Basics (as I see them)

This blog has been all over the place and that wasn’t what I had intended when I started it. I did have a plan in mind, but…..well….. I kinda forgot about it. I’m easily distracted at times, it’s a Pisces Thing. So, back on track!!

  • Non-perishable food for each family member that will last them 3 months with the goal to increase this to a 1 year supply. (non-family members should bring their own)
  • Water for each family member. The best way I learned to figure this out is: divide their weight by 2, then use that to figure out how many ounces per day they need. For example: weight is 100 lbs, 100\2=50, needs 50 oz water per day. More if it’s a hot summer. If you have hot humid summers like here you still need more water.
  • Also water related, you will want to have some way to purify water. Either water filtration unit like the Berkey Water Filter or fire and a pan to boil it. Those counter top water filter pitchers are fine for tap water, but if you have to get water from a stream or lake they won’t be enough.
  • As close to a 3 month supply of any prescription medications they take. Keeping in mind that if the power grid is down you’ll need alternate ways to keep medications like insulin cold. Also have at least a 3 month supply of any over-the-counter medications your family uses, like antihistamines, aspirin, ibuprofen or acid reducers. Remember to use this in your regular rotation after you get the supply built up so they get used before they expire.
  • As large of a bag of dry “kibble” food to feed your pet/s for 3 months. Remember to check the expiration date and write it in black Sharpie on the front! Set the bag where you can see it.
  • You need to decide if you are going to try and stay in your home or Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD), also referred to as “Bugging Out”. If you live in or near to a large metropolitan area you might want to think about bugging out. Any area that is densely populated means there is going to be very high competition for dwindling resources. When stores are out of food, people will become desperate and will become violent.
  • If you choose to bug out: start looking for a safe place to go now, maybe you have friends or family who live in the middle of nowhere or live in a small remote town. Maybe you have a piece of land where you go hunting. Do NOT expect to run off to the woods and “live off the land”, unless you do that sort of thing everyday already you won’t make it. Plus every idiot from the nearby city will be out “hunting” for game and you and yours will more than likely be shot because the person holding the gun doesn’t know what they are doing. Put together a Bug Out Bag (BOB) for each member of your family. Most people use a sturdy backpack for this, something from an “Army/Navy” store or a sporting goods store. In it will be weather appropriate clothing, extra undies and socks, rain poncho and some sort of light weight food or MREs from an “Army/Navy” Store. We found online high calorie bars in a foil package, we found MREs online, too. Don’t load it up with a bunch of canned goods, you will have to carry it all day, don’t forget. Don’t use any dehydrated meals so you don’t waste drinking water to make it. Carry a couple bottles of water and add a filter straw to use after the bottles are empty. I’ve seen filter straw in the camping section at Wal-Mart.
  • Last thing for now, a Good first aid kit!! One of those big ones with gauze pads, rolled gauze, bandages of different sizes, tape, pain relievers, scissors, tweezers and more.
  • OK. Last, last thing!! You have to have a way to defend either your home if you stay and you will definitely need a firearm to defend your family if you choose to leave. There WILL be those who plan on just taking what others have worked to build up. Make no mistake, they will be armed and will not hesitate to use their guns on you. Taking the moral high ground is your Right, but when the Rule of Law breaks down that high ground will only get you and yours killed. Or way, way worse.

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