I started this weeks ago, then dad had the strokes, went into the hospital, then died a couple weeks later. Next came family, family and more family. Then my birthday. Ah, life! When I went back to finish it, I realized I was redoing past posts, like the ones about food and water. So, what I’m going to do it just link to those posts and try to keep this short (Yeah! Right!!) These are NOT complete lists by any means. Only a starting point to get you thinking about your specific needs and situation!!

Buy Immediately: 

  • Food- start with a 7 day stockpile, then increase to 1 year for each person. Food, Glorious Food!!
  • Water- same as food, average 2 liters per person per day, more if sweating. Water, water everywhere….. You will also need about a gallon per day per person for hygiene.
  • Means of protection- this means a firearms of some sort and the training and practice to safely use it. Firearms 101 Pt. 1 by Bear & Firearms 101 Pt. 2 by Bear & Firearms 101 Pt. 3 – by Bear there’s no getting around this, the “bad guys” will have them. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, it won’t end well for you.
  • Flashlights and electric lanterns. Plus a couple dozen batteries for each.
  • Battery powered radio and a couple dozen extra batteries for it. Or, better yet, a solar powered radio.
  • Walkie-Talkies for each member of your “group” (with plenty of extra batteries of course!)
  • First Aid Kit, OTC medications such as pain relievers, allergy and cold/flu medications
  • A 3 month supply of maintenance medications for all members of your family (anti-depressants, high blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, etc…)
  • Personal hygiene products for everyone (shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, toothbrushes and tooth paste, deodorant, body/face lotion, sun screen, bug spray and medications for when this doesn’t work, etc)

If Sheltering in Place:

  • Shutters or other methods of securing windows, doors and sliding glass doors
  • Water BOB: emergency drinking water storage that fits in your bathtub and you fill it before the water is cut off.  Enough bottled water to make a total of 3 months.
  • Method for obtaining water from any nearby streams/creeks or rivers
  • At least 2 methods for purifying the above mentioned water (i.e. pan for boiling, filter system with extra filters, iodine or water purification tablets)
  • Generator big enough to run your fridge or a chest freezer, 30-50 gallons of fuel and a fuel stabilizer for storage (like Sta-Bil)
  • Alternative heat source (or two) and enough back up fuel to get through a long cold winter
  • Since this will likely be your home, you should have enough clothing for everyone
  • Alternative method for washing clothes (like a 5 gallon bucket with a hole cut in the lid and a clean toilet plunger for agitation. Check out YouTube for How-To videos)
  • Laundry bar soap like Zote or Fels Naptha (these work better for hand washing, I think, and are easier to transport if need be)
  • MOST IMPORTANT!! Have a Bug Out Plan!

If Bugging Out (going to a secure location):

  • Make sure your pre-packed  Bug Out Bag ready. Either in a central closet, in each bedroom closet or by the front door. Just do a web search on making a Bug Out Bag, the results will make your eyes bug out! Just remember: KISS Keep It Simple Stupid and remember, you may end up having to carry that bad boy!
  • A system to alert your family/group that it’s time to Get Out Of Dodge (head for the Bug Out Location). This can be a coded text message or phone call.
  • A reliable vehicle or vehicles (with full tanks of fuel) to take everyone and all the “stuff” to the Bug Out Location.
  • Extra fuel for each vehicle (at least 10 gallons) extra motor oil, anti-freeze and radiator water.
  • A good paper map in each vehicle with the main route and at least 2 alternate routes clearly marked. Side Note: all drivers should drive those routes enough times to memorize them and any potential hazards and choke points.
  • Each person should already have foot ware appropriate to the terrain with them in case they have to walk for any reason. These should be broken in until comfortable, only. Having to walk 2 days isn’t the time to break in shoes or find they don’t fit right.
  • Easy to carry food, water and water purification methods in case the vehicle/s need to be abandoned.
  • Tarps or similar material for rough camping and to protect yourselves from bad weather.
  • Don’t forget your feet! Have extra socks and foot powder to keep them dry.

