Something is Fishy Here!!

Many of us in the Emergency Preparedness Community have stocked up on Fish Antibiotics as a way to combat infections when it won’t be possible to see a doctor. The antibiotics sold in any pet store or department are basically a broad spectrum antibiotics that some claim are identical to what would be given to humans. They report these antibiotics are safe for humans to use and some even report having used them in the past. I cannot confirm these reports and have not ever used them myself. These products range from Tetracycline to Penicillin and Amoxicillin and the like. As I said, I haven’t used these products. I will not confirm or deny if I have any of these products, no sense making a target out of us…. I’m also not an expert in this subject, my knowledge is all herbal. I did find a fantastic article on the subject that appears to have some good information on them here: What You Need to Know About Fish Antibiotics  Whoot Whoot!! I just learned how to add a link and have it work!! Slowly learning how this site works…..

I will add one more thing. Last week The Patriot Nurse posted a YouTube video about a panic that has swept the internet recently. Apparently the FDA issued new regulations on the use of antibiotics in “food-producing  animals”. Which looks like it could be of benefit to those of us who eat those tasty “food-producing animals”!! Some in our community took this to mean that fish antibiotics were going to be banned. Here’s the link to the FDA’s website with the new regulations: FDA Guidance 209, 213 and VFD Educational Material and here’s a link to The Beef Cattle Institute’s website with the guidance translated into English: Changes to Antibiotics Regulations Coming December 2016

This information can be one more tool in your toolkit to help you help your family and any others you will be responsible for.


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