Gun Debate in America

I’ve really tried to stay quiet on the gun debate that rages here every time there’s a mass shooting, but I can’t now.

  On Feb. 14th, 2018 a young man walked into a high school in Parkland, Florida. The Punk then shot 17 students. Like a lot of the Content Creators in the alt media, I’m not using the shooter’s name. Since then we’ve been embroiled in another debate on our Second Amendment Right to “Keep and Bear Arms” and it’s being led by some kids from that high school. Kids that aren’t old enough to vote think they have a Right to  demand the Bill of Rights and the Laws of Land be changed because they are “grieving”. I put that last word in quotes since I don’t know what they are really feeling. The leader of this group of kids is the son of a retired FBI agent, allegedly.

  Those kids are loudly blaming the NRA and say that if we don’t agree with their beliefs we’re against them and are basically for the killers. We’re supposed to put our safety and lives into the hands of law enforcement. Yeah. That worked out so well for those high schoolers according to the reports. The sheriff’s office had had phone calls  saying he might do something like this! A person with the same name as that punk commented on a YouTube video saying he wanted to be a “professional school shooter”, the FBI was given the information and they couldn’t be bothered to look into it. I suppose they would have if the kid’s last name was Trump and the info involved Russia. 

  So. Here we are, yet again. The Progressives are howling for gun control and making increasingly divisive statements, trying to talk about guns they know nothing about, ignoring facts in favor of whipping up feelings and using one of their favorite wedge issues to create a bigger divide among Americans. They seem to think that if they get guns outlawed, the gun owners will meekly line up and turn in their guns. Some will, but the majority will not. And here’s why: we have a fundamental Right to defend ourselves. Period. Use pepper spray, you say? No, see it isn’t effective all the time, but a gun is. Why not use a taser? They have to be close enough to touch to use one of those and you run the risk of them taking it from you before you can use it or not being able to get it into position to use it. Like it being caught between you. Or, your attacker just holds the hand with the taser in it out to the side. If you tell a potential attacker that you have a gun and they make the choice to keep coming at you aggressively, a gun will stop them before they can touch you. I know those of you reading this who don’t live in America can’t understand our stance on guns, just think of it like this. The police are only there to file reports and find the killer, they really aren’t there to prevent the murder from happening. 

  If there had been even one teacher at that high school who had been armed and trained to use that gun, that punk would have been stopped. And I’ll bet they wouldn’t have cowered out behind their car in the parking lot. Oh! I’m sorry! He wasn’t cowering, he had “taken up a position”. If there’s one, there are others who’ll do that. I don’t want to find out the hard way, I’ll defend myself if I have to. Then let the police fill out the paperwork. I know the laws pertaining to my self defense and at least I’ll BE alive.


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