Family and Friends

I wasn’t able to write because one of my older brothers and his wife were in town to see our dad. Dad is 91 with advanced Alzheimer’s. This got me thinking…

Say, you take what I’m writing to heart and you start stocking up on food, water, medical supplies and such. You then tell your family and friends about my blog and what you’re doing in the hopes that they will take your advice and do the same. Then, when the crisis comes, you learn that some of them just figured you’d take care of them because they’ve shown up at your door and tell you that. What will you do?  You’ve spent your time and hard earned money, sacrificed other things you wanted in order to buy it. And these people are just going to show up and expect to live off you??!?!!? That’s a very crappy, selfish and lazy attitude, if you ask me. I have had a family member and a couple friends tell me, they are going to do this. I told the family member to “dream on” and the “friends to piss off. Like I said, we gave up things we wanted in order to buy a year supply of food and other things and they think they will get to do what they want, buy what they want, while letting someone else do the hard work for them, then show up and expect to be taken care of. Yeah. No. It’s up to you, but you decide how you want to handle this. Do you want to have to take care of people who didn’t want to sacrifice anything, but are willing to let you do it for them? And, keep in mind, every person you feed takes food away from you and those you’d sacrificed to feed. Did these people showing up bring anything with them? Do they have anything to offer? Like, firearms and the skills to defend your location; any food they do have; items to barter with; or skills to barter with while society was broken down (building things or repairing vehicles). Again, only you can decide if you’ll let them in or send them on down the road.

Something to think about…..


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