Grand Solar Minimum

The last few weeks I’ve been listening to a couple new YouTube channels-  Suspicious0bservers and The Grand Solar Minimum and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

  The first channel, Suspicison0bservers, belongs to Ben Davidson, the head of an Observatory, and his channel mainly deals with the effects of the Sun on our planet, the Solar Storms and Flares and other phenomena. You should really check his channel out, his group have made stunning predictions of earthquakes based on Solar activities! The second channel is one I’ve only been listening to for about a week and don’t know a lot about. What I want to talk about is the title of this post and the second channel: a Grand Solar Minimum. 

  My understanding of this phenomenon is very simplistic and I’ve spent time these past few weeks trying to educate myself. I’ve always been interested in Astronomy and would dabble in it from time to time, Bear and I even belonged to an Astronomy club for a year. I don’t remember why we gave it up… I tell you that so you’ll understand that I am not an expert and can only grasp some of what they talk about with my intellectual finger tips.

  Here is my understanding of The Grand Solar Minimum: the Sun has cycles of activity, smaller cycles and larger cycles. Every 7 years, there’s the Solar Maximum and we see an increase of Solar Flares and other activity. Then it tapers off to Solar Minimum where we see less activity. This is the smaller cycle within a larger cycle. On the larger scale, we have the same cycle on, about, a 400 year cycle. We have been experiencing the larger cycle of the Solar Minimum. I am not completely sure when this started, but my understanding is that by 2020 we will be at the lowest point in the dip. Most regions of our Planet will experience colder temperatures, with shorter Summers and longer Winters. Consequently, this means shorter growing seasons. Some areas, like Alaska, will actually be warmer based on the reports that others have compiled from the last Minimum in the 17th Century. 

  Suspiciuos0bservers (the O in Observers is actually a zero) and others have also been tracking the Magnetic Field of our Earth which appears to be on its own cycle and is weakening; with the Poles flipping. Magnetic North and South have already been on the move are no longer on the physical Poles.

  None of this has been caused by Human activity or or our “Carbon Footprints”. We have no control over what our Star, what we call the Sun. Nor does our activity affect the Magnetic Field.

  I am starting to really believe in the Grand Solar Minimum since I’ve been living through the coldest Winter I can remember. It was a cool Summer, cloudy and rainy. Here, in southwest Iowa, 2 out of the last 3 years we’ve had snow on May Day. Spring has come later and later every year for the last decade. Yeah, I think they’re on to something.

  I am storing more cool and cold weather clothing and am looking for more seeds that have shorter growing seasons. I’m looking for seeds that are recommended for 1-2 Zone North of mine. These plans aren’t the whole focus of our prepping, I’m doing half and half.

  What do you all think of this??


5 thoughts on “Grand Solar Minimum

  1. You have really got to stop looking at these TEOTWAWKI sites.
    Now ordinarily I would be talking about the basics of survival being enough.
    Short term I believe in that mantra 100%.
    Long term? Maybe it will be enough, maybe it won’t.
    I’m pretty certain that even the most well stocked prepper will struggle without power so I hope your seeds will also grind down into something edible.
    Ours do.

    So what would our world do if it suddenly entered a global ice age.
    Little if anything will grow or live without technology and that won’t happen when power fails. Maybe if you can make it underground where the hot springs live and keep the candles burning something will grow BUT like a lot of wild ideas from scientists, the masses won’t find that a viable option.

    After that you had better be damn good at foraging or be thinking about cannibalism because when power fails and temperatures bottom out, little grows, oceans freeze, and all meat will end up deep frozen. I’ve seen someone die of hypothermia and they just fell asleep after a while. Sort of peaceful if that’s any consolation.

    As for the poles flipping? It’s happened before and the world is still here.
    Truth is no one really knows what happened when it did the last time and everything else is pure speculation.

    My final thoughts are this.
    Concentrate on what you can manage, and what you’ve trained for.
    The basics of survival with an emphasis on foraging for what you need.
    Think about what you would do regarding CBRN protection and how to survive when the rule of law collapses.
    As for long term? After the predicted mass die off, survival may be easier.
    There should be more lying around for the few to claim and hopefully you’ll be one of them.

    Paul & Di Gray.


    1. LOL! I won’t give those crazy TEOTWAWKI websites the validation of my clicks past the first one to see what they’re about, usually they want to sell me something.
      I never said there’s a “mini ice age” coming, just that it’s going to be colder with shorter growing seasons. Those Content Creators aren’t saying it either, Adapt2030 and Grand Solar Minimum are warning about starvation, but it’s not their main focus.
      I would suggest you go take a listen to what they are predicting and check out their documentation before assuming they are Tin Foil Hat Crazies, please. They’ve also never said one word about living underground that I’ve heard.
      My seeds are all heirloom so they don’t take a lot of space and since they’ll grow under normal conditions, too, they serve dual purpose.
      From my understanding of what is being said about the Pole Reversal, it won’t be completed in my lifetime and I’m less than a month away from 57. It has happened in the past and happens regularly from what they can tell.
      We don’t prep for just one type of disaster, but we are selective about the ones we do take into consideration. Here in the middle of the continent, we don’t expect to have a tsunami, but we have already been flooded once. We do plan on being among those who survive the initial event.

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      1. Happy smiles and I hope you do.

        We will continue to work to the simple ideal that complicated only comes as man made, although Frau Merkel did mess up the whole of Europe in short time. (My boss said that).

        Experience has also left us knowing that nature arrives fast, leaves faster, and is so much easier to deal with.

        The only complication would be the ‘G’ men TPTB send to ‘help you’. ROTFL.

        As for the big stuff?
        We’ll just have to see how things go as we’re not worrying about what no one can control.


      2. The most frightening words you’ll ever hear, “We’re with the government and we’re here to help”!
        I wasn’t ignoring this comment by the way, last week was a rough one for me. It marked the 1 year anniversary of my Dad’s death. He’d started going down hill right before Valentine’s Day and died the 16th. So, last week was pretty hard.
        When it comes to our prepping, we really have kept it pretty simple, the group we’d joined gave us a 4-page list of everything they expected us to buy. Stuff like protein powders and hundreds of these electrolyte tabs they preferred. Yep. We’ll get right on that.
        One thing I’d hoped to do with this blog is bring some sense to the topic of prepping. It seems the majority of the websites out there are telling you what you need and that happens to be just what they’re selling. I’m not selling anything. I’ve recently signed up to be an “Affiliate” with an heirloom seed site I respect, but I’m not pushing their stuff. To me, that’s not ethical.
        Yes, nature is much easier to deal with and since we’ve got about 20 years til the Grand Solar Minimum gets really bad I’m not going to super stress about it. I’ll be pushing 80 by then. Gods! That sucks to say!!

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      3. 80 years young?
        That’s the same as Me and the Mrs.
        What’s the problem 😉
        Besides why stress about 20 years time when there is so much (politiking) that could do you immediate harm. LOL


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