Icky: The Outcome

That 2 day prep took a lot out of me (ha ha!! not THAT) and it’s taken me the rest of the week to get over it. That and the Anesthesiologist was really, really good at his job!!

The doctor didn’t find anything, everything was smooth and clear. The area where the cancer was was still tattooed, which kind of surprises me because I thought those cells were replaced faster than other kinds of skin cells. This doctor should be on the next season of “Ink Master”! That “reality” show on Spike where tattoo artists compete for $100,000.

Anyway, I didn’t think the couple people who actually read this were waiting with baited breath to know what I’d found out, but I didn’t want to throw out that post on Monday then not say anything else after.

Keep your eyes off Mainstream Media, they have been working overtime trying to push Hillary on us. Check out Alex Jones, X22 Report or Rogue Money on YouTube. I started watching the “Project Veritas” videos the other day. You know, the ones where James O’Keefe and others filmed Clinton aides bragging about rigging elections. I got so damned mad I had to turn Part 1 off. For decades I had heard speculation about elections being rigged, but the people were always called “Conspiracy Theorists” or “Crazies” and comments were always made about tinfoil hats and aliens. I know now that this was done to discredit the people making the claims. Who would ever take them seriously again when the connection was made by Reporters (authority figures) that they also believe in aliens? See, what I did there? All you have to hear is that someone is a Conspiracy Theorist and within a sentence or two a “joke” about believing in aliens is thrown out and in the human mind it all gets connected. Anyway, back on subject…. Hearing speculation about rigging elections is one thing, but to hear these arrogant slime balls sitting there talking about it and laughing was more than I could stand. Some commentators have said that Creamer and Foval were bragging, but I didn’t see it that way. To me, they were just talking about it like people do when they are talking about what they do at work. They tried to joke about it having to be kept hush-hush, but that was it. At least as much as I was able to watch, anyway. That was more disturbing to me. That they were just sitting there talking about pissing on The Constitution in the same way my husband talks about what he does at work. He’s a Controller of a multi-million dollar company and makes the same jokes about keeping things hush-hush since he deals with the financial info. He doesn’t divulge any sensitive info, but he still jokes around like that. Why in the hell aren’t all those people in a Federal Prison awaiting trial??? Between that and all those emails someone should have Federal Agents showing up. You and I would have been thrown in the darkest cell and the key would have been melted down.


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