Well, that’s all that comes to mind. This is only a starting point, a way to get you thinking about your needs, your situation and location. I don’t know you, your family or group, only you do. Time is still moving forward and economies aren’t going to get better. Left is fighting Right. Conservatives are battling Socialists. Wars are still being fought in distant countries creating more hate towards us than we can fathom. This is being done in OUR names, yet we were never consulted. For most of us, this is being done over our heads or behind our backs. This won’t last, it will be in our faces and then it’s too late to make a plan. The time to stock up is before you see lines at the store. The time to leave town is before traffic is backed up to the next county.

OK. Enough nagging and bitching!

What We’re Doing Here

I was looking back over my past posts because I was thinking about writing a “Let’s Review” post. I was trying to figure out how to sum it all up when it clicked, I am trying to show you how to help yourselves. Take care of yourselves and not rely on any outside forces. As some Preppers will tell you, we are preparing for the potential to live as our grandparents or great-grandparents did. My maternal grandmother was born in a Sod House on the Plains. In a worst case scenario (unless it’s nuclear or a comet), we could end up living like the Pioneers did. If you don’t have something, you’ll either have to make it or grow it. Possibly trade for it if you can find someone who has it and is willing to part with it. Think about it, what if there was no Home Depot and you needed to replace the fence? What will you do? What will you do to feed yourself in this scenario? You can’t run to Wal-Mart to pick up something for dinner at the last minute. For most people, thinking long-term is only about 3 weeks and some don’t even think that far ahead. What will you do if your child or spouse caught a cold or (Deity Forbid) got seriously injured. You can’t run up to the pharmacy or doctor to treat it, it’s up to you. Like our great-grandmothers did, we will have to be the ones to treat a runny nose or set a broken bone. Do you know anything beyond putting some anti-bacterial goo and a band aide on a cut? Do you know how to plant a garden, take care of it, harvest the produce and preserve the harvest for future use? Anyone know how to hunt, clean it and preserve the meat? That I don’t know how to do my my husband does. Can you fix your dwelling? Protect your property from those who’s plans consist of only roving the area and taking what they want? You know there are going to be those Jackass thugs who’s first actions will be stealing TVs and video game consoles, even if there’s been an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) that’s destroyed the power grid. A good way to read up on those is the book, One Second After by   William R. Forstchen and William D. Sanders. It’s based on an actual trial that was done.

Our Country and many other Countries, are facing crisis of staggering proportions. The U.S. is being torn apart by a rage and hatred that is all out of proportion to what happened. Donald Trump won the election. That’s it. Europe is being swamped in “migrants” or are they “refugees”? I can’t keep up with the changing Narrative’s definition. In Europe, as in America, people who don’t agree with that changing Narrative are met with rage, hate and violence. And by people who are quick to demand their Free Speech be honored. Some in this radicalized hoard have started buying guns and this should scare the shit out of you, it does me. What started with “Brexit” built all summer and blew up when Donald Trump beat Hitlary Clinton. The hoard has spent the winter becoming more radicalized and with no repercussions from law enforcement are now feeling invincible. When I see clips of people doing nothing more than going about there business being threatened and brutally beaten by the hoards, I see only jihadists now. I see very little difference between those two groups, not even religion. The Leftist hoards have as a fanatical devotion to their Socialist agendas and their Narratives are their Sacred Texts. Even though that’s kind of a moving target.

Think about this and tell me if you think I’m wrong and why. If you do think I’m wrong about the coming need to take care of yourselves on your own, go ahead and start stocking up. What can it hurt???


Chilling Thought

I was listening to one of the YouTube channels I like, The Prepared Mind. John, the owner, stated he’s been prepping for years and he has really good information on the topic. He also has the patience and attention to detail to do the research on current affairs that I definitely lack. I can’t help it, I’m a Pisces with an Aquarius Rising, which means that I’m more about intuition and the “feels”. I struggle not to fall back into being a Social Justice Warrior, but that’s another post…

This video from yesterday really got to me: Marxist-Communist Planned Civil War is Coming. It’s only about a 28 minute video, with no charts or graphs, so you can listen to it in the car. If you have ever listened to his videos, you’ll know he doesn’t rant or carry on, he just imparts information in a calm manner. Which, sometimes, makes it more frightening, to me. What he is discussing is some information he’s gotten about this coming Spring. Some back story, our former president, Obama, has started what’s been termed as a “Shadow White House” just blocks from the real one. Obama has claimed that he’s working against our elected president, supporting and training “protesters”. In this video, John is saying that what is going on with Obama, Hitlary, George Soros’ NGOs and the Democratic Party is a planned “American Spring” like the Arab Spring that they backed in Egypt a few years ago. OK, that’s one person saying this, but then there’s this video on X22 Report from Feb 19th: Ex-CIA Says Deep State Planning ‘Operation American Spring’ For May 2017 which is saying the same thing.

