Time is Running Out


The financial experts I’ve been listening to on YouTube are all saying the same exact thing: America is in a recession, there is worse coming, that could be in September when the federal fiscal year ends and what is coming is going to make 2008 look like a bounced check.

So, what does this mean for you if you’re not in America? There are dozens of banks across the globe that are hanging on by their fingernails and any one of them could start a global collapse the likes of which no society has ever witnessed in the history of the human race.

Since I’m an American and live in America, I’m going to talk about what this could mean for Americans. I can only talk about what I know, but there isn’t much difference between any country that has a central banking system, anymore. First of all, do not for one second, think your central bank is part of your government, because its not. A central bank is a private, for profit, institution. Period. And they are looting your country. So, why bring this up now? Because they’ve pretty much gotten everything there is to get and they’re going to either crash the economy or let it crash so they can rebuild it and start over. For decades our governments have “kicked the can down the road”, “borrowing” money from all the various programs so they have the funds to pay the interest on the money they borrowed from the central bank and keep all those popular programs funded, like Social Security. Why does the government have to borrow money? What about all the taxes we pay? You might ask. The short answer is: So there’s currency. Every dollar Americans, and America itself, spends was borrowed from the Federal Reserve Bank and has interest owed on it. Our lifestyles today have been bought and paid for using our children’s prosperity. Let that sink in for a moment. That $7 latté you bought on your way to work this morning was paid for by your child. Taxes aren’t enough to pay for all the obligations the government has, but that doesn’t put actual currency (money) into circulation. It doesn’t “print”, create, the money you use to pay for that latte.

Despite what you’re hearing on the mainstream (social) media the economy isn’t having little hiccups, housing sales aren’t doing well, Wall Street is a lie the S&P that so recently broke 20,000 is mostly tech stocks and that high was from about 10 stocks that make up almost 50% of the index, Apple and Amazon being 2 of them.

What this means for you is this: I started this blog to not only teach you how to prepare yourself and your family for the bad times that are coming, but to also warn you when those times are coming. They’re coming sooner rather than later. Don’t let that happy bullshit being thrown at you by mainstream media, and all the fools who listento it stick to you. The Globalists who’ve been running things want to keep us in the dark until they’ve wrung every last bit of profit out of us. Yes, that sounds paranoid, but the quickest way to discredit those who are trying to spread the truth is to name call and say they’re “crazy”, or “don’t have both oars in the water”, not “playing with a full deck” and other phrases that make us sound sick or stupid. But, maybe I and the alt-right media are wrong, you’ve taken everything to heart and stocked up and nothing happens. What’s the worst that will happen to you? You have a lot of extras? Yay! You don’t have to buy it in the coming months. Wow. That would suck… However, if we’re right, then you and your family will be ahead of those around you. You won’t be one of the people standing in blocks long lines waiting to buy toilet paper only to find out the person in front of you just bought the last roll. Or, things have gotten so bad that one roll of toilet paper costs $50 worth of silver. Then what would you do?


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