Been Sold Out

How many of you in America know anything about the Federal Reserve Bank? Why is it called “Federal”? It’s working for our own good, right? They only hold the money that the government creates, like my bank does. It’s called a “bank”, so it operates like my bank. Right? They are here to protect the economy, right? Wrong on all counts. Sorry šŸ˜¦

First and foremost: The “Federal” Reserve “Bank” is as much a part of the American Federal Government as Federal Express is. Which is nothing. Just like the Bank of England has no real connection to the British Government, Deutsche Bank has no connection to the German Government, Same for the Bank of Japan, the Central Bank in Canada….. Pretty much every country in the world has a “Central Bank”, these banks haveĀ NO connection to the governments of those countries, they aren’t run by the government, they aren’t a part of the government in any way shape or form. What a Central Bank is is a Privately held and run banking(like) institution whose sole purpose is to make obscene amounts of money for their owners, off the taxpayers in that country. I can only speak for America on some of this, but I do know all Central Banks share some basic similarities. They are owned by private individuals, they have no connection to the government and they are the ones who actually create the currency used in that country. In America, that is directly opposed to our Constitution. This document specifically grants that duty to the government and only the government. Oh, well, they try and get around that by saying the Constitution says the government is to mint coins and they do, but it doesn’t say anything about printing paper currency. So, it’s OK!! It’s just one more example of how this document is being trampled on, but that’s a topic for another time…

Our governments have sold us out to a private banking cartel. How did they do this? In every country that has a central bank, the government issues bonds, they then sell those bonds to the central bank for the currency they use. That’s a simplified version, but it’s what’s at the base of the scheme. Major banks have also being selling the central bank “toxic assets” for currency which they are either investing in the stock market or putting into a “savings account” at the central bank. Back to our government. The government isn’t actually “selling” those bonds, however, what they are more like would be loan papers because the government is supposed to buy them back. With interest!! Every dollar that’s been created since the central bank was formed has interest owed on it. Where will the currency come from to pay that interest? More “loans” from the central bank, of course! And THAT will have interest owed on it, too. The $20,000,000,000 the American government claims it owes, is mostly owed to the central bank. Anyone know what the Federal Government put up as surety (collateral) on those loans? Nothing big, just the whole damned country and the American people. If I remember right the wording goes something like, “The American People will stand as surety for these bonds”. Do you remember being asked? Or your grandparents or great-grandparents? Sold Out by the very government that is supposed to protect you from that.

The people who run the day to day operations of these Central Banks, did you vote for them? Here, the President nominates someone, they’re called in front of Congress, answer some questions and if Congress is actually doing their job decides on the merit of the answers if they’ll be a good choice for the job. If Congress is behaving like they have been: petty, childish and divisive; then they’ll bicker and vote how their Party wants. Or, how the corporations who funded their campaign want them to vote.

One last thing, this cycle of creating currency from debt. Do you think the $20 trillion owed will be paid off in your lifetime? Your children’s lifetime? The rate things are going, money created now and spent now, will have to be paid back by your great-grandchildren!

How do we fix this in our lifetime and not condemn our descendents to having to pay our bills? Here in America, our Constitution has a remedy our Founders has the foresight to include. Article V gives us the ability to have our state legislatures call for an Amendments Convention, where predetermined Amendments will be debated, refined and sent to Congress for approval. Congress then sends the Amendments to the States to be ratified and then those Amendments will be added to the Constitution. We need 3/4 of the States to call for the Convention, so that’ll be 34 States. So far, we have 11 that have passed the legislation and several more where it’s passed one House and a lot more that have started the legislation. I’ve been involved with an organization founded by the man who got this started, I recommend going to their website and looking around.

Something to think about….


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