We may be facing a civil war, but it won’t be state vs state or north vs south, what is being prepared is war between those on the Left who believe that this country needs to be Socialist and those of us who want it to remain the Republic she was created to be. Those on the left are becoming more and more violent, they are being constantly egged on by the media, paid agitators on social media and paid agitators at protests. Our youth and young adults have been receiving endless programming in our State Run Public Schools starting in kindergarten and going through college, they are graduating with no job prospects so they have plenty of time on their hands, they are either living off of their parents and most of them are on some form of government assistance. And they want to remake this country into some form of a Socialist Utopia. Never mind that every socialist country has failed, eventually you run out of other people’s money to give away to those who feel they deserve it. These young people are being lied to and manipulated by Sociopaths who don’t give a damn about them and will screw them over as soon as their goals are achieved.

I see this information as proof that we are a couple months away from hell. If you add in an economy that is in recession and heading for collapse, you will see what we’re facing. The time is Now, to start thinking about your Hierarchy of Needs. If you don’t know what that is I wrote about it a few months ago here: Dust Your Brains Off!! Think about your basic needs

  1. Food including ways to make fire to cook it
  2. Water and ways to filter more
  3. Shelter including ways to make fire to keep warm
  4. Clothing
  5. Medications
  6. Security (means to protect 1-5 + family)

Have a plan, and at least 2 back up plans, to get to a safe location away from the violence or to secure your home from the thugs wanting what you have worked for. Have a back up plan if sheltering in place becomes too dangerous.

Listen to the two videos, do your own research if you can and make your own opinion on this. Yes, I am very concerned about this and am going to err on the side of caution. I hope you all will do the same.

Warning: Rant*

* with some profanity possible.

My 91 year old father passed away on Feb. 16, 2017, he was 1 of 9 WWII vets living in Nebraska according to the Funeral Director in Omaha where dad lived. I don’t know how true that is, but it can’t be too far off.

The day after dad died, we met at my sister’s house for a meeting with the pastor of their church and after that we piled into cars to drive to the mortuary. My 30 something nephew wanted to ride with me. That would be great, get a chance to catch up since he’s living in Miami now.

I’m not sure how the whole conversation got started, I wasn’t really paying much attention to the conversation since I was driving and kinda distracted by the meeting we were driving to. I do know that after he’d asked me if I was still living in the same town and I told him I was, he started telling me how the people in my state vote and their political views. When I disagreed, he blew up and told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. REALLY?!?!?!

Then the Leftist, Progressive, Socialist Douche Bag, Punk spent the next 20 minutes forcing his views down my throat. When I would disagree with him, he became louder and more aggressive. During his standard main steam legacy media rant about the evils of Presidents Trump and Putin, he started really getting mad when I told him all that bullshit about Russian aggression was wrong, he said he couldn’t understand why I was defending them. I had to yell to tell him I was all for anyone who would prevent thermonuclear war. Of course, that was wrong, too. I was becoming concerned enough about my safety that I was trying to figure out how I was going to get to my stun gun, with out him seeing and stopping me, when I finally turned onto the street where mortuary was. I had made the huge mistake of trusting someone whom I knew was a fanatical Leftist and not having my stun gun in my lap. See, I knew that right after the election, he’d had a Leftist tantrum in a phone call with his mom, hung up on her and wouldn’t talk to her for over a month. So, I should have known better than to let my guard down. My husband told me I should have stopped and kicked him out of the car and I’m sure you all are thinking that too. I thought about it, but knew he’d call his mommy and tell her I threw him out of my car because he’d disagreed with me. He would have started a mountain of drama that was unnecessary at that time. As the title of the book by Vox Day, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police  states, Social Justice Warriors always lie. And lie my nephew did during his rant. He told me he gets his information from news sources from all around the world, but everything he said was just regurgitating what American “news” channels are saying. And did you happen to catch  MSNBC anchor declares it the media’s job to ‘control exactly what people think’ ?  When I could get a few words in, I tried using facts which he wouldn’t tolerate so he just hammered harder that his facts were right because they came for sources from around the world.

