I started this weeks ago, then dad had the strokes, went into the hospital, then died a couple weeks later. Next came family, family and more family. Then my birthday. Ah, life! When I went back to finish it, I realized I was redoing past posts, like the ones about food and water. So, what I’m going to do it just link to those posts and try to keep this short (Yeah! Right!!) These are NOT complete lists by any means. Only a starting point to get you thinking about your specific needs and situation!!

Buy Immediately: 

  • Food- start with a 7 day stockpile, then increase to 1 year for each person. Food, Glorious Food!!
  • Water- same as food, average 2 liters per person per day, more if sweating. Water, water everywhere….. You will also need about a gallon per day per person for hygiene.
  • Means of protection- this means a firearms of some sort and the training and practice to safely use it. Firearms 101 Pt. 1 by Bear & Firearms 101 Pt. 2 by Bear & Firearms 101 Pt. 3 – by Bear there’s no getting around this, the “bad guys” will have them. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, it won’t end well for you.
  • Flashlights and electric lanterns. Plus a couple dozen batteries for each.
  • Battery powered radio and a couple dozen extra batteries for it. Or, better yet, a solar powered radio.
  • Walkie-Talkies for each member of your “group” (with plenty of extra batteries of course!)
  • First Aid Kit, OTC medications such as pain relievers, allergy and cold/flu medications
  • A 3 month supply of maintenance medications for all members of your family (anti-depressants, high blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, etc…)
  • Personal hygiene products for everyone (shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, toothbrushes and tooth paste, deodorant, body/face lotion, sun screen, bug spray and medications for when this doesn’t work, etc)

If Sheltering in Place:

  • Shutters or other methods of securing windows, doors and sliding glass doors
  • Water BOB: emergency drinking water storage that fits in your bathtub and you fill it before the water is cut off.  Enough bottled water to make a total of 3 months.
  • Method for obtaining water from any nearby streams/creeks or rivers
  • At least 2 methods for purifying the above mentioned water (i.e. pan for boiling, filter system with extra filters, iodine or water purification tablets)
  • Generator big enough to run your fridge or a chest freezer, 30-50 gallons of fuel and a fuel stabilizer for storage (like Sta-Bil)
  • Alternative heat source (or two) and enough back up fuel to get through a long cold winter
  • Since this will likely be your home, you should have enough clothing for everyone
  • Alternative method for washing clothes (like a 5 gallon bucket with a hole cut in the lid and a clean toilet plunger for agitation. Check out YouTube for How-To videos)
  • Laundry bar soap like Zote or Fels Naptha (these work better for hand washing, I think, and are easier to transport if need be)
  • MOST IMPORTANT!! Have a Bug Out Plan!

If Bugging Out (going to a secure location):

  • Make sure your pre-packed  Bug Out Bag ready. Either in a central closet, in each bedroom closet or by the front door. Just do a web search on making a Bug Out Bag, the results will make your eyes bug out! Just remember: KISS Keep It Simple Stupid and remember, you may end up having to carry that bad boy!
  • A system to alert your family/group that it’s time to Get Out Of Dodge (head for the Bug Out Location). This can be a coded text message or phone call.
  • A reliable vehicle or vehicles (with full tanks of fuel) to take everyone and all the “stuff” to the Bug Out Location.
  • Extra fuel for each vehicle (at least 10 gallons) extra motor oil, anti-freeze and radiator water.
  • A good paper map in each vehicle with the main route and at least 2 alternate routes clearly marked. Side Note: all drivers should drive those routes enough times to memorize them and any potential hazards and choke points.
  • Each person should already have foot ware appropriate to the terrain with them in case they have to walk for any reason. These should be broken in until comfortable, only. Having to walk 2 days isn’t the time to break in shoes or find they don’t fit right.
  • Easy to carry food, water and water purification methods in case the vehicle/s need to be abandoned.
  • Tarps or similar material for rough camping and to protect yourselves from bad weather.
  • Don’t forget your feet! Have extra socks and foot powder to keep them dry.

Well, that’s all that comes to mind. This is only a starting point, a way to get you thinking about your needs, your situation and location. I don’t know you, your family or group, only you do. Time is still moving forward and economies aren’t going to get better. Left is fighting Right. Conservatives are battling Socialists. Wars are still being fought in distant countries creating more hate towards us than we can fathom. This is being done in OUR names, yet we were never consulted. For most of us, this is being done over our heads or behind our backs. This won’t last, it will be in our faces and then it’s too late to make a plan. The time to stock up is before you see lines at the store. The time to leave town is before traffic is backed up to the next county.

OK. Enough nagging and bitching!


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