But, What is “Prepping”??-Start Here!

Someone who has heard the words, “prepping” or “prepper”, probably won’t know what those terms means. Let alone all the acronyms like, “SHTF”, “TEOTWAWKI”, “BOB”, “BOL”, “WROL”, to name a few. If you’re one of these folks, then, please, read on and feel free to leave a comment if you have a question. Or, you can email, too.

The word “prepping” comes from the word “preparing” and “prepare/d”. Being prepared to take care of yourself and your family and standing on your own. We don’t trust the government to take care of us (to varying degrees). Sadly, only the really extreme people make it to the news, like Ammon Bundy and his group taking over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon last winter. Then there are the people who are virtually exhibitionists that go on the TV show, “Doomsday Preppers”. Sadly, the producers and editors of that show end up making the people look like paranoid idiots and fools. According the the people who’ve been filmed, the show is at their home for days filming, the producers will ask them to preform certain tasks, like, one segment where they had a semi drop off a load of long-term storage food after dark in an effort to make her look sneaky and paranoid. Yeah….no one will notice that! However, that is not how the majority of Preppers think or act. We have people within the subculture from the entire spectrum, from the casual to the hardcore; people who still have some trust and faith in the government to those who don’t trust the government to take out their trash.

But, what does being prepared mean??? The answer: different things to different people. *I’m not getting into the origins of prepping, because I don’t think it’s really important. Yes, its laid the groundwork and set some of the standards, but I believe the lifestyle has evolved beyond its origins. Or, what I think the origins might be.

The quick answer is, it’s being ready, willing and able to take care of yourself and your family in the event of some form of disaster. Be it a major storm like a hurricane, flood or tornado; an earthquake; a major terrorist attack; or even losing your job and being unable to fine another one right away (very real possibility nowadays). FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency even recommends the American People get prepared, Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness. The Feds even started a website on it, Ready.gov. Clever name…… Better yet, do a web search for “prepping” and you will be amazed/shocked/overwhelmed by the results. Using bing and just the word “prepping” I got “3,220,000 RESULTS” including a dictionary definition of the word. I try to avoid Google since it came out that they employ over 100,000 contract laborers to sift through websites and censor ones that don’t meet the government’s narrative and what the Leftist Political Marxists say is “correct”. Let’s see….curious now…. OK. Google came back with “About 29,900,000 results”, it starts with the same dictionary definition, but the order of the results is very different. The top one on bing, a “how to get started” site is #6 on Google. Just sayin’…… *Just had an email come in from a YouTube channel I’m subscribed to that’s saying bing is censoring results, too. I, personally, believe this is the result of Obama turning over control of the Internet to the U.N.

You can get as involved as you want to, buying a week’s worth of food and water for your family all the way up to forming your own group, buying land, building a bunker and having monthly training sessions . And there’s a huge variety of points along the spectrum in between. However, the basic idea is still the same, being able to take care of yourself and those you love in the event of some event. Have enough food to feed everyone for at least a week, in case the stores are closed, have enough clean drinking water for everyone for at least a week, have enough washing water, having enough of the prescription medications everyone is on, make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit, have a back stock of all the hygiene products everyone uses and have a way to protect yourselves. This last is very important! You may hate guns, but be assured, those who want what you have won’t share your feelings. And you won’t win a gun fight with feelings. How will you call the police if the phones aren’t working or the government has hit the “Kill Switch” on the cell networks? Even if you can make a call, if things are that bad, do you think the police will have time to come stop every robbery? No. They won’t.

Lastly, why Preppers are reluctant to rely on any form of government. The Federal Government? Two words, “New Orleans” post Katrina. FEMA worked out well for the residents of New Orleans, didn’t they? The majority of the Federal Government’s money is going to service the 20 trillion dollar debt and there isn’t enough left over to fund all the dozens of agencies, except the military. Local governments rely on federal money to fund their emergency preparedness units. The same federal government that can’t even fund their own emergency preparedness agency. See why we have our doubts about government help? That’s not even getting into the “FEMA Camps” that people claim have been built. These are reported to be little better than the Nazi Concentration Camps where millions of Jews were murdered. I’m not saying this is true or not, I have no direct knowledge about any “camps”. My reason for mentioning it is this, if even half of what is claimed is true, then residents of an area will be herded into an area that is surrounded by barbed wire fencing topped with razor wire (think: prison); forced to live in a barracks like building with dozens of people you don’t know and no way to secure your belongings or your privacy; your Civil Rights taken away; and any control over life is, also, taken away. The Centers for Disease Control have gained the ability to detain any person in an area where there is an epidemic, hold them without their consent for as long as they want and force this person into receiving medical treatments against their wishes. This includes children and the parents won’t be notified where their child/ren is/are and they won’t be allowed to speak for their child/ren or allowed to give or withhold their consent and any medical treatments. Does this sound like someplace you’d want to be? Does this sound like the Constitutional Republic the Founders and countless people fought and died for? If you don’t know the answer to that last question, it’s time for you to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Point of distinction: The Constitution and the Bill of Rights did not “give” us any Rights. Those were seen as being already ours, what The Constitution and the Bill of Rights do is prevent any level of Government from Infringing on those Rights. Meaning, mess with, limit, require licensing or pass any laws against those rights. Look it up. Buy books, borrow books and read them. Learn the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Stand up and speak out when you see your Rights being infringed upon. Wake up before it’s too late, because, people, it almost is. The Government has been chipping away at those Rights for decades a little bit at a time for any number of reasons. The big one is to “protect” us from “terrorists”. That is an old, old ploy. Create a “Bad Guy”, whip the citizens into a frenzy of fear, and then, start taking away their Freedom for their “protection”. The citizens are so afraid, at that point, that they are willing to give their Freedoms up. These “measures” are, the citizens are told, only temporary, just until the “threat” is over, but it never seems to be over and after a while, the citizens get comfortable with their new situation and then just forget that they gave anything in the first place. Then, the Government has to take more “measures” to keep the citizens “safe” and the cycle starts all over again. Sound familiar??

I hope this will help explain “Prepping” and gives you the motivation to read more and maybe start getting prepared to take care of yourself and your loved ones. I don’t care if a man or a woman is reading this right now. I’d started this with the thought of showing women that this isn’t just a “man’s world”, this is something that men only do. But, it doesn’t really matter, just so long as you learn something and start taking some steps to get prepared.


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