When we finally arrived at the mortuary, the punk stormed off with his phone already out and left me to carry in the suit my father was going to be buried in and the 80+ year old quilt my paternal grandmother had made for dad when he was a little boy. Of course the only thing I dropped was dad’s white shirt and that was in the parking lot…. Thank Goddess I missed the puddle. He later told me he was sorry, but the way he said it was more like a kid being forced to apologize for breaking a drinking glass. He said politics shouldn’t come between family. Ya think???

There was a family lunch the day before the funeral and when that punk walked up to my husband, Bear, stuck out his hand and greeted Bear, my husband just sat there and looked at him. I got a text that night about it and when I told my sister I wasn’t going to talk about then, she texted me back trying to escalate. I just repeated what I said. The day after the funeral, I sent her an email explaining why Bear wouldn’t shake the punk’s hand or talk to him. If Bear had opened his mouth, he would have given that punk a taste of his own medicine and yell him down.

  -Here’s the rant- My nephew is one of those people who grew up never having to experience any negative consequences. He is too old for the “everybody gets a ribbon” age group, but my sister protected him from any “harm”. He’s mid-thirties, was protected all his life from disappointments, just like all these other assholes who are out there now having destructive tantrums because they lost. They are blaming everyone else for Hitlary loosing the election. These animals are getting more and more enraged because President Trump is dismantling their programs and showing the country that their narratives are lies. These spoiled brats, who have been groomed for just such an event by the State run schools, are being egged on Sociopathic people like George Soros who’s website says “George Soros has been a prominent international supporter of democratic ideals and causes for more than 30 years. His philanthropic organization, the Open Society Foundations, supports democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries.” Yeah, like Ukraine and we see how well that’s working out for them…… The former president Barack Obama, has set up a shadow government just blocks from the White House and his stated goal is to thwart President Trump’s administration. This sociopath is also reportedly training protesters. “Obama will help direct his new foundation, which he has said will be a “startup for citizenship.” That could mean a lot things, but in light of his other plans it suggests the Obama Foundation will be a political grassroots organization designed to mobilize progressive activists.”- Obama’s Shadow Government Is Organizing To Undermine Trump 

  Think about what I said. These young adults, either still in college or recently graduated, are the products of State Run Schools. Schools that have been taken over by Progressives that are teaching the students who to be followers. History is being rewritten;the Constitution has become an outdated document that’s open to “interpretation”; the learning is by rout, just endlessly repeating what the teachers say; stay in line and follow the person ahead of you. When they get into college, professors have to teach their students how to learn, how to think; while other professors are hammering in their Socialist ideals, diversity is good, people who believe in the Republic are bad, Capitalism is bad, spreading the wealth around is good. However, that last part is a lie because the wealthy who are backing this movement will not be sharing their wealth with anyone. It’s just a manipulation to get these fools to do their dirty work. And what is their dirty work? Judging by Soros’ funding of “Color Revolutions” around the world, it’s a safe bet that’s the goal here. When Obama won the election in 2008, Conservatives were angry and upset and were so again in 2012 when that jerk off was re-elected, but I don’t recall any rioting. Do you? People beaten up for wearing Obama gear or threatened with guns for the same “offense”. I didn’t see hoards of any kinds of Conservatives marching through cities looting, vandalizing and burning. Maybe I missed those news reports? Or, I’ve just forgotten? You know WHY that didn’t happen? Because those in the Center and on the Right have jobs! Someone has to support the parasites on the Left so they have the time to destroy a country. Shit, some of those “protesters” are being paid to do it!! They are being paid to show up to these “grass roots protests” and agitate the crowd to violence!!

