I never know how much to put here! I am, currently, 56 years old, married with one adult son. I live in a small Midwest town with 2 paved roads and no traffic lights. I have a field catty corner to my house, too. I met my husband (he’s my second and last!) in 2000 and he was interested in survivalism and called himself a Survivalist then. We got serious about prepping after 9/11 when it became clear that there were more threats to our future survival than the tornadoes, thunderstorms or blizzards we can get in our area. When I met my Bear, I was a Liberal Democrat and as anti-gun as that entails. Our first Christmas, he bought me my first gun! I really struggled with owning a gun and had to go through many of my long held beliefs about guns and ended up discarding many of them.

Unlike the majority of Preppers we are not Christians, so there won’t be any “God and guns” on this blog. As you can see by my image choice, I am Pagan, but before you write me off, please give me a chance! I promise, I’m not here to “convert” you to anything other than prepping and giving your family its best chance to survive and thrive in the coming months.  My passion is Herbalism, I’ve been a practicing Herbalist for 22 years and 6 years ago I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Healing with a focus in Herbology. Over the years, I’ve learned other methods of Alternative Wellness and I’m a Reiki Master, have a working foundation in the Emotional Freedom Technique and crystal healing. To name a few. I’ve belonged to a Paranormal Investigations Group and a friend from the group and I started our own group and do spiritual house cleansing. Until I injured my back a few years ago, my husband and I raced our Corvette, but the standing and the beating you take in the car were too much for me to handle. Couple that with the financial hit we’ve taken with this beyond truly awful economy and the over $400 to spend 2 days racing had to go.

More to come later!!