YAY!! Dollar Tree!!

I had to run to town to get something for Bear and on my way home I saw a Dollar Tree. I have to admit it, when I see that big friendly green sign, I am helpless about stopping. At one point a few years ago, Bear tried to ban me from going there. Yeah, that worked! You can pretty much outfit your Bug Out Bag for less than $20. No, you can’t buy some stuff, like a good knife, but a lot of what you’ll need you can get there. This is where I’ve picked up most of the supplies for our Bug Out Location. Almost a dozen toothbrushes, toothpaste, bath soap, razors, shampoo, conditioner, bandages, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, matches, stick lighters, cooking utensils and trash bags. Just to keep the list short. Every time I go in there, I look around like Prepper. I look for things that will make my life and tasks easier if life has changed enough that we’ve had to leave our house. I look for things that we use everyday and that get used up regularly. I don’t get things like pain relievers or allergy meds there, for the plain and simple fact that you can’t get very large bottles of them. The small sizes are perfect for a Bug Out Bag, something you’ll have to carry and will only need for less than a week, but won’t be practical for either sheltering in place or another location. In those cases, you’ll need to conserve space so you’ll want a large bottle. A 300 count bottle takes up a lot less room then thirty 10 count bottles and there’s less to have to get rid of later, too. Just remember, post disaster there’s probably not going to be regular trash pick up. And you aren’t going to want to have to do a lot of trash burning either. Nothing says, “Hey!! People with stuff!!” like having to burn trash all the time. But that is a topic for another post.

Next time you happen to see a Dollar Tree, head on in, but don’t get blinded by the upcoming holiday items that are front and center. Grab a cart and wander through looking for items you use daily and imagine what you’ll do when you won’t be able to do this anymore. Just one thing, if you walk out spending $50, don’t get mad at me. I didn’t put all that stuff in your cart!!


One thought on “YAY!! Dollar Tree!!

  1. I love dollar tree! I buy a lot there and can honestly say I don’t have a complaint about much of their products.
    Stopping by from livingsimplewiththejanegirls.wordpress.com


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