  So, let’s add this up: we have hoards of young people, programmed not to think only follow, these young people can’t find full-time work or won’t work, people who don’t know what it’s like to actually lose at anything; legacy media, social media and progressive NGOs fueling their frustration at having lost at something, feeding these hoards a steady diet of hate filled hashtag buzz words; those same NGOs sending out paid agitators to whip these hoards into violent frenzies and then slipping away before they can get caught.After that run in with my nephew, getting the same treatment from my son and seeing some of the horrific violence at these “protests” makes me believe that to Sociopathic emotional state of the backers is being passed down along with message. A Sociopath lacks any kind of empathy for others, they see people for only what they can get out of them. A Sociopath uses people and discards them like a napkin. And with just as much thought.

  I don’t see protesters anymore, I see Zombie Hoards shambling through cities. They are just as mindless and just as dangerous to you and yours. More so, really, because a Zombie won’t break into your house, destroy whatever they don’t want and steal what they do want. A Zombie Hoard isn’t going to be egged on by monsters who’s only goal is to destroy this country so they can rebuild it how they want. Monsters who are using these mindless Zombies and will throw them away once their goal is achieved. Does it sound like I’m starting to feel sorry for the Zombie Hoard? No, I’m not. Because when you try and talk to them, they lash out with violence and anger. They refuse to listen to anyone who isn’t telling them what they want to hear. If I can’t get my own son or nephew to listen, what chance do I have with a stranger? So. What are our options? We hunker down, stock up for the coming depression/collapse, make sure we are armed, ready, willing and able to use those weapons and try to ride it out as best we can. If you are using a firearm, it’s not enough just to have it. You have to be able to use it and that means practicing with it. Not just practicing shooting it, but also drawing it. Then, keeping it maintained in good working order, clean and oiled.

  Remember, these “protesters” are the kind of people who will beat the shit out of you over your bumper sticker, hat or t-shirt; don’t believe in your Right to Free Speech, only their own and will respond in anger and violence over it; are backed by monsters who want this country and all it stands for destroyed; believe they are entitled to what you have and will no hesitate to take it; and are coming to your city soon.

Quick Note

My father passed away this morning, quietly and while his caregiver’s back was turned. That was my dad, he wouldn’t have wanted anyone hanging over him crying. “I don’t want to be a burden” and “Don’t make a fuss”.

I’m really OK. Dad went on his terms the way he wanted. He missed mom every day since she died in June 2009 and all he’d wanted was to join her. He’s with family that had gone before, his parents and a cousin dad had idolized when he was a kid. Andy drowned as a young man and dad still talked about him.

Anyway….. This got me thinking. End of Life issues after a disaster or after society has collapsed. Or any other event where there aren’t any doctors or funeral homes in operations.

What do you think about this? What are your thoughts, ideas or questions?

More on Freedom and Responsibility

“No social stability without individual stability.”― Aldous Huxley . I just saw this on another WordPress post and thought it was pertinent in today’s world.

The argument can be made that, if we can’t stand on our own as a person, we won’t achieve stability. Standing on our own does not include leaning on any government entity because as soon as you do that, you become their slave. That is not compatible with Freedom.

As Free Citizens we are fully responsible for ourselves and that means ensuring our stability by providing for ourselves by working to earn money so we can pay for what we need. When the government, or anyone else, provide for our needs we don’t have stability. When we abuse credit and put our Wants ahead of our Needs we are only creating a false sense of stability. Are you Free and do you really feel any Stability when you’re sending your hard earned money away to the credit card company for years and years? There are times when you’re paying for things long after they gone, like buying food or booze with your credit card. We used our credit card to buy a year’s supply of food and paid it all off the following month.

When we exercise our Freedoms we become responsible for those Freedoms, whether it’s Speech or our Property, We are responsible for them. The fact that there are groups, tech firms and people in the government who think they are entitled to define our Rights with more laws. And, most of us sit back and allow this to happen. We want to be kept safe, don’t we? Safe from “terrorists”, those mysterious others who would abuse our property, or news that will make us mad and make us think. Over the past several decades we have slowly given up our Freedoms and sunk into apathy or, at least, a strong disinterest about it. Seemingly sedated by the T.V. and, more recently, the internet.

My husband, Bear, and I fight for our Right to be Stable on our own. with no government, group or person interfering or defining what that means for us. If you truly want to be Free, you will learn what your Rights are and will do the same. If all of us wake up, educate ourselves and stand up to the bullies, they will have to listen.

