I said something about this a couple posts ago and I want to expand on the subject. And, yes, I will be talking about guns. So, shut this page if you don’t want to read about them.

First, some background information on me. Before I met my husband in 2000, I was as anti-gun as Nancy Pelosi is. I wasn’t raised around them and I was robbed at gun point when I worked at a convenience store back in the eighties, soooo I didn’t like them and was afraid of them, too. My husband had been raised around them, but more then that, he was taught the proper use and to respect firearms. When I first met him, I didn’t want him to bring his carry gun any where close to me. We met in Feb and that Christmas, he gave me my first gun. A nice little .38 Special. In those months, he’d taught me about guns, showed me how to use them safely, but most importantly, he taught me that guns aren’t “bad” or “evil”, that comes from the person holding it. I now own a couple guns of my own, have my concealed carry and have carried one for years.

I told you that so you understand when I tell you that you have to be able to defend yourself, your family and your preps if/when society collapses and we are WROL (Without Rule Of Law). That is a possibility if the economy collapses or we are hit with hyper-inflation. It’s happened in Venezuela, due to the economic collapse there, they were hunting dogs and cats for food; rioting, looting and stealing. What will you do if a band of thugs comes into your neighborhood and starts breaking into houses looking for food or valuables? Will you just hide and hope they don’t come to your house? Will you let them kill you or worse? Rape you (if you’re female reading this) or rape your wife (if you’re male) and rape your daughter? Then take what you’ve worked so hard to get. Or will you defend your family and your property? There’s a reason that gun sales have been at record highs for the last 17 months (I think it is). This is something that you have to think about. There are hundreds of people out there right now who are more than willing to take what you’ve earned. People who don’t think they have to earn what they want and they’ll take what they want. How much worse will it be when the stores are sold out, bank cards, credit cards and EBT cards stop working??? AND make no mistake about this, the people who want what you have do NOT share your dislike of guns. Will you be their prey or will you defend what is yours?


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