What We’re Doing Here

I was looking back over my past posts because I was thinking about writing a “Let’s Review” post. I was trying to figure out how to sum it all up when it clicked, I am trying to show you how to help yourselves. Take care of yourselves and not rely on any outside forces. As some Preppers will tell you, we are preparing for the potential to live as our grandparents or great-grandparents did. My maternal grandmother was born in a Sod House on the Plains. In a worst case scenario (unless it’s nuclear or a comet), we could end up living like the Pioneers did. If you don’t have something, you’ll either have to make it or grow it. Possibly trade for it if you can find someone who has it and is willing to part with it. Think about it, what if there was no Home Depot and you needed to replace the fence? What will you do? What will you do to feed yourself in this scenario? You can’t run to Wal-Mart to pick up something for dinner at the last minute. For most people, thinking long-term is only about 3 weeks and some don’t even think that far ahead. What will you do if your child or spouse caught a cold or (Deity Forbid) got seriously injured. You can’t run up to the pharmacy or doctor to treat it, it’s up to you. Like our great-grandmothers did, we will have to be the ones to treat a runny nose or set a broken bone. Do you know anything beyond putting some anti-bacterial goo and a band aide on a cut? Do you know how to plant a garden, take care of it, harvest the produce and preserve the harvest for future use? Anyone know how to hunt, clean it and preserve the meat? That I don’t know how to do my my husband does. Can you fix your dwelling? Protect your property from those who’s plans consist of only roving the area and taking what they want? You know there are going to be those Jackass thugs who’s first actions will be stealing TVs and video game consoles, even if there’s been an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) that’s destroyed the power grid. A good way to read up on those is the book, One Second After by   William R. Forstchen and William D. Sanders. It’s based on an actual trial that was done.

Our Country and many other Countries, are facing crisis of staggering proportions. The U.S. is being torn apart by a rage and hatred that is all out of proportion to what happened. Donald Trump won the election. That’s it. Europe is being swamped in “migrants” or are they “refugees”? I can’t keep up with the changing Narrative’s definition. In Europe, as in America, people who don’t agree with that changing Narrative are met with rage, hate and violence. And by people who are quick to demand their Free Speech be honored. Some in this radicalized hoard have started buying guns and this should scare the shit out of you, it does me. What started with “Brexit” built all summer and blew up when Donald Trump beat Hitlary Clinton. The hoard has spent the winter becoming more radicalized and with no repercussions from law enforcement are now feeling invincible. When I see clips of people doing nothing more than going about there business being threatened and brutally beaten by the hoards, I see only jihadists now. I see very little difference between those two groups, not even religion. The Leftist hoards have as a fanatical devotion to their Socialist agendas and their Narratives are their Sacred Texts. Even though that’s kind of a moving target.

Think about this and tell me if you think I’m wrong and why. If you do think I’m wrong about the coming need to take care of yourselves on your own, go ahead and start stocking up. What can it hurt???



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