Good News / Bad News

Bad News- we live in the Midwest where that big ice storm is hitting.

Good News- we didn’t get that much.

Bad News- there’s more ice/sleet/snow coming this afternoon into evening.

Good News- our big generator works!!

Bad News- we never got it wired to the house.

Good News- both alt heat sources are full of fuel.

Bad News- the propane one won’t light unless we bypass the igniter and the new mantle on the kerosene one is the wrong size.

Good News- we have plenty of food! And our 1/4 side of beef was finally ready Saturday!!

Bad News- I ran out of eggs and my local source’s chickens quit laying (he’s not sure why).

So, what did we learn over that last 36 hours? The biggest lesson was to not get complacent! Every book, podcast, blog or video by Preppers say that, but we forgot that. We were reminded to never, ever do that. We’ve had that new mantle for the kerosene heater since last winter and never tried to change them out until yesterday, literally minutes before the storm hit.

We’re very lucky we haven’t lost power, yet. Getting our big generator wired into the house has been an expense we haven’t been able to afford and while it’s a hassle, all we really need to do is run one of those heavy gauge orange extension cord from it into the house. Which means that our back door will have to be open a crack. It could be a lot worse and at least we’ll have power enough to run the furnace if we want. Or the fridge and chest freezer for sure.

Food is something I’ve been careful to keep stocked up. Running out of eggs isn’t a tragedy or even an inconvenience for us. Being stuck at home for even a week wouldn’t be a problem. Unless we want scrambled eggs!! Powdered eggs are….. YUCK!!!!

Over the weekend, I got to the chapters of “Reloaded- an American Warning” by David M. Robertson that I recommended in my previous post Democracy or Republic?. He put very succinctly  my intentions with these posts. He states that “There are many things that can kill you in a disaster scenario. However, it is safe to say that death among victims in a disaster scenario mostly occur by indecision, dehydration, starvation, the elements, and being completely unprepared for the issues they would face.”  The possibility of being stuck at home, with little food, no electricity and heat is the reason we do what we do. Bear, my husband, was already working toward being prepared when we met in Feb. 2000 because of all the “Fear Porn” being put out about Y2K. What we’re doing now is a natural extension of that. The local news last night, had a reporter at a local grocery store reporting on the hundreds of people who were out stocking up as the storm was hitting! The National Weather Service had been warning about this storm since Friday! I get it, the severity, track and all had changed, but the fact that an ice storm was coming didn’t change. There was no question if that storm was coming or not, so waiting until the last minute to go to the grocery store is indefensible. It highlighted something I’ve been trying to say and Mr. Robertson said, going to the store at the last minute is a mistake. Employees at the grocery store stated they had bought extra stock in anticipation of the storm and the shelves were still cleaned out. Primarily the milk and produce sections. I don’t need to stock up on milk, I have powdered milk and in the event of an emergency, I think I can live without fresh apples for a couple days. I have dehydrated ones, thank you. We did stop so I could pick up a couple things I wanted when we left a family gathering Saturday night. It was a really good feeling to know I wasn’t like everyone else there, I was getting things I wanted while they were frantically trying to buy items they needed. And having to compete with all the other people there having to do the same. You know, now that I think about it, I believe that is the real reason I stopped! I wanted to get my “feel goods” by walking through a grocery store getting what I want while others were having to get what they need!! If you get stocked up, try it!! 😀


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