Some Informative Links

I was listening to the YouTube channels I’m subscribed to and thought today’s Full Spectrum Survival Daily News Update had some important information on the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant that needs to be shared. Basically, the “ice wall” that’s been built to contain the contaminated water isn’t working. Go figure……  He has also included the link to the study that shows this. Next, he reports on another study showing how cover crops are more effective for growing crops than GMO seeds. This is important information for anyone who has a homestead and is already growing their own food or someone thinking of starting their own homestead and researching methods of growing their own food. I haven’t read a lot on cover crops, since they aren’t really a viable option in my area, our winters are too hard the ground freezes solid and there’s either too much snow or not enough and it’s too dry. Gotta love the middle Midwest! NOT!! If you live in an area where you don’t have hard freezes in the winter, cover crops are something worth looking into.

He has another video that was streamed live yesterday that’s more in depth on How a Pandemic Spreads- Preparing for a Collapse- Diseases and Virus Prep and with the reports of the new strains of the Bird Flu that have spread like fire through Asia and now into Europe this is more important. There are cases where it appears that these strains have crossed species and infected humans. Full Spectrum had a story earlier this week where cats in New York State were infected and passed it to a vet who was working with them, the vet has since died.

OK, those seem to be it because I can’t remember what the other links are…


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