Saw This

We were watching the YouTube channels we’re subscribed to and saw this. We felt this was important information that should be shared. This man seems to be extremely knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and has some really good tips. He also does a daily “news” report with world events that he feels are vital to the Prepper Community.

This video is on how women can hide their gender in a post disaster or collapse situation. This was something that I hadn’t thought of before. ¬†Gray Man- Gender Camouflage When The SHFT…

“Gray Man/Woman” Concept is based on blending in and being able to hide in plain sight. You don’t want to walk around in Army Surplus camouflage battle gear, with a gun on your hip and an A/R 15 rifle on your shoulder on a daily basis. I know that’s an extreme example, but it’s to make a point. You need to be aware enough of your area’s societal norms to understand how the majority of people dress and how they conduct themselves while out in public. How do people dress where you work? When out in public places like restaurants, bars and stores? If you are in a rural area with a lot of hunters, cammo may be acceptable. If you are in a place like Los Angles, it may not be as acceptable and the long sleeved heavy clothing that some cammo is will look out of place.

Part of blending in is to look “normal”, by that I mean don’t constantly and obviously scan the crowd assessing everyone for a potential threat. Among other things.

I’m guessing you are already good at “fitting in”, that ability is part of our species’ survival skills dating back to the Stone Age. Those who didn’t fit in with the societal norms of the group were driven from the group and that could be a death sentence when humans weren’t the Apex Hunters we are now.

Anyway, this was just supposed to be a short post with the link to the YouTube video, but I realized some of you may not be familiar with what a “Gray Man” is.


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