Proof of Manipulation

When I turned on RT America to catch the news at 6:30am (US Central Time) I saw on the banner across the bottom of the screen, that Deutsche Bank and the US Government weren’t able to reach a deal on the $14 billion+ fine. I opened Google Finance and was floored to see the stock (DB) was up!! I’ve checked it several times this morning and it’s  been maintained around $13.95 a share. It will drop, but jump right back up within a couple seconds. This has gone on all morning long. Some entity or entities are either trying to maintain the illusion that the bank and stock are still strong; and/or big banks, like the Wall St. banks (Goldman Sachs) sell off too many stocks at once, someone else comes in buys them to raise the price, the the big bank sells more and the cycle repeats. Like my husband, Bear (MBA in Finance and International Finance and a CPA), said it’s a “back door bailout).

Folks, this is just another example of what has been going on since the Federal Reserve Bank started the Quantitative Easing after the crash in 2008. Ten years ago, maybe a bit longer, if a bank or business posted negative earnings or something like this came out, the stock would drop like a rock. Now, it goes up and stays up. We are told the the strong stock market is proof the economy has recovered from the crash in 2008, but if you look behind the smoke screen you see things like this. The mainstream media (CNN, ABC, NBC, etc) know that the majority of the people watching don’t watch the stock market closely and know they won’t catch the lies. Here’s something you should do, google “Operation Mockingbird” and click on “The Black Vault” link. You’ll find the CIA document telling about how the CIA was “influencing” media and then tell me if you’ll ever trust the media again.


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