Changing Topic

Something happened to me today that brought home a very important issue I need to talk about: Medications either prescription or over-the-counter. I just had an allergic reaction to the third drug in the past 4 months and my blood pressure quit reacting right to the medication I’ve been taking for over 5 years. Back to the drawing board for both of them.

This got me thinking, that unless you’ve lived through flooding, hurricanes, fire or tornadoes, getting your medications refilled has not been a problem. What will you do if you are living in the conditions like the people are right now on the border between India and Pakistan? They were under strict Marshall Law for almost 90 days and not able to leave their houses for for weeks. Stores were closed, their cell phones and internet were shut off by the Authorities. What would you do? One thing would be to get as many of your medications from either a mail order pharmacy or switched to a local pharmacy that will do 3 months at a time. We’ve had 3 different mail order pharmacies over the years and none of them charged shipping. If your medication is a maintenance one, like blood pressure or cholesterol, you might be able to set them up to just fill and ship automatically, too. I know, this doesn’t apply to every medication, like opiod pain medications thanks to the new “guidelines” put out by the CDC and there is no way around having to get them only 1 month at a time. As an Herbalist, I know there are many alternatives, however, none of them are legal. Unless you live in a state with Medical Marijuana or legalized marijuana, then you have more choices. I will not advocate that anyone reading this to hoard your medications, that’s dangerous since old outdated medications can become toxic. Don’t do it.

Over-the-counter medications are easier to stockpile, but you still run a risk if they sit around and get old and expired. If you’re going to do that, rotate them, if you open a bottle of aspirin then replace it the next time you’re at the store. Keep in mind that you can always use some of it as barter items, like allergy medications, cold and flu remedies, for example. We bought “feminine hygiene products”, I don’t need them anymore and my husband never did. They make good barter items, though. Imagine that the stores have been closed for 2 months now and the women on your block are getting desperate because they just used up the last of their newspapers as panty liners. What do you think they’d give you for a box of Playtex??? And do NOT think money! Think gold, gems and silver or maybe they have something you don’t and you’d like to have. I’m writing this so you won’t be that woman willing to sell her children for a box of tampons.

OK, something more to think about! You’re welcome!


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