Merry Christmas

If you’ve been following me, you know I’m not Christian. So, why am I saying that???!??  It is December 24th and that means tomorrow us the 25th. And since the calendar still works, that makes it Christmas.

For the past few years, “Political Correctness” has held sway and the Thought Police have had free rein to tell us the mainstream religion is bad. We can’t think they have a Right to celebrate their holiday on the holiday’s day. They’ve celebrated Christmas in December 25th for centuries, but they can’t talk about it any longer. They’ve been the dominant culture for a couple centuries and now The Social Justice Warriors have decided that needs to come to an end. We need to quite using their terminology, “Merry Christmas” and even gender specific pronouns like, “he” or “she”. I read an article about an ivy league university in the UK that’s stated using “zee” or some stupid word like that. If I’m using non gender pronouns like “zee” to describe the person who just robbed me so the cops can find them; how will they know what gender to look for??  “A zee had a pistol that zee stuck in my face. When I didn’t hand my wallet, PIN number and house and car keys over fast enough, they beat me up and shot my husband.” “Why did I give zee my PIN and keys? Because zee just needs my things to be happy and successful! DUH! Was it a man or woman who robbed me? I don’t use those misogynist pronouns! No! I won’t label them black, white or Hispanic! You just want an excuse to shoot another young black man for nothing!” Yea…. That’s a conversation that will just go in circles for an hour and the thug who robbed you won’t be caught and will go on harming people.

So. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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