People You Do Want

I realized that I’ve written twice about people you wouldn’t want to have around post disaster/collapse. But, what about any you would want?? Who would they be? Why would you want them?

The short list would be: you’d want those people around you who will support you and yours, in one way or another. What that means is, they have some skill or skills that will be of use during and after; they are people you can trust implicitly; and they have firearms and know how to use them.

Skills would be: medical or first aid training, ability to hunt and/or fish, repairing a variety of vehicles and the needed tools, repairing small engines (generators) with the tools, a variety of building skills (homes or furniture) with the tools, a “green thumb”, and the 2 most important- an open mind and willingness to learn new things. Those are in no particular order, other than how they occurred to me! 🙂

The trust part should require no elaboration, but I will say this. If you can’t or won’t trust them alone in your house now, don’t even consider them post collapse/disaster. Barring any serious “trust issues” on your part, just in general, if you can’t trust that person to be left alone in your house for even a few minutes you won’t be able to trust your life to them later. Be ruthless and truthful about this, this is too important to have even a tiny doubt about.

Firearms will be necessary when the Rule of Law has broken down. Don’t think so? Look at what happened in New Orleans after Katrina: looting, rioting, rapes and the police didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of keeping up. There will be a good chance that when the police are either spread too thin to be effective or have walked away to take care of their own families, the only thing between you and the “bad guys” will be a gun and a person knowledgeable in its use with a willingness to use it. If that isn’t you or a family member, then you have one of two choices. Either you or a family member gets educated on firearms, buys one and learns to use it. Or you find yourself a “gun nut” that you can trust with your life. I hated guns when I met the man who is now my husband. Before I’d met him, my only experience with guns was when I was robbed at gun point while working in a convenience store. I was terrified of them! We met the first of the year and that Christmas he gave me my first pistol. I wasn’t completely over my fear, it took me a while to get up the nerve to shoot it. Then, after I’d gotten my Concealed Carry License it took me 5 years before I started to carry a pistol. I had to learn to trust the gun and trust myself. I won’t say what I carry, that’s between me and any jack-off who tries to hurt me!! I have noticed that most men buy their women a 9mm, simply because it’s a nice middle of the road between too small or too big. Too small- won’t stop a bad guy. Too big- the recoil hurts and you’re afraid to fire it again. That’s good thinking on the guy’s part, but for a tiny woman that round will still be too big. My advice to anyone who is looking to buy a gun is to learn the gun laws for your area, find a range where you can rent a gun and talk to the people working there. Yes, people at gun stores know a lot, but the people at the range deal with guns being fired all day long and they see a lot. Talk to the people at the gun range, then try out a couple different calibers of guns based on what they say. Find what you like and are comfortable with, then go to the gun store armed with that knowledge. Pun intended. Learn the gun laws for your area!! Take classes to learn about your gun (and the gun laws for your area), in most states that’s a requirement to get your license anyway. Then, most importantly, take your gun out at least once a month at first until you gain skill, confidence and comfort with it. Then, keep going out shooting regularly to maintain the skills, confidence and comfort. A firearm is more of a danger if you don’t remember how to use. Worse if you’re under pressure and in a high stress, heightened fear situation. Keep in mind, if you are in a situation where you have to draw a gun, you have to be ready, willing and able to use it without a second’s hesitation. Otherwise, the person you are confronting will either take yours from you and use or they will use their own. Either way the outcome for you isn’t a good one.

Something to think about.


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