Random Stuff off the Top of My Head

Not sure how this will turn out! Random thoughts off the top of my head could be…..interesting. Or maybe confusing for you all. šŸ˜†

  I guess, the biggest thing weighing on my mind right now is how there is such a hard divide in America along political lines. Political lines that look like some person/group is/are trying to make appear as Moral or something. There has always been two political parties here for decades, Republicans and Democrats, and the platforms have always been pretty much opposite of each other. One always stood for Big Business and the other was for the People. At least, that’s what they told us! And those are very broad and simplistic definitions, too. I started noticing that for the last couple decades, there really hasn’t been much of a difference between the two parties. They both talk a good line, but once elected into whatever position they’d campaigned for, they ALL did the same things. Some of these stated ideological beliefs have gotten so extreme that those holding those views will never see eye to eye. What is making this worse is the Lamestream media seems intent on fanning these flames and hardening this divide.  Daily, these Talking Heads spend hours telling their audiences only one view point, the Progressives. How any American can justify putting non-American’s well-being ahead of an American Citizen’s is beyond me. And they are getting paid a shitload of money, our money, to do it! Lord and Lady, don’t say THAT out loud! Someone will shriek and point saying, “Nazi” or “Racist”. That’s the dog whistle for every Social Justice Warrior to come shriek and point, that’s their common tactic straight out of the Marxist handbook.

  In this blog, I’d planned to speak my mind, but at the same time I’m worried enough about repercussions that I won’t use my real name. A friend has been nice enough to let me use her Google + account to put these out. I worry that if I ever get a large enough following to attract notice that it could come back and bite her in the ass. Delusions of Grandeur on my part, I know!! However is this growing climate of censorship here in America I think my concerns might be justifiable. Any ideas that are counter to what the Lamestream media is pumping out, which happens to be the same Narrative of the Progressives, it’s either called Hate Speech or the author or speaker is labeled with one of the -ists they like to throw around. Or, just a Nazi.

  How did a country that embodied Freedom get to the point that Free Speech is only reserved for those who will say the acceptable ideas? From here, all our other Rights are in jeopardy. Because if you can’t have free and open debates, where ALL ideas can be heard, then it’s only a matter of time before the rest of our Freedoms get taken away. Which, largely, they already have. If two people think exactly alike, then one of them is irrelevant. A debate between those two becomes nothing more than an Echo Chamber.

  There’s a hard divide in America between Left and Right that’s being egged on by some in power and a lot by the media and I have to wonder, WHY??? What don’t They (who ever They are) want us to See??? 

  Every time I’m told to look in only one direction, I look the other way first. More of us need to start doing that, I think.


3 thoughts on “Random Stuff off the Top of My Head

    1. In another comment you’d said that you’re wife and I think the same, I like her!
      On the more serious side, I think this mindset is common amongst our subset of society. We can see through the veil of BS they want to pull over our eyes and minds.
      Since you appear to have kept reading my posts, I’m guessing you still like talking to your Mrs. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment here, you are much appreciated here.

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