The Rule of 3’s

​”There is a saying called the rule of 3’s and it goes like this. A person can live 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food”. I copied and pasted that a couple weeks ago from someplace and, now, don’t remember where… But, it doesn’t really matter in the long run since it isn’t an exclusive idea to any one site. That said, I’m not sure who ever said it first. A search on the internet returned a mind boggling number of hits and none of them answered my question, “who wrote the rule of 3s?”.

  The first rule is so obvious as to not require any preparation. Unless you disagree and you feel the need to stockpile Air?? 😉 Jokes aside, you do need to ensure you’ll have clean Air to breath and to start have a dozen of the N-95 masks to filter out particulates and viruses. From there, if you’re concerned a possible more serious attack, you’ll want to obtain “gas masks” for each member of your family. You’ll also need, at least, one set of replacement filters for them. 

  The next three rules do require some advance planning and preparation, not to mention money.

  Shelter can, easily be, the most expensive on this list and hardest to achieve. Not to mention the hardest to obtain, for a lot of people now and even more so after a disaster or collapse. I wrote about different methods of shelter before and different methods for Bugging Out. For some reason, my Kindle app won’t link to the posts tho. Basically, your choices are: staying in your place of residence, stock piling food, water and medicine. Then fortifying it, arming yourselves and being prepared to defend it. Bugging out, which means leaving your place of residence and either going to a secure location that either you own or that’s owned by a group you belong to. Or, the worst option, Bugging Out to the wilderness and planning on “living off the land”. Even if you have no experience doing it. See what I mean about “hardest to achieve”??

  Water. I shouldn’t have to tell you how important having clean water available for you and you family is. You wouldn’t let your child/ren drink from a mud puddle or stagnant creek normally and post disaster/collapse you won’t want that to be your only option. You’ll have to have some way to purify water in each Bug Out Bag if that’s your plan. Like a Life Straw or similar. You’ll need at least two methods to purify water in your home or Bug Out Location, one method can be a fall back of boiling it. Don’t buy a Pür or a Brita pitcher and think that’s what I’m talking about, those are for tap water that’s been through a water treatment plant and NOT water out of a stagnant puddle. Plan on about a gallon a day for each person, for drinking, hygiene and cooking. Plan on more in hot weather and with strenuous activity. I heard something yesterday that highlights one of the most important uses of water; removal of “bodily wastes”. Meaning pee and poop. Cholera is rampant in Yemen right now due to the ongoing bombing by Saudi Arabia has destroyed the power grid there and there’s no electricity to pump the water so the bathrooms work. There’s little or no clean drinking water and hundreds of thousands of people, mostly children, have cholera and are dying from it. Now. Today. In what had been a modern city with running water, children are being forced to drink water that’s contaminated with their neighbor’s poop.

  Food will, probably, be the second most expensive item on this list, the hardest to transport and will take up the most storage space. I think that it’s standard to advise people who are just starting to “Prep” to stock up on the ubiquitous Beans and Rice. Good advice, if you like them, know how to cook them and eat them regularly. Lousy advice if none of the above applies to you. Even if you DO eat beans and rice, it’ll get real boring real quick! We don’t eat them regularly, but we have laid in a few week’s supply of them and I suggest you do, too. Learn how to cook them how you like them and lay in small supply to eat as a last resort. If kept dry in a cool dark place, they’ll keep for a couple decades. What you do need to stock up are canned and other prepared foods you will eat. Like canned pasta and vegetables. If you have a safe location to go to, my suggestion is learn how to garden and preserve it (either by canning or drying), then lay in a supply of Heirloom Seeds of the vegetables you will eat. I bought a seed collection and gave half of them away because the seeds were for things we don’t eat, like tomatoes and peppers. Go to a local nursery and buy the seeds you will eat. The reason I’ve stressed “Heirloom Seeds” is those will produce plants with viable seeds at the end of the season. Normally the seeds sold widely today have been genetically modified so you can’t save seeds and replant, you have to buy their seeds every year. Fruits are a little harder to grow, think grape vines and apple trees. With time, education and practice it’s possible.

  This has taken me over 2 months to write, my Life has gotten very hectic and full! Bear found a position where he’s using every single one of his talents, but he’s working 13-14 hour days 7 days a week. In the meantime, I’m working part time, have adopted our foster dog and she still needs a lot of attention. That leaves everything else in the house that has to be done and only Me to do it! Something has to give and I’m sorry, it’s this blog.

  Well, I’ve given you more to think about. I hope you do more than think and start acting on it. Time is running out for those of us in America. The double dealing and meddling by our governmental officials is coming home to roost and it’ll be we, the citizens, who’ll pay for it.



2 thoughts on “The Rule of 3’s

  1. Reblogged this on BOOKS, POLITICS, SIMPLICITY and commented:
    Air, water, shelter, food. This excellent post, re-blogged from an usually insightful blogger, covers a subject that is both basic and usually overlooked in modern complacent society. Regarding shelter, I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the feasibility of shelter on wheels. — John


  2. Thank you for sharing this, I came via the reblog of John ( Editor Retired ).. And its so sad in our modern day world that still so many in this world do not have access to clean water.. And the actions of War always make the plight of those innocents caught up in it all the worse..
    Wishing you well..


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