at what I wrote the other day and I think I over achieved again and covered it all in the last post! The biggest thing, I think, for you to understand is that the Economies in Western Countries are a huge mess, they are houses of cards built on chicken broth. And they are collapsing. Now. As you are reading this. We can have an idea of what this will mean for us by looking at Venezuela. They were hunting the dogs and cats in the towns to eat. I’m not joking, Google it. It is a very real possibility that we are headed for that, or worse. I am a Trillionaire!! Our coin dealer gave me a $10 trillion bill. It is legal currency is Zimbabwe and it won’t even buy you a cup of coffee. I think I heard a report that the country has thrown out their currency and are now using American money, but I could be wrong. I don’t have the world’s best memory these days….. The reason I brought that up is, US currency used to be backed by gold. You could take $35 into any bank and turn it in for an ounce of gold. Nixon changed that in the early seventies when he took us off the gold standard and made US currency “fiat”. It is backed by nothing but debt and another country’s natural resource, oil. Any country in the world that needs to buy oil, has to do it in US dollars. If you’ve ever heard the term “Petro Dollar”, that’s what it means. Now, though, more and more countries are tired of this and the American Government hasn’t helped by being the global bully. When all these countries start sending all those billions of dollars back to America it will cause inflation or possibly hyper-inflation to the point that we’ll need $10 trillion to buy a loaf of bread.  Which brings me to my prepping tips for this post!!

I’ve talked about a couple ways to stock up on food, buying extra every week when you go grocery shopping and touched a bit on buying dehydrated or freeze dried food off the internet, but there are other options. Sam’s Club is starting to carry more long term storage foods, in fact, we bought a year’s supply off their website a few years ago. There is also COSTCO, but I can’t really say what they have or don’t have, since there isn’t one close to me. See if your local Mormon Church has a pantry where you can buy some long term storage foods. I’m told not every church will allow non-members to buy from them, but it can hurt to ask, nicely! I have also found quite a bit on Amazon!! That surprised me, but then again, not too much really. One thing to consider when buying your long term storage foods, there are some who truly believe the Federal Government is tracking purchases like those and will show up at your door and make you “share” with everybody else. Since we have bought long term storage food off the ‘net, you’d be right to think we don’t really buy into that theory. But. We haven’t since and won’t again. Why take chances? Right??


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