Freedom and My Silence

I don’t know if any of you have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while, I’m not egotistical enough to think you all have been sitting there worried about me. Proof of that is there have been no emails asking!

On Friday, Feb. 27th, my 91 year old father had “multiple” small strokes all over on both sides of his brain. Dad already had advanced dementia and the strokes just made it much worse.

Dad has a Living Will and his wishes are spelled out clearly as to what we “kids” are supposed to do and not do at the end of his life. Dad went into home hospice when he got out of the hospital Wednesday. So, we are at the end of his life. We went through this in June of 2009 when our mother died of small strokes all over her brain.

What got me thinking about Freedom was during the meetings with doctors about dad’s wishes and our wishes for dad. My “wish” is for my mom to be alive and dad to be whole, but that’s not going to happen. We didn’t really have any choices to make, it was all laid out clearly, our only task was to make sure the doctors followed through. I’m at peace with the choice because it’s inline with what he said he wants. Because dad has the Freedom to Choose. And while we also have that Freedom, we are faced with the biggest “burden” of Freedom and that’s Responsibility. We are responsible for making sure our father’s wishes are carried out. And that’s what I want to talk about now.

As Americans, we are very proud of our Freedoms as laid out in our Constitution and some of us are even willing to fight to defend them. I think the majority of Americans don’t even known what their Freedoms are beyond Religion (their’s not other’s), Speech (their’s not other’s) and Peaceably Assemble (which includes rioting and vandalism it seems). The age groups from the “Millennials” and younger are being taught that the Constitution is too old fashioned and doesn’t apply anymore! That it is open to interpretation, even! Our Rights are not Rights, but privileges to be earned!! Sounds way too much like that movie “Starship Troopers”. Don’t know it? It’s based in the future where the world is at war with an alien race, society is militaristic and Citizenship is earned through military service. It’s on Hulu, watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. We just saw how the younger generations feel about other people’s Right to Free Speech. A couple nights ago at U.C. Berkeley, when a Milo Yiannopoulos was set to speak, students and others who are opposed to him didn’t stop at “Peaceable Assembly”, they rioted, beat people who were there to see Milo (may have killed one man), set a generator on fire, destroyed property, and threw bricks. Among other things. I heard two young men who were there saying that there were only about 30 police there and after things got completely out of control the police were inside a building. Where they were safe.

These spoiled children, who expect a ribbon just for showing up, need “safe places” if someone looks at them “wrong” expect everyone to respect their Freedom, but they will beat the holy shit out of you for wanting the same. These  children have been fed a steady stream of Social Justice, Left-Wing Socialist poison since grade school. Their Freedom to use Critical Thinking was preached out of them. And, most importantly, the most critical aspect of Freedom was never taught to them. That is: Responsibility.

Responsibility is getting up, going to work, paying our bills and if there’s not enough money not going out drinking all weekend. Responsibility is making a mistake, owning it and making it right. Responsibility is showing the respect to others that you expect them to show you. If you want to fight for a Social Justice issue, be responsible enough to do your own research on the subject instead of relying on others to do it for you. Being a Responsible Adult requires you to think for yourself and not blindly following the crowd. A Responsible Adult accepts they lost and either learn from it or work harder so it doesn’t happen again. Responsible Adults don’t let strangers lead them into situations where they can be hurt, jailed or killed. Responsible Adults don’t riot, loot, vandalize property and beat people because they don’t like something or they lost. That’s a tantrum. Responsible Adults don’t have those. Responsible Adults don’t think they are the only one who’s feelings matter, they understand other’s do too. Responsible Adults know that they are responsible for their Freedom. Responsible Adults understand that people will say things that they don’t agree with and that it’s OK. They don’t expect their government to pass laws to protect them from differing views and opinions. Responsibility is thinking for yourself, making your own decisions and standing behind them. If the decisions are wrong, they learn from it, reassess their options and the facts, then make a new decision. We had to do this when we were in our 20’s and 30’s, my parents were there for me to talk it out with, but they didn’t decide for me. If I made mistakes, they didn’t “bail” me out. My parents loved me and respected me enough to let me fail. They trusted that what they taught me, modeled for me and showed me stuck in my mind and would get me through. It did, it took a decade for it to click but it finally did.

I’m a better person, wiser person and Responsible Adult. Thank you Mom and Dad. If you disagree with me, please be a Responsible and Respectful Adult and comment with facts. Name calling, Thought and Speech Policing will not be tolerated. And, don’t try to fight facts with feelings. That doesn’t fly with me anymore.


2 thoughts on “Freedom and My Silence

  1. This whole situation is making me very angry lately as I have been thinking many dark thoughts when I see these actions being played out by these intolerant idiots. It is us who believe in the US Constitution and all that it stands for who should have been breaking down the walls of Justice for the past 8 years as we witnessed our sacred document trampled upon by those in power. It is us who work hard to pay the cost of others who choose a different path and decide that their government is responsible for them. Great Post! I am certain that the majority of women across this great nation feel the same.

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  2. Sorry (again) for the late reply. More family came into town and I’d also caught a cold while visiting dad in the hospital.. Who knew that hospitals had sick people in them??? 😀
    I was listening to Stefan Molyneux yesterday, it was an older one that he did the day after the riots at UC Berkeley. The same question was brought up about why Conservatives and why they aren’t defending themselves against the Socialist Left and Stefan was right, I think, when he said we don’t because when we do someone will record it on their phone and the video will be edited to make it look like the attack was unprovoked by the Leftist. I think, too, that we’ve been so screamed down by the Social Justice Warriors that we are just plain afraid to stand up to those crazies. That’s the real problem I think, some of those opposed to our country as it stood, seem crazy. They are funded by wealthy backers and must sit around all day whipping themselves into frenzies of hate for anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They act like people who have nothing to lose and we’d stand to lose everything and that scares us. I don’t know of anyone more dangerous than someone who has nothing to lose and a fanatical belief in something.


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