WARNING!! “Girl Talk”

GUYS!! Stop here!! This post is about having periods!!!  I suppose I shouldn’t have used red for the font color, but, oh well…. 😱

Ladies, lets be honest, “End of the World” doesn’t mean “End of Womanhood”. We will still have all the biological functions going on: monthly cycle, menopause and pregnancy. But. How will we handle all this without all the convenience products we’ve grown dependent on?

First lets address those of you who are still having your monthly cycles. Lets say you use tampons to stop your flow. For the sake of simplicity you’re 20, use 10 tampons a month and are likely to have your period until you’re 50. So, that’s 10 tampons x 12 months= 120 tampons a year. 120 x 30 years of periods remaining= 3,600 tampons needed until menopause. There’s a sobering number! Even if the disruption lasts only a year, you’re still talking about 120 tampons needed. You will need quite a bit of storage space for all of those, even if you buy the brands without the applicators, you’re taking up shelf space that could be used for other hygiene products or food. If you are using pads, you could easily take up 4 times the shelf space. And what about all the rest of the products advertisers tell us we need? You know, “vaginal washes”, powders and all that other garbage they tell us we need to mask “odor” (Oh, NO!! Can’t smell like a woman!!) Sorry, that’s a huge pet peeve of mine and another rant…. And, don’t forget the Midol and Pamprin for all those “side effects”!

  So, how to handle this monthly “curse”?? First of all, as a Pagan (I’ve never hidden this) I have a huge problem with calling our menstrual cycle a “curse”. It is the proof of our Super Power. We, alone, hold to the secret to create life. Yes, we need a man’s “input”, but their part ends when they pull out. So, let’s change our thinking on this Super Power of our’s. :steps off soapbox: Unless you want to store your tampons or pads in a place where they will stay clean and dry; what else can you do? Let’s reach back in time to an era before Playtex. What I know about this is straight from my late maternal grandmother who passed away in the early 80’s at the age of 95. Nana told me there was a stack of rags kept in the outhouse (you read that right, outhouse) and during “that time of the month” her mother (my great-grandmother) would put a bucket of Borax and water in there, too. Every time one of them used the outhouse, they would put the used rag in the bucket and replace it with a clean one. This is why one of the slang terms is “being on the rag”. In researching this, I found multiple books and websites that claim using cloth pads stops cramps. By the time I did this, I was 6 years post menopause and can’t verify this. However, that isn’t the subject of this post, I’ll leave it to you women to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. 

If SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan) and you’re in a secure location, making your own pads is a viable option. What I’ve read is to use soft cotton baby diapers. Cut them into stripes that will fit into your underpants, fold the length in half and pin them from underneath with a couple three diaper pins. Yes, I know, this sounds like a hassle, you still have to wash them and dry them and those PINS what a pain!! That could be literal, too!! However, think about all the waste from pads and tampons that will have to be disposed of. The smell alone would be problematic, it will draw dozens of flies and possibly scavenging animals, like feral dogs. Not to mention the rotting blood will be a major breeding ground for diseases. So, that makes the use of “rags” a much smarter and safer idea. And in all honesty, with the way things could change, that could either be the least gross thing you’ll do or just another in a long string of gross things! 

Since menopause brings an end to all the above, there’s really nothing to “take care of”. As an Herbalist, I didn’t use hormone replacement therapy when I went through menopause a few years ago, the “hot flashes” were only a few a day and ended after about a year. Compared to my periods, that was a piece of cake!

Next post, I’ll try and tackle pregnancy…..


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