Let’s Review! Shall We?

Hello again and I’m sorry for disappearing again. Bear, my husband, lost his job the first week of June and we’ve been in survival-mode pretty much ever since. A lot of the items we use up regularly, like razors, shaving cream, canned vegetables, I’ve had stocked up. But, they will have to be replaced at some point. I try to buy one as as use one, however, that doesn’t always work out on things like vegetables where you use more than one a week. This is a very demoralizing time, we’ve been accepted for Medicare and I know we’d qualify for “food stamps”, but I haven’t called yet. My pride is getting in the way….. Sitting here and writing a blog that’s anything but a raging tantrum over what’s happened has been beyond me. Even now, I’m wearing out the “Backspace” key to keep from turning this into a pissy rant.  That said. Here’s what I really need to say:

  With things in America (and most of the rest of the globe) starting to get bad, the “Fiat Currency” system we’ve been living with since the early 1970’s is starting to fall apart. The Central Banks have pretty much destroyed the economies they’re connected to. Some countries, like Greece, most of the assets have been sold off the multi-national corporations. Here, in America, our country has been divided into The Right and The Left; each side is being told the same information and that the other side is the one doing it; almost 100 million people are out of work and there are no real good job openings; the people who are lucky enough to be working find their wages have stagnated, but prices are going up. Unless of course you’re in that very tippy-top of society, then, everything is fine for you! In the last 8 years, 95% of the wealth created here has gone to 0.05% of the population…

  Let’s Review (in no particular order): 

  1. Have a Plan to either hunker down and stay in your home and defend it and an alternate Plan to Get Out of Dodge.
  2. Have an Alternate Safe Place to go to if you can’t stay in your home
  3. Have a Group of People you Trust and a Plan to Ride out the coming storm together
  4. Have at least 3 months of Non-Perishable Food for each person
  5. Have at least 1 gallon of water per person per day
  6. Have at least 2 alternate ways of obtaining clean water
  7. Have clothing for each person that’s appropriate for every season
  8. Have as much extra prescription medications for those who need them as you can
  9. Have reliable method of transportation if you aren’t staying in your home; Or
  10. Have backpacks for each member of your family packed and ready to Bug Out
  11. Have all your important papers in one place in a Zip-Lock Bag or other water-proof container
  12. Have at least 2 ways to make fire for cooking, boiling water, warmth or comfort
  13. Have as much diapers, formula and baby food as you can get (at least a month’s worth)
  14. Have as many days worth of food and medications for your pets as you have for yourself
  15. Radios, flashlights, batteries, cell phone chargers and/or a solar charger

Well, that’s about all I can think of right now, but this list should be enough to get you started thinking about your situation and needs. I honestly and truly believe we are running out of time to get prepared for what is to come.


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