Been a Couple Days-Sorry

Sorry for being gone for a couple days, had several “Real World” things to take care of.

I had a plan to guide my readers through the process of prepping from the beginning and try to explain the reasons why at each stage. However, what the alt media economists and professional trends forecasters are saying, I don’t think that will be possible now. Men who predicted the 2008 crash would happen and were off by only a couple days, one predicted it to the day. They are saying that the end of October we have a high probability of a crash. Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund finally came out and said what the alt media had been saying for months: the global debt has become unsustainable and a global crash is a real possibility. The global debt is $152 trillion and is 225% more than the goods put out by every country in the world. That debt can not ever be paid back. And don’t forget,this is owed to privately owned banks. That money and interest will not go to any government to benefit the people, but private individuals. When the world economies crash any number of things could or will happen. Hyper-inflation, where prices for everything rise so fast and so high that buying groceries could take a week’s pay one week and a month’s pay the next. Banks will fail and since you are not a customer anymore, but a creditor to the bank they will pay off their debts to other banks and use your money to do it, if there’s any left you’ll get pennies on the dollar. ATMS won’t work, your bank card won’t work and credit will be cut off. Hyper-inflation and no credit will mean stores can’t restock, what they earned from sales before the hyper-inflation won’t pay for items to replace what they sold and they can’t get credit to pay for it either. Think ripples in a pond…

So, you have a couple weeks to get what your family will need to last for at least 3 months. That means non-perishable food, water, medications (prescription and over-the-counter), soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, barter items and a way to protect your family. We’ll talk about that in my next post, probably later today.

Stock up now, Ladies (or any men reading this!), so your family will at least survive and maybe thrive, too.


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