Time to Kick it Up

Ladies and gentlemen, Preppers and non. The time for reading, researching and thinking about getting prepared for the economic collapse is over. I am not a financial expert, but I have learned a lot over the last 17 years being with someone with an MBA in Finance and International Finance, plus he’s a CPA. I’ve been listening to experts like Gregory Mannarino, Bix Weir and Gerald Celente; they are experts and they are saying that this economic house of cards we’ve been living in since Nixon “closed the gold window” in the early 70’s. In the last 9 years, since the last crash, the creation of money that’s backed by nothing have excellerated. Look at the statistics put out by the Federal Government (for those in the US) on unemployment, job creation and the economy in general; then look around yourself and ask if you’re seeing it. Stores going out of business, more people begging for money, houses being up for sale for months and not selling. I’ll bet you have at least one friend out of work who can’t find anything better than a part time job with no benefits. Or have had give up trying to find a job because there’s just nothing out there. Is what you’re seeing, in any way, matching the garbage, lies and fantasies put out by the Feds?

What does all this have to do with this post? The above mentioned experts all agree that things are going to be changing here, possibly in September when the current budget ends and the government once again runs up against the debt ceiling. The same government is putting on dog and pony shows, like the Comey testimony; is watching we citizens assuming we are all criminals that just haven’t been caught at it yet; meanwhile, this same government is allowing some serious criminals walk free and appear to be arming and funding the very terrorists they claim to be fighting. There are violent Marxists and Marxist groups gaining strength in America who’s goals seem to be preventing the Free Speech and attacking anyone who disagrees with them. They have guns, bats, knives and (it seems) urine and aren’t afraid to use them to intimidate people.

Reading about preparing yourself and your family for what could be coming isn’t the same as doing it. Just like reading a diet book isn’t the same as following the diet from the book. You need to have at least 3 months worth of food and water for everyone. You need to have shelter, if that isn’t where you are living, then you need to have as many routes to the second location as you can find. You’ll need extra fuel for the vehicle/s to get there. You should have Bug Out Bags filled and ready to go in case you have to walk there, so that means the secondary location has to be stocked with food and water. If you’re sheltering in place, you’d better have a means to defend it. You need to have at least 2 ways to heat your shelter if you live where it gets cold. You need to have appropriate clothing for everyone, for the current season and the next one coming up. This includes good sturdy boots and shoes. You should have more than a month supply of all your prescription medications and the ones everyone else takes on hand.

I know this is a long list, but these are just the bare necessities. I could add: a generator and fuel; livestock to feed yourselves; seeds, gardening equipment and the means to preserve your crop; hunting and fishing equipment, the knowledge and skills to use it and clean what you take…. Well, you get the idea. Americans and a lot of people in the Western World, aren’t self-sufficient anymore. Our idea of hunting for meat is digging through the cooler at the grocery store.

It isn’t impossible to get ready by the end of September, but the time for doing it slowly, a little bit at a time, is pretty much past. So, time to stop thinking and start doing. If you’ve been taking it slow, it’s time to pick up the pace. I can’t make you prepare. I won’t do it for you. And you can’t come stay with me and take advantage of our hard work and sacrifices.


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