Logo Added…I hope…

As I’m getting more comfortable with this site and getting to learn what’s available to use, I’m trying out different features. I tried adding a logo, finally, and want to tell you the story of it.

It is the PDF of the drawing my best friend Roxanne Baldwin http://www.roxannebaldwin.com made for my birthday gift a few years ago. It’s from a photo that was on my Facebook page for years of our dog Moonshadow that we had to put down in June 2013 after a 4 year battle with arthritis. The actual photo was taken the day before she died and she was doing one of the things she’d loved, laying in the sun with a nice big stick to chew on. I didn’t realize how many sticks our Ash Trees dropped until she was gone! She and her brother Zeke had to have been part beaver because they chewed a lot of sticks up! The Vet was always impressed by how clean their teeth were, even when they were really old dogs. Anyway…… Roxy used the photo to draw this picture of her as a gift to me. I don’t know if it’s visible, but the writing across the top are some of the lyrics of “I’m Being Followed By a Moon Shadow” by Cat Stevens. “Missy Moo” had had the world at her Royal Feet while alive, everyone who met her fell under her charm and loved her. She was also a fantastic little nurse. I had taken her and her brother to a Women’s Gathering and a friend who does massage therapy said that she learned to watch who Moo paid attention to. Those she stayed next to always needed more work, even after their session. The ones she ignored after their session ended up to be fine. Normally at home, she slept on my husband’s side of the bed. The morning I got back home from the hospital when my Mom died, she was glued to my side of the bed. She wouldn’t leave my Father-in-law’s side, either, when we’d go visit them. He was dying of lung cancer. But, her favorite person in the whole world (next to my husband) was a friend’s son who has Down’s Syndrome. He would plunk himself down as soon as he got in the yard and Moon would wash his entire face (remembering to get behind his ears!)! He would babble away to her and she understood everything he said, like when he’d say a garbled sentence with a word that sounded like “ball” and she’d jump up and go get her tennis ball and they’d play fetch. Even when she was in so much pain the day before she died, they played fetch and she was once again a puppy with no pain and not a care in the world. He understood why they were there that day, to tell her Good bye, and he cried into the couch so she wouldn’t see him. I could go on and on about our Moonshadow, but I’ll spare you. And I’ll spare myself, since it still hurts. I can’t hang the picture yet, my husband can’t stand to see it yet. It does look just like her and it brings his grief back out. He’s never had any real time to process his grief and since she died (in his arms); his dad died while Bear was sitting next to him; Zeke her brother died in his arms; one of his aunts died; and then my cat died in my arms. For me, you can add to that, my mother dying and a 27 year old nephew died in a traffic accident. Been a rough 7 years….. This computer doesn’t have any of the pictures of Zeke or my kitty Taran on it or I’d have used them, too. It’s my husband’s old work computer. I’ll have to stick them in the cloud from the desktop and put them up.

The “lesson” in this is: don’t ever let your love for any Being in your life be left unsaid or not shown. For the animals in your care, sometimes that love is knowing when it’s time to “put them down” and end their suffering. In the days after a collapse, that duty may fall to you. You will have to put a bullet in their head. It is the quickest and least cruel way, any other way just isn’t.

More food for thought.


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