Chilling Thought

I was listening to one of the YouTube channels I like, The Prepared Mind. John, the owner, stated he’s been prepping for years and he has really good information on the topic. He also has the patience and attention to detail to do the research on current affairs that I definitely lack. I can’t help it, I’m a Pisces with an Aquarius Rising, which means that I’m more about intuition and the “feels”. I struggle not to fall back into being a Social Justice Warrior, but that’s another post…

This video from yesterday really got to me: Marxist-Communist Planned Civil War is Coming. It’s only about a 28 minute video, with no charts or graphs, so you can listen to it in the car. If you have ever listened to his videos, you’ll know he doesn’t rant or carry on, he just imparts information in a calm manner. Which, sometimes, makes it more frightening, to me. What he is discussing is some information he’s gotten about this coming Spring. Some back story, our former president, Obama, has started what’s been termed as a “Shadow White House” just blocks from the real one. Obama has claimed that he’s working against our elected president, supporting and training “protesters”. In this video, John is saying that what is going on with Obama, Hitlary, George Soros’ NGOs and the Democratic Party is a planned “American Spring” like the Arab Spring that they backed in Egypt a few years ago. OK, that’s one person saying this, but then there’s this video on X22 Report from Feb 19th: Ex-CIA Says Deep State Planning ‘Operation American Spring’ For May 2017 which is saying the same thing.

We may be facing a civil war, but it won’t be state vs state or north vs south, what is being prepared is war between those on the Left who believe that this country needs to be Socialist and those of us who want it to remain the Republic she was created to be. Those on the left are becoming more and more violent, they are being constantly egged on by the media, paid agitators on social media and paid agitators at protests. Our youth and young adults have been receiving endless programming in our State Run Public Schools starting in kindergarten and going through college, they are graduating with no job prospects so they have plenty of time on their hands, they are either living off of their parents and most of them are on some form of government assistance. And they want to remake this country into some form of a Socialist Utopia. Never mind that every socialist country has failed, eventually you run out of other people’s money to give away to those who feel they deserve it. These young people are being lied to and manipulated by Sociopaths who don’t give a damn about them and will screw them over as soon as their goals are achieved.

I see this information as proof that we are a couple months away from hell. If you add in an economy that is in recession and heading for collapse, you will see what we’re facing. The time is Now, to start thinking about your Hierarchy of Needs. If you don’t know what that is I wrote about it a few months ago here: Dust Your Brains Off!! Think about your basic needs

  1. Food including ways to make fire to cook it
  2. Water and ways to filter more
  3. Shelter including ways to make fire to keep warm
  4. Clothing
  5. Medications
  6. Security (means to protect 1-5 + family)

Have a plan, and at least 2 back up plans, to get to a safe location away from the violence or to secure your home from the thugs wanting what you have worked for. Have a back up plan if sheltering in place becomes too dangerous.

Listen to the two videos, do your own research if you can and make your own opinion on this. Yes, I am very concerned about this and am going to err on the side of caution. I hope you all will do the same.


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