Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

What is “Filthy”? This is a concept that is very Subjective and Objective, I think.

What is “objective” and “subjective”? I was taught in college that “objective” means “anything you can see and a “reasonable person” would see and come to the same conclusion about”. Like there are dishes in the sink with dried food on them. “Subjective” is the result of you see and interpret through your own experiences, thoughts and feelings. Making a conclusion about a person, situation, event or whatever, that another “reasonable person” in the same situation may not make. Like saying a stranger across the store from you hates you because they turned away from you. Would another person there come to the same conclusion? Maybe not, they may say the person was just turning in the course of their shopping.

The “filthy” house can even be considered subjective, though. Several years ago some people I knew that hoarded cats received a notice from their city that they had 30 days to clean their house or it was going to be demolished. My son and I went down to help them, when the homeowners opened the front door to greet us, we couldn’t get within 8 feet of it. The smell of car urine and feces was so over-powering our eyes started watering and our sinuses closed. The homeowners didn’t smell it and were completely mystified by the notice. I could see through the open door and a front window that the front room was a disaster with the carpet just shredded and the chair I could see was dirty black and covered in cat hair. The window blinds were destroyed and thick with dirt and the curtains were shredded and coated with cat hair. Yes, one of them must have been a “Hoarder” with a possible mental illness and I won’t comment on the mental status of the spouse because that would be subjective on my part. My point is, in my “objective” opinion and the city’s “objective” opinion, their house was “filthy”, but in their “objective” opinion it wasn’t. They both stated they cleaned regularly, dishes were washed, kitchen kept clean, bathroom kept clean, etc… I couldn’t verify that because I couldn’t walk in the front door.

So, then, keeping in mind that persons of any age can read this, I’m not going into any details about “filthy” acts of sex. Any adult reading this should know, subjectively, what those would be. But, that’s the point of this. What one person would call “filthy”, the CONSENTING ADULTS involved would call “fun”. And what one person would call “filthy” doesn’t even have to include…..uummm…..aahh…. “props”, it could be anything not sanctioned by their religion or religious views.

We use Subjectivity and Objectivity in our lives every day and not just in regards to what is “filthy”. We sometimes apply those concepts in a split second and don’t even realize it, then before we are even aware of it, our minds will turn “subjective” into “objective”. Something to keep in mind.




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