I keep hearing Mel Gibson’s voice yelling, “FREEDOM!!” as his character in “Braveheart” is being tortured to death. I know the story was “based on actual events” and not a factual representation of actual events, but a lot of those things did happen, if only to other people. Citizens of other nations died horrendous deaths for Freedom going back to the start of Civilizations. Thousands of warriors and soldiers have died for your Freedom in what ever country you’re living in as you read this. There are times when I can feel their Spirits standing behind me waiting to back me up. Or kick my butt if I fail to act. They will stand behind you, too.


The Time is Now

I have been still really involved with family the last couple weeks, 2 brothers who live in other states were in town. I’ve been feeling very withdrawn and that’s something I’m monitoring closely. I have a long history with a major depressive disorder and may not see the signs during that day, but I do see it at night when I look back on my day and then change what I’m doing the next day. YAY Pristiq!! That is one of the daily meds I made sure I have enough of.

What I meant by saying “The time is now” was prompted by an interview on YouTube I was listening to. I suggest all of you listen and share it with as many people as you can, now. This Is Not A Drill! The Economic Crisis Will Start This Year & Last For 5 Years:Clif High

Cliff High uses something called “Predictive Linguistics”, which I do not understand. It’s way above my pay grade!! What I do understand is that he’s developed an algorithm that searches the internet for words that are being repeated a lot, I think…. He correlates the data in a program he wrote and makes some extremely accurate predictions about major events coming up. What he predicted, last fall, would be occurring in the second quarter of 2017, the data sets are showing have started. In the interview, Mr. High stated that this tangled economic system that’s held together with duct tape and hope, is unraveling. He stated that around the first part of March, we are going to start seeing more chaos as money gets more scarce. The people who’ve lived with their heads in the sand, only interested in the latest installment of “Dancing With the Stars” or what the Kardashians are up to, are going to start panicking when their ATM or EBT cards quick working.

I’ve been seeing more and more stories about the Left-Wing, Socialist Democrats are starting to prep because they believe that President Trump is going to destroy the world (or something). The problem with this is they seem to have an attitude of superiority to the “rest of us”.  John, who has The Prepared Mind channel on YouTube, was talking about his boss whom he stated is a hardcore Left-Wing Democrat who is also a “gun nut” believes that he is entitled to own his guns because he knows what he’s doing. Apparently, this man has received training and has practiced shooting and it seems that he believes this makes him more entitled than the rest of us. John told a story about another co-worker who’d talked to this man about wanting to get a gun. This supervisor told this man that he is the last person who should have a gun because this man felt he needs one. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF)?!?!?? If we look at the actions and attitudes those on the Left and then take those into Prepping, we could be heading for some real problems soon. They have taken over government on all levels, from cities all the way up to the federal level, and my concern is that they will get laws passed making “hoarding” illegal. Those of us who have worked, sacrificed and built up stockpiles to take care of their families, will have those taken and given to those who didn’t want to suffer and so didn’t give up their selfish ways to look to their own futures. We have to keep an eye on what laws are being passed and if/when those laws (or similar) are being passed, we are going to have to take steps to hide what we have worked so hard to build.

OK, so, the take away from this is: we are almost out of time to get our basics fully stocked. This means: food, water, 2 ways to purify water, at least 2 ways you are proficient in to make fire, hygiene items, first aid supplies and as much of your maintenance medications as you can get. If you haven’t decided on whether you’re going to try and stay in your home or go to a safer location, now is the time to get that done. If you wait too long, this choice will be taken from you. Your bug out location needs to be far enough away from a large city that you can’t see the lights and at least 2 turns off of the main road or highway. This will help prevent the hoards leaving the cities from finding your place. Ideally, this land will have water on it so you won’t have to depend on “city water” that may stop flowing at some point.

That’s enough for you to think about for now. Please, please watch the interview and share your thoughts on it here.


Freedom and My Silence

I don’t know if any of you have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while, I’m not egotistical enough to think you all have been sitting there worried about me. Proof of that is there have been no emails asking!

On Friday, Feb. 27th, my 91 year old father had “multiple” small strokes all over on both sides of his brain. Dad already had advanced dementia and the strokes just made it much worse.

