“Icky” Subject?

While sitting here, hungry, hammering back water and Power Aids, it occurred to me that I should share a personal story. What convinced me I really should was a new eBook I found on Amazon called “Survival Medicine and First Aid” by Beau Griffin. The 2nd chapter was “Maintaining Your Health” and one of the things he suggested was, before a survival situation, emergency or crisis; you need to make sure you have regular check ups, get all necessary procedures and tests, and he recommends getting shots for dis-eases like malaria. This was what convinced me that sharing my very personal story is what I should do. Six months after I turned 50 my doctor and husband convinced me to get a colonoscopy. Knowing what the preparation for one was, I really did NOT want to do one!! But, my mom died from side affects from cancer and the treatment and my father-in-law died from cancer, too. So, I agreed. The procedure went fine, the doctor talked to us afterward and said he’d removed 9 polps, he has been doing this for decades and none were cancerous looking or even pre-cancerous looking, but it’s required to send them to the lab so he had to send them in. The next day, I took off and drove 5 hours to visit my mother-in-law and her sister for a week. A couple days later I got a call on my cell and it was the doctor himself and he was speechless. He’d just gotten the report and 3 of the polps were cancerous. He was so, so sorry he’d missed that and had told me I was OK. He sounded like he was almost in tears for making such a huge mistake. My mother-in-law and aunt-in-law were upset and scared because, not only had my father-in-law died of cancer a few years before, my uncle-in-law had also died from cancer right after I’d met Bear 16 years ago. When I called my husband and told him, he insisted I come home ASAP. A couple weeks later I was doing another colon prep so the doctor could go back in and tattoo the spot where he took those polps off. So, I pretty much have the ultimate “Tramp Stamp”! Three months later, I was doing another prep so he could look at the spot where the cancerous polps were to make sure nothing had grown back. Nothing has. YAY!! However, I have to go back every year now whereas people who are cancer free get to go back every 3 years. So far, so good. The couple polps that have shown up have all been non-cancerous. 🙂

So. The Moral of the Story is: get your screenings done!! You don’t want to find a serious health problem, like cancer, when there is no doctor to catch it. Notice I didn’t say “treat it”? That’s because there are several natural ways to treat it that don’t trash the one thing you really need to beat cancer. Your immune system. But, I won’t post anything about that since I don’t want or need the liability, or trouble from the AMA (and those on the internet who don’t like Free Speech), for posting what could be twisted into treating cancer without a medical license.


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