Black Friday- Month??

Two decades ago, no one outside of retail store management and their accounting departments knew what “black friday” meant. Now, it’s being beaten to death.

For decades, retail stores had to keep their prices so low in order to remain competitive that they were operating “in the red”. In bookkeeping, any monetary entries in the negative are written in red so they were easily distinguished from the positive entries which are written in black. The day after the American holiday of Thanksgiving is about a month before Christmas and since most people are off work that day, it was natural to start their Christmas shopping that day. Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of November every year. With the big spike in sales that Friday, stores will go from operating “in the red” to being “in the black”. The retailers started calling the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” and advertisers picked up on it. Twenty-five years ago, you didn’t see people being trampled trying to get their hands on a toy they were told they had to have. Well, advertisers had been blanketing their children’s TV shows with ads for the toy and creating demand.

As the world’s economies have deteriorated over the last 20 years, the Black Friday Sales have started earlier. It’s notable that this year, 2016, I started seeing using the theme at Halloween. It was for a rent-to-own place. Now, pretty much the entire month of November has been one big Black Friday Sale for cars, jewelry, rent-to-own at the start of the month. Now, that it’s getting later in the month, all the other retailers are running non-stop Black Friday ads- even Amazon has gotten in on the act!! They’re running “Black Friday / Cyber Monday” ads.

This should be a HUGE red flag to all of you. Think back to previous years, have you ever seen constant Black Friday sales for the entire month of November? Yes, there were ads about sales, but those sales were starting after Thanksgiving! A few years ago, the sales were starting at 6 am on Friday, then the time starting creeping back earlier and earlier; then, the sales were starting on Thanksgiving Day. The economy has gotten so bad that a one day sale is now an entire month!!

The man in this interview is the founder of Survival Blog website: and he can explain what is going on so much better than I can. Plus, he explains what you need to be doing right now. With his background and training, he is able to see what is happening and it’s his belief that the economy in the U.S. will crash sometime between Feb thru Nov 2017. Please, listen to this: This is a cut and paste for X22 Report Spotlight interview from Nov 19, 2016 with James Wesley Rawles if the link doesn’t work. It’s only about a 35 minute interview that’s all verbal so you can listen in the car or where ever. In MY opinion, only! This is information you will need and I feel you should do what I’m doing and share this interview with those you love and those you know.


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