Taking Ten

via Daily Prompt: Ten When my husband and I met 17 years ago we were both working full-time and my 11 year old son with behavior issues was living with us. Bear, my husband, was taking night classes a couple nights a week. A year later 2 puppies joined my 5 year old cat as our newest Fur Babies. Bear and I soon discovered we didn’t have time in all the insanity of our lives to just be Together and reconnect at the end of the day. Bear was usually the last one home from work and he started calling me into the bedroom to snuggle for “just 10 minutes”. Over the next few months this evolved into Taking 10 (which my son swore was more like 30!) and either Bear or I would yell, “TEN!!”, head for the bedroom wait for the other to come. Then the fun began!! A race started to ensue between an adult, a teenage boy and 2 dogs. Cats don’t care enough to race and Taran would show up once the dust settled. It was crazy and fun at times. I had to start cheating because our female dog was faster than I and if Bear was already on the bed, she’d be laying beside her Human wagging just the tip of her tail. She’d be looking at me like I was such a loser I didn’t deserve him! I had to be over half way to the bedroom when I called 10 and Moo would still beat me to my pillows sometimes.

What started at just Bear and I taking a few quiet minutes to snuggle and catch up on our days, it morphed into precious family time for 3 humans, 2 dogs and 1 cat. It wasn’t always quiet, but it was always full of love and laughter. Which is much better, in my opinion. My son is living on his own several states away, our dogs both died in Bear’s arms a couple years apart and my cat died in my arms a year ago. We still take 10, but it just isn’t the same, it’s too quiet. Over the last 17 years friends would ask us how we were able to stay so connected with our busy lives and we’d explain “Ten” to them, then we’d “teach” them how to do it. As far as I know, they followed the suggestions.

Now, I’ll do the same for you. As soon as you both are home, go straight to the bedroom and “spoon” on the bed. You can just be quiet and be present with each other or you can talk about how your day went. Talking about a crappy day is so much easier when you’re in each other’s arms. Most of the time, Bear had his arms around me, other times he was in mine. When at least 10 minutes have past then get up, make dinner and do other post work at home tasks. On weekends, one of you can call, “TEN!!” and you both head for the bedroom to snuggle. NO TV, cell phones, computers, tablets or landlines or other distractors are allowed!!  It may feel weird at first or awkward, but stick with it! When our lives were the most hectic, we craved it. My son would even call Ten after a while, he said he craved it too.


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