Bug Out?

A while ago I wrote about what it would take to Shelter In Place?. Now, I need to write about the opposite choice and that is leaving your home and going to a secure location. What, Preppers call “Bugging Out”. One of these days I’ll have to write a post on all the terms and acronyms we use. Like TEOTWAYKI or SHTF or GOOD and such. OK, now I have to after that! Right??!! The End Of The World As You Know It, Shit Hit The Fan and Get Out Of Dodge (from old cowboy movies).

The first thing you’ll have to do before you can Bug Out is find a location to Bug Out to. That sounds like a ,”Duh!!” statement, but you’d be surprised at how many people from a major city think they are going to take off for the woods some where and just “live off the land”. That is one of the stupidest things you could do. Especially if you’ve never done that before. How will you forage for food if your only experience with that until now was the Produce Section of the grocery store? Some of them think they’ll just hunt deer. Yep, sure. Ever cleaned a dead deer before? Ever even KILLED anything before? Fired a shotgun? OWN a shotgun? Ever built a shelter before? Had any training to do that? And, no. Watching “Survivorman” doesn’t count. Are you starting to see why that’s a stupid idea??? So, what other choices do you have? If you can afford it, a lot of people will buy a small farm. That’s a fantastic way to go for several reasons. First, many of those are a long way from the city since you don’t want to be within easy walking distance from high population density. Once all those desperate people have picked their grocery stores clean, they will start spreading out looking for food. Most city people have an assumption that Farmers still live like they did back in the early 20th Century. You know, that black and white film reel of the wife canning dozens of jars of vegetables and fruits; the husband butchering a cow and hog and doing……something “farmer-ish” with it to preserve the meat. Maybe he’s more like “Pa” from “Little House on the Prairie” than a Farmer….. If you go to look for a farm, the farther from the city, the better. The farther off any main roads the better, too. Other things to look for in a farm are, a well so you’ll have a self contained water supply, a good site to install solar panels and/or a wind turbine so you can generate your own electricity, and a that house can be easily defended by yourself and any others your bring in. Remember, you won’t be able to watch for marauders 24 hours a day. An established orchard would be a huge bonus, too! You’ll need to have others to help you with that. Other people will also be able to help with the work required to grow your own food. If you find a small place, like 10 acres or so, you will be able to have a vegetable garden, plant fruit trees if there aren’t any and even have a few chickens. You will have to learn how to raise those, but there are hundreds of books on that subject. My favorite book on the subject is: The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. It covers pretty much everything you would need to create a homestead. And that is another option, buy a chunk of land and build your own place, but that is a whole entire post of its own! You can find an abandon missile silo and after spending several hundred thousand dollars to remodel it you’ll have a nice secure bunker. Or, on your chunk of land you can spend thousands of dollars and have an underground bunker built and installed.

We found an established group and after an “interview” and spending time with the other members, they asked us to join and we decided to to it. There was a list of requirements when we joined, which was to be expected. We needed to have a certain amount of food and have firearms and ammunition. Among other things. There is no structure on the land, besides a barn, so we had to have a camper that we will live in if we ever have to go there. We have known them for several years now and consider them to be some of our best friends.

OK. This has gotten a lot longer than I intended so I’ll leave it here. My next post will be on getting to your Bug Out Location (BOL).


5 thoughts on “Bug Out?

  1. I like your last idea on purchasing a piece of property with a group of trusted friends and family. I have been looking at prices of farms and just land in general and it seems almost impossible to acquire and build everything I need to build on my own. Many pieces of good land have so many restrictions in place by local governments that it is pretty much worthless however there are still area’s that make good sense like Northern Idaho or even Montana. The idea of a group of people vs just a family is vital in most situations that would involve a threat. Besides the more skill based people the better.


    1. Our situation is such that we couldn’t have afforded even a small farm, let alone the 180 acres the “leaders” of the group own. I do know that a lot of Preppers are in Idaho and Montana. Crossing state lines could be a problem after a collapse, bridges could be closed, too. Most of the Preppers have moved to their properties because of that. You don’t really want a place that will require more than a tank of gas to get to. That being said, the further away from major cities you go, the cheaper the land is and the fewer the local restrictions. At least around here anyway. We live in the middle of farm country, so local restrictions are almost non-existent anyway.
      A broad skills base is vital, we are lucky that our group has that and we get together every once in a while and learn about other things. Nothing like how to do surgery or anything! For example, we’re planning on taking a Saturday to learn the basics of making soap.
      I don’t know anything about you and don’t want to insult your intelligence but…. You are really running out of time to do this, I believe. I was reading your post about the recent election and think you have the same thought processes as I do. The turmoil from the election has been kept going and more is being planned. Like “protests” on Inauguration Day. There is speculation that these recounts are only intended to prevent the Electoral College from meeting later this month. If that happens all bets are off on who will be our next president. Turn off the “Press-titutes” on the mainstream media and search the web for the alternative media. Info Wars, Drudge Report and Rogue Money are good ones, I feel.

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      1. You are right. Just a tankful of gas away is far enough. I currently live in a small community off the beaten path and am very close to thousands of miles of wilderness in the mountains. I would love to say that our community could hold its own but the truth is that there are very few that I believe wouldn’t suffer “normalcy bias”. I started looking for a small piece of land about a year ago but living in an environmentally restricted State it is hard to do things like even drilling a well for water. I love your sense of urgency and I need to start stepping it up. The best I can do right now is seal a deal on a dependable Class C Motorhome and start looking for like minded Patriots to plan an escape with.

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  2. One thing you haven’t considered is, you can do whatever you want to the land after the SHTF. 😉
    We live in a real small town (no traffic lights even), but we are close to a major interstate and a large metropolitan area. We do have a large population of Bikers in our town, so we think protection wouldn’t be an issue, but due to all the “Zombies” that will be roaming the area, we don’t plan on staying here. Our concern for our other location is a State Penitentiary (Maximum Security, no less) between us and there, but we have several routes to get there. I think the site is far enough away and far enough off the main road that they wouldn’t find it.
    Days like today make me wish we were further south of here, at 7:00 am it was 28 degrees and by noon we’d shed 9 degrees! It is really cold out there to be living in a camper! Our summers are the opposite, high heat and humidity. Weather is something else that has to be planned for. We do have two back up heaters, which we’ve had to use at the house a couple times when we lost power during winter storms. We hadn’t gotten the big generator for the house yet. One at the camper plus solar back up there, too. Gods! The list seems endless when you think of what it takes just to maintain the minimum American Lifestyle….


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