Emergency Food Review

Food… a popular topic anytime and even more so, now, in America!

I have read ads from a website called Food 4 Patriots in a number of publications and websites. They offer a free 72 hour food supply for free, all you pay is shipping (which I believe was $4.95 or there a bouts). About a week and a half ago Bear and I decided to give it a try and ordered it. It took a few days for the order to ship, I received an email a day or two later saying there’d been a lot of demand and they are working hard to fulfill all the orders. That kinda concerned me, because the charge went through on the credit card with no problems, of course, but we decided to wait and see what happened. The next day I was notified our order had been mailed. It came pretty quickly, it was sent Priority Mail. Let me interject right here that I don’t have any pictures of anything, since I don’t know how to go about inserting anything like that in my posts. Yet. Moving on. It came on Friday and I was pleasantly surprised at what we received. See, I’d ordered a free trial from Wise Foods and all I got was one small packet of their chili with beans. So, I was surprised at how heavy the package was when I first picked it up. There are 4 different meals in the kit:”Granny’s Homestyle Potato Soup”, “Traveler’s Stew”, “Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup” and “Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice”. The lightest package is the potato cheddar soup and it weighs just over 6 oz, the other potato soup and the stew both weigh just over 8 oz and the chicken rice weighs almost 15 oz. Saturday Bear and I were talking about the products and we decided to try one of them for dinner that night. We settled on Granny’s Homestyle Potato Soup and I went ahead and made it. We both were very, very pleasantly surprised! That chili we tried from Wise Foods was, well, pretty damned gross. To be blunt. At least it was to us. However, to be fair, chili is something that is very individual for people and what one person thinks is fantastic, to another it’s awful. This potato soup was really very good, it had small chunks of potato in it, bits of parsley and a nice creamy base. It was not salty at all, to the point that I had to salt mine, something I never do. Mom had high blood pressure my whole life and she never used it, I have never developed the habit of using it. The only complaint is that it had a lot of onion in it, something I don’t use because Bear doesn’t like onion. This is important from more than a personal taste standpoint, this can also be a security issue, too. More about that later. This food is like most of this kind of food and it’s dehydrated, so all you have to do to prepare it is add boiling water, then simmer it on the stove for about 15 – 20 minutes. This is another potential security problem. The soups come in heavy gauge Mylar bags that are recloseable. The company states that it will be good for 25 years, which is outstanding for these kinds of foods.

Pros: Good quality, tastes good (to us), good prices, fast delivery, good selection and their food “kits” come in what look like really sturdy storage tubs which will protect it from vermin and weather.

Cons: It has to be simmered for an extended period and it has a strong smell. Here’s why these are “cons” and potential security problems. They both are linked, if everyone around you is hungry and have no food, your strong smelling soup that has to simmer for up to 20 minutes is going to draw people in like moths to a flame. This could be incredibly dangerous for you and those you are caring for. Once the people surrounding you know, or even think, you have food it could get really ugly.  I don’t believe any of us living here in the States can even imagine how desperate we would be and just what we could do if we were hungry or our children were starving.

We are planning on ordering more from this company as it was better than most of this kind of food. My husband said some of it tastes like cardboard or packing peanuts. That being said, I don’t believe we’ll rely on it when it comes time to replace any of our long term storage foods.

But, don’t take my word for it, order some and try it for yourself. Their website can be found at: https://secure.food4patriots.com/index.php?


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