The Last Few Weeks

Hi again Peoples, this gap in posting has been interesting. To say the least! Our first two foster dogs both found homes before they even made it to the rescue’s website! The male even picked his family! We were at a “Meet and Greet”, there was a young woman crouched down looking at another dog, Rhett walked over to her, but she had no interest in him and I pulled him away. A couple minutes later I saw this stubborn look on his face. He walked back over to her, took his shoulder, knocked her on her butt, then sat down beside with his head on her chest and looked up adoringly at her! They stayed that way for the next half hour ’til the event was over. Since she and her mom were already approved to adopt a dog from the rescue, I took him to their house the next day to see how their existing dog and he got along, that was no problem, Rhett is so laid back he was fine with letting her be Alpha! On Mother’s Day, I left him with his new family. The few updates I’ve gotten have been that he’s settled in well and already trained his new humans to sit and pet him while he lays on the bed in a sunny spot!

Our current foster dog is a whole other story, she had been in several homes already due to her separation anxiety. She came into rescue 6 months ago as a 6 month old puppy, not housebroken and wearing baby diapers. She’d been kept locked in a small crate wearing diapers for 12 hours a day by her last owner who’d had no experience with dogs. Her last foster family had thought they were going to keep her and went about trying to break her of her bad habits, they tried to talk to her like she was a human and just ended up reinforcing them. They did at least housebreak her, mostly. I can’t leave her alone in the house without her pooping on the carpet. If I put her in a large wire crate I have to use a hard rubber tie-down across the door so she doesn’t force it open, but she still has diarrhea and pees in it. I call her my “Velcro Shadow” because she’s practically attached to my leg no matter where I go in the house. The Vet put her on anti-anxiety medication and that has helped her immensely. Before that she couldn’t ride in a car without getting violently car sick and she couldn’t be in a large crowd without barking constantly. Now, we can drive her anywhere and we’d had her in a large crowd at a local marina Saturday evening with people coming up to her constantly and while she ended up backing up against my legs, she didn’t bark at any of them and even let them pet her!

The worst part was the week before Memorial Day weekend. I joined a local Pagan group that hosts one of the largest and oldest Pagan Festival in America. I hadn’t been able to afford to go for the last 7 years since I’d been unable to work and I was really looking forward to reconnecting with friends I’d only been able to talk to on Facebook in that time. The second night there I was sitting with 3 women I’d known for years, one of whom owned an in home daycare. We started talking about the ridiculous nutrition guidelines that the previous First Lady had put into place that the current President had revoked. One of the women there got a little nasty when I bad-mouthed those guidelines but I pointed out that there had been excellent guidelines in place already and you can’t legislate children into becoming Vegetarian. The daycare owner actually backed me up on this, much to my surprise and soothed the other’s ruffled feathers by saying the current administration had put even more strict guidelines in place. The two “Kim” and “Terry” (obviously not their real names) started bitching about how the President had also stopped funding the extended food programs through the schools. Meaning that the schools will no longer have the money to provide food to “needy” children on the weekends and stop the summer lunch programs. Of course, Donald Trump was the most evil person for not feeding those poor kids. At this point, I started to tell them about what my husband saw at a Sam’s Club the first of the month a few years ago. I got as far as, “……here were these Welfare Mommas” and “Kim” cut me off in anger saying she’s not going to “allow that kind of talk in this space” that we weren’t going to talk politics. We’d already been talking politics, but that must have been OK because most of it was Trump bashing. What she didn’t want to hear was reality and truth about what’s really going on. Here’s what I was going to tell them: A few years ago my husband, Bear, had had to pick up some things at Sam’s Club the first of the month. When he got in line he noticed there were several registers open and each had long lines filled mostly with women with their EBT cards out. Most of these women had flatbed carts instead of just shopping carts and those flatbed carts were filled with crab legs and lobster tails. When Bear got to the register he quietly asked the checker if this was normal and she said it was. These women were using their Food Stamps to buy themselves luxury food items knowing that the schools would feed their kids!!

Now, I know this can’t be a local phenomenon just in western Iowa, so you can guarantee this is going on where you live in America. Your taxes are being used to, basically, feed these “needy” children twice so their mommas can have crab legs and lobster tails several times a month. For those of you who like crab and lobster; when was the last time you had it? Do you eat it more than once a month? Better yet, not have to pay for it yourself!?

Back to my friends. I used to really fit in with the “Hippy Pagan People”, 18 years ago I wanted to go take a workshop on being an “Eco-Terrorist”, learning how to effectively chain myself to trees and things. I couldn’t afford the cost or the trip to California. ūüė¶ ¬† ¬† ¬†Seven years ago, my friends were “Liberals” and hadn’t been so badly brainwashed yet. Now, they have become the narrow fanatics who believe the propaganda being broadcast by the major news outlets. They honestly believe that Donald Trump was elected only because of the Russians, even though the facts don’t show this. He didn’t win the popular vote and the Electoral College system can’t be hacked. In almost a year of investigating, no branch of the government has found any evidence of Trump colluding with those evil, sneaky Russians. Next. One man, no matter who he is, can affect the Stock Market. It’s being propped up by cheap money from the Federal Reserve and manipulated by High Frequency Trading algorithms. Parameters are input into the programs and when those triggers are hit, the computers sell or trade the stocks; and either sell a short or long position. That’s what’s affecting the markets, not one man. They howled and wailed that the President is a “misogynist”, a “racist” and a “xenophobe”. There is no evidence for these loaded battle cries of the Social Justice Warriors. Yeah, he is a Chauvinist, like a lot of men his age, but that doesn’t mean he “hates” women. Was/Is he disrespectful towards women? Again, yes, like a lot of men his age. The only evidence I’ve ever heard used to show he’s “racist” is he wants to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. Let’s see……wanting to keep criminals out of our country is bad…? And Yes. They ARE criminals because they are¬†illegal¬†immigrants. “Illegal” means against the law, meaning they are breaking the law to come into this country, which makes them criminals. They come in, illegally, won’t learn the dominant language so they can’t find work, which means they have to receive welfare of some sort. They’ve never paid a dime into these programs and never will. Why are they, then, entitled to receive any of this money??? So, the President uses his Constitutional Power to protect our country from people who will come in, drain resources and not put anything back and he’s a racist. I see…. He also wants to protect this country (again a Constitutional mandate) from people who are willing to blow themselves up in order to kill us or steal a truck/van in order to run us over, he tries to do this by signing an order (again, within Constitutional Law) to temporarily stop allowing people into our country from a few countries known to hate Americans. Obummer¬† Obama drew up the list even!! Yet, Donald Trump is a xenophobe. OK… You know, this Order wants to increase the “vetting” procedures on people wanting to come into this country from those countries where the people are known to hate us. Wow….that is just ssooooo unreasonable! It’s awful! Imagine, a President who wants to protect those of us whom he’s responsible to protect! Who does Donald Trump think he is??!!?? ¬†:steps off soapbox:

So, what did I learn at camp this year? I learned that I don’t fit in with people who I used to consider friends. My views on what I see going on in my country are diametrically opposed to friends I’ve known for over a decade. And these “friends” expected me to listen to their opinions, but reacted in anger and refused to allow me to express mine. So much for Freedom of Speech. Yeah, try and shut the Political Marxists up. You’ll be hit by such a shit storm of meaningless platitudes and empty phrases, not to mention SJW buzzwords, that you won’t know up from down.

If you disagree with anything I’ve said, don’t just throw meaningless phrases and emotional trigger words at me. Show me proof that I’m wrong and I’ll show you the proof you are.


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