Dad has a Living Will and his wishes are spelled out clearly as to what we “kids” are supposed to do and not do at the end of his life. Dad went into home hospice when he got out of the hospital Wednesday. So, we are at the end of his life. We went through this in June of 2009 when our mother died of small strokes all over her brain.

What got me thinking about Freedom was during the meetings with doctors about dad’s wishes and our wishes for dad. My “wish” is for my mom to be alive and dad to be whole, but that’s not going to happen. We didn’t really have any choices to make, it was all laid out clearly, our only task was to make sure the doctors followed through. I’m at peace with the choice because it’s inline with what he said he wants. Because dad has the Freedom to Choose. And while we also have that Freedom, we are faced with the biggest “burden” of Freedom and that’s Responsibility. We are responsible for making sure our father’s wishes are carried out. And that’s what I want to talk about now.

As Americans, we are very proud of our Freedoms as laid out in our Constitution and some of us are even willing to fight to defend them. I think the majority of Americans don’t even known what their Freedoms are beyond Religion (their’s not other’s), Speech (their’s not other’s) and Peaceably Assemble (which includes rioting and vandalism it seems). The age groups from the “Millennials” and younger are being taught that the Constitution is too old fashioned and doesn’t apply anymore! That it is open to interpretation, even! Our Rights are not Rights, but privileges to be earned!! Sounds way too much like that movie “Starship Troopers”. Don’t know it? It’s based in the future where the world is at war with an alien race, society is militaristic and Citizenship is earned through military service. It’s on Hulu, watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. We just saw how the younger generations feel about other people’s Right to Free Speech. A couple nights ago at U.C. Berkeley, when a Milo Yiannopoulos was set to speak, students and others who are opposed to him didn’t stop at “Peaceable Assembly”, they rioted, beat people who were there to see Milo (may have killed one man), set a generator on fire, destroyed property, and threw bricks. Among other things. I heard two young men who were there saying that there were only about 30 police there and after things got completely out of control the police were inside a building. Where they were safe.

These spoiled children, who expect a ribbon just for showing up, need “safe places” if someone looks at them “wrong” expect everyone to respect their Freedom, but they will beat the holy shit out of you for wanting the same. These  children have been fed a steady stream of Social Justice, Left-Wing Socialist poison since grade school. Their Freedom to use Critical Thinking was preached out of them. And, most importantly, the most critical aspect of Freedom was never taught to them. That is: Responsibility.

Responsibility is getting up, going to work, paying our bills and if there’s not enough money not going out drinking all weekend. Responsibility is making a mistake, owning it and making it right. Responsibility is showing the respect to others that you expect them to show you. If you want to fight for a Social Justice issue, be responsible enough to do your own research on the subject instead of relying on others to do it for you. Being a Responsible Adult requires you to think for yourself and not blindly following the crowd. A Responsible Adult accepts they lost and either learn from it or work harder so it doesn’t happen again. Responsible Adults don’t let strangers lead them into situations where they can be hurt, jailed or killed. Responsible Adults don’t riot, loot, vandalize property and beat people because they don’t like something or they lost. That’s a tantrum. Responsible Adults don’t have those. Responsible Adults don’t think they are the only one who’s feelings matter, they understand other’s do too. Responsible Adults know that they are responsible for their Freedom. Responsible Adults understand that people will say things that they don’t agree with and that it’s OK. They don’t expect their government to pass laws to protect them from differing views and opinions. Responsibility is thinking for yourself, making your own decisions and standing behind them. If the decisions are wrong, they learn from it, reassess their options and the facts, then make a new decision. We had to do this when we were in our 20’s and 30’s, my parents were there for me to talk it out with, but they didn’t decide for me. If I made mistakes, they didn’t “bail” me out. My parents loved me and respected me enough to let me fail. They trusted that what they taught me, modeled for me and showed me stuck in my mind and would get me through. It did, it took a decade for it to click but it finally did.

I’m a better person, wiser person and Responsible Adult. Thank you Mom and Dad. If you disagree with me, please be a Responsible and Respectful Adult and comment with facts. Name calling, Thought and Speech Policing will not be tolerated. And, don’t try to fight facts with feelings. That doesn’t fly with me anymore.

