On My Mind

This election cycle has really divided families more than I realized, until this weekend. Yesterday afternoon, I texted my son and was just teasing him about him being out rioting because Hillary lost the election. Turns out he did vote for her, but he wasn’t out rioting. He told me that I wasn’t taking the outcome seriously enough. He was saying, almost word for word, what her campaign had been saying this past month. Foreign governments had “influenced” the election, but he couldn’t figure out how. Russia had admitted to doing it. The FBI had caused her to lose by reopening the investigation right before Election Day, they’re being influenced by foreign entities some how….. And on and on. He said Trump is going to be impeached and when I asked him for what he couldn’t answer me. The emails that WikiLeaks was posting have been proven to be fakes by “sources”. When I asked for more information on the “sources” he couldn’t answer. When I asked him where he was getting his information, he wouldn’t answer at all. He said he thought we’d have been smart enough to have gotten the right information and make the right choice, but now he can’t respect us anymore for our choice. Late last night my husband got a text from him saying he won’t be contacting me for a while, our conversation had upset him too much and he doesn’t trust his temper enough to talk to me for now. That broke my heart.

Of all the evil shit that woman has done, I believe, this is the worst. She spread and the media, spread her lies so thick to young adults that children are saying things like that to their parents. I’m not fooling myself that my case is an isolated one. Over the weekend we listened to an interview on YouTube where the person was saying what the mainstream media was practicing a form of mind control and now that they have fallen silent young people are freaking out because no one is telling them what to do and what to think. I thought he was in need to strong medication. Now, after that? Not so much.


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