Dust Your Brains Off!!

Since Bear hasn’t had time to finish his Firearms 101 paper, I have to improvise. I hadn’t noticed it wasn’t complete until it was too late… Sorry! A comment on a previous post made me think of Maslow, so I’m going to torture you with him.

Any of you reading this that have taken Psychology 101 in college or, maybe, even a basic Psychology class in high school may recognize “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”. I’m not going to teach a course in psychology here, but I will explain this to those who’ve never heard of this or who have purged the information after passing their psychology classes. A man named Abraham Maslow in an effort to understand what drove people to do what they do, developed his theory of a Hierarchy of Needs in 1954. (OK! If this isn’t perfectly exact, I don’t want to hear about it!! I’m just trying to provide a mutual base of understanding!!) This was shown as a pyramid for the ease of understanding.                                                           I found this on: Simply Psychology


If you have taken the time to honor me by reading this, then it’s safe to assume that you are interested in being prepared so you can take care of your family in the event of some type of collapse or disaster. This pyramid is a perfect visual aid of just what your priorities should be during that time.

Take a look at the pyramid and look what the base/foundation is made of: Physiological Needs. You need: food, water and a place to stay warm and rest- Shelter. Once you have your foundation, then you have to secure it so you are safe there. These are listed as your “Basic Needs”, but in the event of a collapse or long term disaster adding the third tier up will be necessary. At least in my opinion. But, with some modification. Call it more “Belonging to Your Pack”, since humans are basically Pack Animals. Having your loved ones close when everything around you has gone down the drain, is a source of comfort and stability that will be invaluable and is vitally important. Having trusted friends around you is almost as important as having your loved ones. In fact, I consider a few of my friends as “Loved Ones”. This tier is also a “Basic Need” because you have to have psychological support in trying times. Think of the comfort and strength you’ve gained from having loved ones and close friends around you after a death or other personal problem. A financial collapse or long term disaster is going to be exponentially worse and the level will be decided by who each of us views the world. And, having more people around you will also mean more people to share the work and security where you all are. The highest two tiers, Esteem and Self-Actualization will have little to no place in that situation. Other than a higher need to take care of your Spiritual Needs, however you see that. Some of the things we may have to do to survive may be in direct contradiction to your beliefs, you will have to find ways to handle this. You have to. Otherwise you will not survive mentally and emotionally intact and your family won’t either. You will be changed by what you see and do, that’s unavoidable, but it will be up to you and your Spiritual practices that will determine if that person is good and stronger, a ball of mush or a cold-blooded Monster.

If I was you, I’d print out the pyramid and tape it up someplace where you’ll see it all the time. Then, when you are working on getting prepared, look at it to make sure you have your priorities straight and you are working on the tier that will be of the most benefit to you and your Loved Ones. Memorize it so you will automatically be working toward the right tier to survive. Keep at it until it’s second nature and you’ll have to make a conscious choice to work on a higher tier.


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