Taking Ten

via Daily Prompt: Ten When my husband and I met 17 years ago we were both working full-time and my 11 year old son with behavior issues was living with us. Bear, my husband, was taking night classes a couple nights a week. A year later 2 puppies joined my 5 year old cat as our newest Fur Babies. Bear and I soon discovered we didn’t have time in all the insanity of our lives to just be Together and reconnect at the end of the day. Bear was usually the last one home from work and he started calling me into the bedroom to snuggle for “just 10 minutes”. Over the next few months this evolved into Taking 10 (which my son swore was more like 30!) and either Bear or I would yell, “TEN!!”, head for the bedroom wait for the other to come. Then the fun began!! A race started to ensue between an adult, a teenage boy and 2 dogs. Cats don’t care enough to race and Taran would show up once the dust settled. It was crazy and fun at times. I had to start cheating because our female dog was faster than I and if Bear was already on the bed, she’d be laying beside her Human wagging just the tip of her tail. She’d be looking at me like I was such a loser I didn’t deserve him! I had to be over half way to the bedroom when I called 10 and Moo would still beat me to my pillows sometimes.

What started at just Bear and I taking a few quiet minutes to snuggle and catch up on our days, it morphed into precious family time for 3 humans, 2 dogs and 1 cat. It wasn’t always quiet, but it was always full of love and laughter. Which is much better, in my opinion. My son is living on his own several states away, our dogs both died in Bear’s arms a couple years apart and my cat died in my arms a year ago. We still take 10, but it just isn’t the same, it’s too quiet. Over the last 17 years friends would ask us how we were able to stay so connected with our busy lives and we’d explain “Ten” to them, then we’d “teach” them how to do it. As far as I know, they followed the suggestions.

Now, I’ll do the same for you. As soon as you both are home, go straight to the bedroom and “spoon” on the bed. You can just be quiet and be present with each other or you can talk about how your day went. Talking about a crappy day is so much easier when you’re in each other’s arms. Most of the time, Bear had his arms around me, other times he was in mine. When at least 10 minutes have past then get up, make dinner and do other post work at home tasks. On weekends, one of you can call, “TEN!!” and you both head for the bedroom to snuggle. NO TV, cell phones, computers, tablets or landlines or other distractors are allowed!!  It may feel weird at first or awkward, but stick with it! When our lives were the most hectic, we craved it. My son would even call Ten after a while, he said he craved it too.

YAY!! Dollar Tree!!

I had to run to town to get something for Bear and on my way home I saw a Dollar Tree. I have to admit it, when I see that big friendly green sign, I am helpless about stopping. At one point a few years ago, Bear tried to ban me from going there. Yeah, that worked! You can pretty much outfit your Bug Out Bag for less than $20. No, you can’t buy some stuff, like a good knife, but a lot of what you’ll need you can get there. This is where I’ve picked up most of the supplies for our Bug Out Location. Almost a dozen toothbrushes, toothpaste, bath soap, razors, shampoo, conditioner, bandages, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, matches, stick lighters, cooking utensils and trash bags. Just to keep the list short. Every time I go in there, I look around like Prepper. I look for things that will make my life and tasks easier if life has changed enough that we’ve had to leave our house. I look for things that we use everyday and that get used up regularly. I don’t get things like pain relievers or allergy meds there, for the plain and simple fact that you can’t get very large bottles of them. The small sizes are perfect for a Bug Out Bag, something you’ll have to carry and will only need for less than a week, but won’t be practical for either sheltering in place or another location. In those cases, you’ll need to conserve space so you’ll want a large bottle. A 300 count bottle takes up a lot less room then thirty 10 count bottles and there’s less to have to get rid of later, too. Just remember, post disaster there’s probably not going to be regular trash pick up. And you aren’t going to want to have to do a lot of trash burning either. Nothing says, “Hey!! People with stuff!!” like having to burn trash all the time. But that is a topic for another post.

Next time you happen to see a Dollar Tree, head on in, but don’t get blinded by the upcoming holiday items that are front and center. Grab a cart and wander through looking for items you use daily and imagine what you’ll do when you won’t be able to do this anymore. Just one thing, if you walk out spending $50, don’t get mad at me. I didn’t put all that stuff in your cart!!