Couple Things

Over the weekend, Bear and I took a short road-trip. While packing the truck to go, I grabbed my little First Aid Kit I made to take. I’d looked at First Aid Kits to go in vehicles, but didn’t like all the chemical laden products in them and decided I could do better. First, I looked for something to put everything in and looked in a couple stores, but didn’t like what I could afford. What I made was this: first-aid-kit I had one of those heavy plastic zippered bags from a gift set I got for Christmas a couple years ago. Clockwise from the bag is: a little spray bottle of Peroxide, then a tube of Anti-Itch cream for bug bites, I used the little box from a little first aide kit to put an assortment of bandages in. Top Right are a 1 in square gauze pads and down the right side are different sizes of large bandages. The next row to the left starting at the top are alcohol pads, obviously next is “surgical” tape, the orange tin is “Prid” which I’ll explain later, it’s hard to see but there’s a tiny little bottle with a black lid and it contains by mix of Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils, the silver tin is a wonderful balm a friend makes called “Intense Herbal Salve”. Next row to the left, are a couple fingertip bandages, below them are knuckle bandages and then a little roll of stretch gauze. Next row to the left under the anti-itch cream is a tube of commercially made antibiotic salve that Bear insists on and then some antibacterial gel. To the left of that is an Ace Bandage, tweezers, a teeny pair of scissors and some nail clippers. Everything fits neatly in the bag: first-aid-kit3 You can’t really see it, but the alcohol pads are in one of the little zip top baggies that I use to put my incense blends in. I buy them from a store that sells crystals and gem stones, they aren’t expensive and I use them for dozens of things beside incense! I keep this little First Aid Kit where the luggage is stored and grab it every time we take a road trip. Some of our Preps are in the same room so it’s always at hand.

You can see the label from the label of the “Intense Herbal Salve” that its made by Droopy Daisy, the only link I have for her is her Facebook page. This salve is fantastic, though! I use it on chapped lips, cuts, scrapes, minor burns and bruises and it’s cleared them all up within 12 hours.

Behind the herbal salve is the orange tin of “Prid” and if you don’t use it, you should. Especially if you have children and/or you spend anytime outside. It’s what’s called “drawing salve”, you put a glob on a splinter or sliver of glass or something like that stuck in a foot or finger, cover it loosely with a bandage and go to bed. If the item isn’t embedded too deeply, it will be in the salve when you take the bandage off in the morning. One summer when we had our boat and were covering it fast before a nasty thunderstorm hit. I was moving down the dock fast and got a huge splinter embedded in the side of my foot. The doctor couldn’t even see it when I went in a couple days later because it was getting infected. He knew something was there because it hurt so bad you couldn’t touch it. I remembered hearing about “Black Salves” and when I googled the term one of the hits was for “Prid”. Since I could get that locally and didn’t cost a small fortune I picked up a tin from the pharmacy. I used it for the next couple nights and every morning looked for the splinter, but all there was was the puss from the infection. I put it on that night and the next morning I could see a black spot on my foot. I went to the doctor again and the Nurse Practitioner was so sure I was crazy that after she numbed up my foot, she left me to the student nurse. I had to help this girl get the scalpel blade attached to the handle she was so new!! She made a little cut and after she cleaned away all the blood and nastiness, she pulled a one inch piece of wood out of my foot. When the N.P. came back in the room to see how we were doing, the student waved the hunk of wood at her very triumphantly! The Nurse Practitioner was so impressed by what she saw, she wrote down the name of the product I used. So, I can tell you it works!!

I didn’t spend a cent to make this kit, I made it with materials I had in the house. I’ll bet, the majority of the women reading this have received one of those “Spa Kits” or something like that for Christmas at least once over the years and just threw away the plastic bag it came in. I don’t!! I’m a Pack Rat and don’t throw things like that away. No. I’m not a Hoarder, but I do save things that I think I can use later.

I wrote this in an effort to inspire you to use your creativity to do this yourself. You can have an outstanding first aid kit to go into your Bug Out Bag or just take on trips and not spend a dime on it. So. GO!! Create, leave a comment and share with us how you did!!


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