About Dogs and Stuff

Sorry to keep dropping out of sight for long stretches of time, it’s really no way to build a readership. Dad’s death in Feb has hit me harder than I thought it would. Now, his 92nd birthday would have been Sunday…..

Last Wednesday Bear and I were accepted as foster parents by a local German Shepherd rescue and got our first two dogs the next day! 😯  These 2 are an awful story (I suppose most rescue dogs aren’t from good homes), they are brother and sister, pure black shepherds and their douche bag former owner was breeding them! You read that right, but feel free to read that last sentence again. He was a felon so, I guess it’s no surprise he had no ethics, when he went back to prison he’d left these poor babies tied in the yard. His parole officer talked him into giving them up and she boarded them until she could find a group to take them.

The first thing the rescue did was get them both “fixed” and both dogs are all healed up. Her stitches came out Tuesday. They will never be bred again, but there’s no way to track down all the people that bought puppies from him the last 3 or 4 years.

Our job, now, is to show these two babies how to be a house pet. Rhett (they named them we didn’t) has been working “hard” learning how to cover as many square inches of a king size bed with his fur and Raquel is learning how to be a lady. She isn’t that interested in the bed, but it could be that he just isn’t leaving her much room! These two didn’t know how to react to loves, they would stand there but wouldn’t really do anything. Sunday morning, Bear, got down on the floor with Rhett and just snuggled, petted, scratched and praised the dog. Rhett sure figured it out fast and likes it! He can’t get enough of loves now! She’s a little more reserved, but still likes to be loved on. Some families are going to get two good dogs! The rescue is going to try and send them to two different homes. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out, but we’ll see.

You might think that as Preppers we will be teaching them to be big bad guard dogs and nothing can be further from the truth. We don’t agree with turning dogs mean and won’t do that to any dog we have, or will have. If a dog feels a place is home and feels you are part of their “pack”, they will defend it. After being here a few days, these two are already barking aggressively at people walking down the road by our house. Our former dogs, when they were 12 years old and one was crippled with arthritis, killed a badger that was driven from its burrow in a levy during some flooding. Our dogs lived, the badger did not. That’s what loyal dogs will do to protect their home and pack.

That’s the main idea I want to get across in this post, as responsible adults, people and preppers and you want to have a dog or dogs for “protection”, you don’t need to turn them into vicious killers for them to be a good watchdog. They just need to feel loved, safe and part of a pack and will fight to the death for you. The bonus for your family is you’ll have a dog who loves you and you can trust around even the youngest child.


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