More on Freedom and Responsibility

“No social stability without individual stability.”― Aldous Huxley . I just saw this on another WordPress post and thought it was pertinent in today’s world.

The argument can be made that, if we can’t stand on our own as a person, we won’t achieve stability. Standing on our own does not include leaning on any government entity because as soon as you do that, you become their slave. That is not compatible with Freedom.

As Free Citizens we are fully responsible for ourselves and that means ensuring our stability by providing for ourselves by working to earn money so we can pay for what we need. When the government, or anyone else, provide for our needs we don’t have stability. When we abuse credit and put our Wants ahead of our Needs we are only creating a false sense of stability. Are you Free and do you really feel any Stability when you’re sending your hard earned money away to the credit card company for years and years? There are times when you’re paying for things long after they gone, like buying food or booze with your credit card. We used our credit card to buy a year’s supply of food and paid it all off the following month.

When we exercise our Freedoms we become responsible for those Freedoms, whether it’s Speech or our Property, We are responsible for them. The fact that there are groups, tech firms and people in the government who think they are entitled to define our Rights with more laws. And, most of us sit back and allow this to happen. We want to be kept safe, don’t we? Safe from “terrorists”, those mysterious others who would abuse our property, or news that will make us mad and make us think. Over the past several decades we have slowly given up our Freedoms and sunk into apathy or, at least, a strong disinterest about it. Seemingly sedated by the T.V. and, more recently, the internet.

My husband, Bear, and I fight for our Right to be Stable on our own. with no government, group or person interfering or defining what that means for us. If you truly want to be Free, you will learn what your Rights are and will do the same. If all of us wake up, educate ourselves and stand up to the bullies, they will have to listen.

I keep hearing Mel Gibson’s voice yelling, “FREEDOM!!” as his character in “Braveheart” is being tortured to death. I know the story was “based on actual events” and not a factual representation of actual events, but a lot of those things did happen, if only to other people. Citizens of other nations died horrendous deaths for Freedom going back to the start of Civilizations. Thousands of warriors and soldiers have died for your Freedom in what ever country you’re living in as you read this. There are times when I can feel their Spirits standing behind me waiting to back me up. Or kick my butt if I fail to act. They will stand behind you, too.



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